Broken Arm: The place to shop

The broken arm? Yes, indeed. That’s the name. It’s a pretty cool name, I’ve to say, it could denote anything. In this case it’s the name of the brand new concept store in the northern Marais. A store as cool as its name.

A living space

Three friends imagined this place as if it would be a living space: clear, full of light and with a clear Scandinavian vibe. You walk in, you feel at home. Once you discover their fashion choice, the cool shoes, magazines and a smart choice of art books, not to forget the cafe you won’t leave anymore.

Anaïs Lafargue, Guillaume Steinmetz and Romain Joste used to do a webzine together, De Jeunes Gens Modernes. Somehow, it was logical to give their ideas and tastes a proper space. After having looked for the appropriate rooms for two years, they found this vast corner site spot near the Carreaux du Temple.

Can’t get more hype

The three love the mix of functionality and creativity. And they have a sharp eye. The collections they chose are mostly French, not all, of course, some are Belgian, all are very hype. Think Carven, Christophe Lemaire, Raf Simons, Jacquemus, Cédric Charlier, even Kenzo. “Plus branché, tu meurs”, would the French say – it can’t get more hype. Not to mention the cool Nike sneakers.

If a shop could be “the place to be”, the Broken Arm will become it. Read my lips.

The Broken Arm

12, rue Perrée

75003 Paris

Métro: Temple or République

Photo: © The Broken Arm