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You've gotta get it!!!

The immortal king of fashion

This is Karl as we know him: a phoenix from the ashes, a kind of immortal figure of fashion. No matter how old he is (nobody knows exactly, but slowly approaching his eighties anyhow), he always has a nose for what is cool.

Today, after having seen the gloomy Chanel show at the Grand Palais, the fashion crowd could just walk over to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where Chanel and Colette, the coolest of all concept stores, had popped up their ephemeral boutique.

Not for eternity

It used to be a cavernous garage, it’s now the place to be – until Thursday evening. Then it will vanish, together with the fashion crowd leaving Paris after nine days of ready-to-wear marathon. Because this is the rule: it's hip what’s not for eternity.

You wonder what it's all about? It’s about trend hunting, about getting an idea of the must haves of the season and the nail polish that goes with it. Not to forget the books and vintage magazines (no kidding) you should read, the music you should quickly download onto your iPod.

Here’s the Mademoiselle bag in the meanwhile famous Colette colour, there is the Eres swimsuit which it should be accessorized with – and not the other way round.

Cool hunting

And if this is not cool enough, well, than let one of the artists like Kevin Lyons, André, Fafi SO-ME and our beloved Soledad Bravi customise it with some quick sketches. That’s the cool attitude: spending 2000 Euros on a bag and let a guy with a marker do what you would your kids kill for.

If you want to try one of the pieces of the breezy Spring-Summer collection (don’t forget your gold card), you will discover funny graffiti on the concrete walls of the changing stall where you can secretly move to the rhythm of the playlist compiled by Michel Gaubert who often mixes the tunes for the fashion shows of Chanel and other luxury labels.

Camellias and cup cakes

I didn’t talk about the collector’s dolls designed by Karl Lagerfeld, about the guys from Lemarié who unveiled the camellia’s secrets. Why don’t you come around yourself? Take a seat at the nail bar and get your nails done in the blue colour of the cool cup cakes you’re nibbling. They come from Chez Bogato and are probably the hippest thing in the whole garage.

336 - 340, rue Saint-Honoré,
75001 Paris
From March 1st to 10th 2011
From 11am to 7pm
Valet parking

Karl Lagerfeld acknowledges the public following the Chanel ready-to-wear collection show.
You've gotta get it!!!
© AFP, Patrick Kovarik