La cocotte: For food fools only

At home, we count our cookbooks not in numbers, but in metres. But it's nothing to do with me. As much as I enjoy eating, I somehow hate cooking. The good thing is: my husband adores it, he’s a true French Food Fool and it’s not easy to find a new cookbook for him. Except for one place:  “La Cocotte”, my favourite cookbook shop in Paris. I discovered “La Cocotte” one day by chance, walking down rue Paul-Bert in the 11th arrondissement, which little by little became a street for foodistas: there are a bunch of good restaurants, among them my favourite bistro called “Le Paul Bert”. And there is "La Cocotte". Right from outside you can tell that this is not just an ordinary specialized bookshop. You can immediately feel the food fool behind the project.

Three cackling hens

They are actually three of them. They call themselves les poulettes, three hens who used to work as artistic directors and fashion designers and who one day decided to change life and to do what they dreamed of: Andrea Wainer, a young woman from Germany, is mummy-hen, Leatitia Bertrand and Nathalie Redard are her associates, responsible for the corporate identity of “La cocotte”: the lovely hens all over, on the walls, the aprons, and the tea towels. In other words: they are everywhere. “La Cocotte” means casserole in French. In this case ther's a lot inside. But its main ingredients are definitely fun and humour. You do not only find a truly sophisticated range of cookbooks and manuals (with a small, excellent choice in English, too), but “La Cocotte” is much more than this: you can take cooking classes, or send your kids to do it or just stop over in the salon de thé where they treat you sweetly with inventions like the fabulous looking chic chicks

La Cocotte - Librairie du gôut

5, rue Paul Bert 75011 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 54 73 17 77
Métro: Faidherbe Chaligny