Christian Louboutin: shoes are key

You’ll recognize them by their shoes. Because those shoes are not meant for walking. Their soles are red like the carpets for which they are made. They are Louboutins. Some just call them Christians. This year, the French shoe designer is celebrating 20 years of business.

Sexually suggestive stilettos

Since the very beginning, he has not only fascinated stars and models, singers and First Ladies. His sexually suggestive stilettos are a dream for nearly every woman.

Dita von Teese? An addict. Lady Gaga? Just mad about them. Sarah Jessica Parker? Somehow disloyal. And Carla Bruni-Sarkozy? Done. She can’t wear them anymore, you know, because of the all too short Napoleon she is married to.

Five-inch minimum?

I will never forget the day when a friend told me that in Australia girls paint the soles of their stilettos red to make them look like Louboutins. And then, the other day, I read an article about the dress code for the hippest bars in New York. Michael Satsky, proprietor of Provocateur, at the Gansevoort Hotel, told the reporter that for women shoes are key. “Minimum five-inch heel”, he said and added “Christians are our favourite”, referring not to the faithful but to Christian Louboutin, of course.

No regrets

Five inches? Oh my god, that’s nearly 13 centimetres. Will this get me in? With heels high like this, I definitely get nowhere, I’d better float or fly. But you can cheat a bit with Louboutins. Some stilettos have platforms. The other day, I fell for the Pigalle model in nude. I know, I shouldn’t do this. But I have no regrets. Let’s put it this way: if you don’t buy a single pair of shoes for 12 months, you will probably have saved enough money to get a pair of Louboutins. And you’ll enjoy them a lifetime. (Or as long a you can walk straight…)

In Paris, Louboutin has three boutiques, one Left Bank, two others on the Right Bank. I somehow prefer the atmosphere of the boutique in Rue de Grenelle, it’s much more intimate than the one on Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The salesmen there look like they were cast by the maestro himself. They would easily get into the Provocateur. Even barefoot.

Whatch out, the instep! Kate Moss in black Louboutins