Parc Astérix: They’re crazy these Gauls!

If you’ve already done Disneyland Florida ten times and Disney LA another ten times, than it’s time for a nice change and to discover the universe of Asterix. This theme park is the only place in the world, where the Gaul Spirit reigns. I mean it. If you’ve read all the 33 Astérix books, you’ll feel right at home.

Imagine Parc Astérix like a trip to La Gaulle, a travel through time. The park itself is split into six areas: Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Vikings, a time-travel area and, of course, the foolish village of Gaul. But careful: It’s a seasonal park, only open from early April until beginning of November – and during some periods like early spring and beginning of autumn only on week-ends and school holidays.

Total immersion

Situated 35 km North of Paris it’s as far as Disney, but you can get there easily by car (following the instructions for Charles-de-Gaulles airport which is situated just a few kilometres before the exit “Astérix Parc” on highway A1) or by a special shuttle bus starting at the Louvre. It costs you 20€ per person for the return trip (children under three are free), but the park ticket is not included.

A day in Parc Astérix is truly an immersion in the universe of the famous French cartoon character imagined by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo – which was translated into every imaginable language but completeley missed the US. Why? No clue. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a specialist to enjoy the 32 attractions for all ages (among them around a dozen for smaller children).

How much testosterone?

A part from meeting the characters in the Gaul village, there is everything from a merry-go-round for small kids to breathtaking attractions that need a higher level of testosterone to truly enjoy them.

There’s Europe’s biggest wooden roller coaster, Le Grand Splatch, a nice aquatic experience, some interactive challenges and even a lovely dolphin and sea lion show just to mention a few of the nicest attractions.

Thrilling air-ride through Egypt

At the moment, even the Parisians are heading back to Parc Asterix to discover the brand new attraction OzIris: it’s a roller coaster so thrilling that there’s no way of getting me in. Even if you promised me money, I wouldn’t go for this trip at 90km/hour, 40 metres off the ground, zipping along the track. But I might not be the average client – for me the swing ship shaped like a Viking longboat is already fairly thrilling.

Leaving the Asterix park the other day, my son declared: “I would love to live here, in a little house on Via Antiqua.” Can you imagine a nicer, more honest love declaration? Hardly. Can you imagine your every day life in Gaul? I’m afraid, he definitely would need to lead his Gaul life without his mother.

Dolphins? Probably Astérix' favored meal....