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Two stars and a baby

Ok, we shouldn’t pay too much attention to gossip, neither to stars. But this could be an exception: it’s Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, after all, the couple that makes every Frenchman and woman fantasize. She’s so pretty and he’s a very handsome guy too; they are both very responsible and not conceited at all. And now, after the huge success of Little white lies (Les Petits mouchoirs), Canet’s latest film in which Marion starred and which had, despite mixed critiques, more than 5 million visitors in France, they announce a baby! Gosh, I mean, would the French be more excited if Carla Bruni-Sarkozy had finally declared she was pregnant? I don’t think so.

Not every offspring is a promise

Ok, they say everywhere in the media that this is the year of the babies. But this is, sorry, bullshit. Every year a bunch of stars have babies. But not every offspring is a promise. Some babies are mor iconic than others. Let’s say that the baby of Penelope Cruz and Xavier Vardem is much more likely to make people excited than the fourth child of Victoria and David Beckham. I really don’t worry about them - partly due to the fact that after naming their boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (apparently the places of procreation), I’m a bit worried about the next name. What if they fathered their child in, let’s say, Båtsfjord, Norway, Wanne-Eickel, Germany or Paris, France? Do you want to be named after a chain of hotels?

A broken dream

Marion and Guillaume are different. Their couple makes us dream. They have known each other since their early twenties. They used to be best friends. They became lovers. And their life hasn’t been as smooth as it might look.

He, originally, wanted to do show jumping. He had just became part of the national team, when he had an accident: his horse fell and he did too. A dream was broken.

What you do for love

Marion lost her first love, when the son of filmmaker Claude Berri died at the age of 33. Drugs, depression, the whole thing, and then he jumped out of a window at Hotel Raphael in Paris. After having spent two years paralyzed, he committed suicide. And Marion once said: “Because of love, you can do horrible things and follow somebody on the wrong road.”

The future is now theirs. Get your petits mouchoirs, little handkerchiefs, ready – you might cry for joy in May.Photos:
Marion walking down the streets last September
© AFP, François Lo Presti