La chambre aux confitures: Jam today!

Imagine a shop selling only jam. Sounds crazy? Kind of. But the monothematic foodstore is what works right now. At least in Paris. “La chambre aux confitures” is just another piece evidence for this: a gourmet temple for sweet freaks, proably the best marmalades and chutneys in town.

Independance by marmalade

Lise Bienaimé has done what a lot of us are dreaming about: She dropped her job in the marking departement of a huge cosmetic company. Why? Because she wanted independence and to do what she loves to do: marmalade.

Her jams, jellies and chutneys are all made by very small producers using only fruit and sugar. You won’t find preservatives, enhancers, artificial flavouring or outher bullshit in it. Just fruit and sugar. And not too much. This definitely is not jam tomorrow!

Passion fruit with passion

What about apricot lavender, raspberry with rose, peach with ginger? Or does the ananas & coco talk to you? I for my part must admit: I’ve never tasted such good marmalades ever before. This is not just another trial to make money. “La chambre aux confitures” is the result of a true passion.

The proof? Lise has even her own blog giving away her best receipies and suggestions how to cook with chutneys and marmalades.

Lise, you can feel it, is a born gourmet. Before the war, her great-grandfather had a delicatessen shop in Paris on rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré and mad his own jams and pickled vegetables and fruits. But this is not all. Her name, Bienaimé, means: beloved one. Too good to be true.

La chambre aux confitures

9, rue des Martyrs

75009 Paris

Tel: +33(0)1 71 73 43 77

Métro: Saint-Georges

Open from Tuesday to Friday from 11am-2.30pm and from 3:30pm-7:30pm, Saturday from 10am-7:30 pm, Sunday from 10am-2.:30 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Photo: © MAP
Lise Bienaimé