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Salon du Chocolat goes green

It’s all about tasty organic, sustainable chocolate and fair trade at Salon du Chocolat, the annual international trade fair for chocolate that opened its doors yesterday, Thursday 28th of October. It’s all about eating chocolate and having a crystal clear conscience.

I like the idea: eating the forbidden stuff but for once not worrying about all the superfluous input, about calories and kilojules but instead having warm thoughts about the chocolate farmers in Haiti you're actually supporting by putting on some weight.

Salon du Chocolat is the world's biggest chocolate festival

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about putting on a politically correct trade show here, it’s just that you have to come up with new ideas from time to time.  This year, 2010, is the 16th edition of the famous Salon du Chocolat already, considered the world’s biggest chocolate festival and one of the most popular gastronomic events in France.  What's more, thinking green is in the air, it just took a little longer to arrive in France.

But some chocolate makers like Jean-Paul Hévin have been trying to do their best for several years, although the press haven't been talking about it. Hévin, one of Paris' most famous chocolatiers, actually started buying organic cocoa directly from producers in Haiti a decade ago. Hévin explains today that he wanted to do something for Haiti by cutting out the middlemen to provide growers with a better wage. In an interview with French news agency AFP he said: “I believe in 'art de vivre', in quality. And quality always depends on the grower.”

Try to avoid overdosing

120 000 visitors are expected to attend the Paris Chocolate Fair this year. Do you need to go there? Yes, if you're crazy about chocolate. But take somebody with you to control your consumption to avoid overdosing. It’s a heaven that can turn quickly into hell. This year's fair features more than four hundred participants. Among them you'll find cocoa producers and chocolatiers, the best from around the world together with the cream of Japanese chefs.

More over, you can enjoy the daily chocolate dress fashion show displaying outfits all made from real chocolate...

What happens to the chocolate costumes once they've appeared on the catwalk? I haven't a clue. Will they be eaten by the anorexic models? Or just thrown away? Don't think about it. Just enjoy.