Delphine Pariente: Oui, mademoiselle!

The other day I discovered an intriguing shop window on rue de Turenne. I saw lovely lamps and vin--- e furniture. Inside the boutique there are even some selected fashion pieces by some popular or even completely unknown, but very talented designers and, surprisingly, some jewellery.

Not so surpringsingly you might object. Right. This is the new boutique of Delphine Pariente, a girl known all over the world (at least in Japan) for her lovely necklaces, delicate rings and her somehow very poetic approach to jewellery. She used to have a shop on rue de Birague, close to Place de Vosges. Then she moved a couple of streets further up, onto the more and more fancy rue de Turenne, where she just opened her new venue.

No longer locked up

Delphine Pariente created her own brand back in 1996 after an American company ordered thousands of bags of a model she made just for herself. She later on worked for Sonya Rykiel, Jean-Paul Gauthier and Christian Lacroix. Then came the day when Delphine didn’t want to make compromises anymore. She felt creative, but somehow locked up in a corset of profitability.

That’s when she decided to start at zero again. Why? Just to feel free again, to decide depending on mood, not on money. She is now selling this intriguing mix of furniture, fashion and 18k gold jewellery. Lovely rings start at 30 €, bracelets at 45€. But you can also buy little gold place medals with your personal message (short necklaces 95.-, long ones for 105.-€) You want to say “OUI”? No problem. You want to feel “free”? Delphine will engrave your message on your medal.

Fallen off the truck

She’s also doing lovely necklaces with funny things: feathers, shells, the head of an old doll, a bunch of objects you would call in French “tombés du camion”, fallen of the truck. Her necklaces are fruits of her inspiration and the pieces are so special, so lovely, that Kate Winselet stopped by the other day.

What are you waiting for? Delphine Pariente’s boutique is a place where you find a special souvenir which will definitely more impress than the famous T-Shirt saying: “My brother went to Paris, and all he brought me is this lousy T-Shirt.”

Delphine Pariente and Kate Winslet: when it comes to fashion, a star can't be wrong...