Poissonnerie du Dôme: Starry, starry fish

Finding fish is an easy task in Paris. The street markets will offer what you’re longing for, there’s a good supply chain of fish vendors in each quartier, and yet – if you’re looking for something special, something real, you might think about shopping at La Poissonnerie du Dôme where they sell fare that is normally reserved forstarry, starry restaurants and chefs.

Only wild fish

Fish quality can differ quite enormously. A sea bass is a sea bass is a sea bass – but that’s only partly trye. In fact, it makes a big difference whether it was caught by net or fished by hand. It’s a race against time, of course: a couple of hours can make all the difference and then there’s the handling during transport and the question as to whether your fish was bred in prison or allowed to lead a wild life…

At La Poissonnerie du Dôme they’re passionate about all these questions. And they’ve made a range of excellent decisions: they only sell wild fish here and they only accept animals that have been caught the un-industrial, traditional way. On the icey shelves you’ll find, depending on the season of the year: perfect wild salmon big enough to feed a football team, immaculate guiltheads, sea basses, huge John Dories, perfect red mullets. You could buy yourself and your loved ones the present of a giant spider crab or dozens of oysters, sea urchins, scallops, mussels, clams or a lobster, or two.

High price for high quality

The fare is brought in from the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Sea, France’s two oceans, and it is treated with care and skill. Logically, you don’t come here to find a bargain, you only come here if you’re ready to pay high prices for high quality. And the Parisians do: day by day there are long queues lining up in front of the store as soon as it opens (it’s closed at lunchtime, so check the hours beforehand) and the ballet of the salesmen starts dancing inside: lively, friendly, ready to serve.

La Poissonnerie du Dôme

4, rue Delambre

75014 Paris

Tel. +33(0)1 43 35 23 95

Métro: Vavin

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8h-13h and 16h-19h, Sunday 8h to 12h30

Closed on Mondays and in August.