Caravane: Blissful interiors

The Parisian girl loves the effortless chic. This is true also for her interiors. Her furniture might be pricy, but will never look ostentatious. Take Caravane. This boutique, founded by Francoise Dorget in 1995, is the kind of place where the Parisian girls finds her “interior” happiness: beautiful linens and textiles, cosy canapés, handcrafted objects, lovely lighting and curtains.

Bohemian & urban

How to describe the style of Caravane? Bohemian and urban, I would say, eclectic and very personal. If you walk into one of the Caravan shops (because there are a handful in Paris), it’s as if a good friend invited you to his home: It’s an inspiring atmosphere.

The founder, Françoise Dorget, used to import her articles and handcrafted objects from Morocco, but also India and Africa. And until today, even if she had sold her business a couple of years ago, you can easily recognize her bohemian style.

Keep your feet warm

You might not want to buy and bring home a huge low-slung sofa or one of her divine daybeds (count a couple of thousand euro), but you’ll definitely find something nice: a small lamp, a cushion cover or something very French, a lovely courtepointe, a small bedspread to keep your feet warm.

Caravane Chambre

19, rue Saint Nicolas

75012 Paris

33 (0)1 53 02 96 96

Caravane Emporium

Just accross the street: The latest store, opened in 2006, centered around handcrafted objects and textiles:

22, rue Saint-Nicolas

75012 Paris

T 33 1 53 17 18 55

F 33 1 53 17 18 80


6, rue Pavée

75004 Paris

33 (0)1 44 61 04 20

La maison Caravane

9, rue Jacob

75006 Paris

T 33 1 53 10 08 86

F 33 1 46 33 16 39

Photo: © Caravane