Welcome to chaos: Your plane has safely landed, your seatbelt is still fastened, the announcement of the cabin crew is music to your ears: „Welcome to Paris.“ But this is, unfortunately, the first lie you will encounter when arriving in France. You are not in Paris, far from it, you’re in Roissy, a vast desert north east of the capital, a wasteland paved with runways revolving around a metropolis of terminals that is ranked as one of the worst airports in the world year after year: Charles-de-Gaulle.

1. Don’t go in August, if possible

    A perfect place

  • Paris is a perfect place for tourists: It’s easily negotiated. The urban structure is easy to understand, but it would take a lifetime to discover it entirely.
  • Surprisingly compact

Getting around in Paris isn’t a great challenge. The city is, in fact, quite small. Compared to other capitals like Berlin, London or Madrid it’s even tiny: a bustling metropolis but on the surface of a village. That’s why my best advice is: walk.