Paris people
Paris people

"Politics is not my business"

“Carla is a seductress like a cat, clever as a monkey, and cold as a serpent,” French fashion guru Jean-Jacques Picart once said. Bang! That’s not what I would call a compliment.

No idea if he’s right. All I can say is, that the ex-top model who posed nude, converted, without any faux pas, into the always smiling, discreet and even timid looking First Lady who no longer reveals too many  of her own opinions.

"I'm left of Nic"

Carla is really clever. Now, with the next election campaign approaching, she even succeeds in changing her political image: forgotten are the times when she kept close company with the leftist French elite. Forgotten also is her performance at a rally protesting to a proposition by Sarkozy’s political party to test potentia immigrants’ DNA. And forgotten is her interview in Libération, where she said: "I'm left of Nic." And: "My instinctive reflexes are left-wing."

“Politics is not my business”, Carla said in an interview with Le Parisien published today. She then compared politics with boxing: “I don’t have the bones, I don’t have the teeth for it. It’s really not my business, not my profession, it can be so violent.”

"I don't feel like being left anymore"

And to make things even more clear, she adds: “I was part of an artistic community. We’ve been bobos (bourgeois-bohemians), we were left, but back then I voted in Italy. I’ve never voted for the left in France, and I can tell you I'm not going to start with it now. I don’t really feel like being left anymore.”

Isn’t this an elegant twist? She is really clever, our Carla. So clever that she even hides her intelligence. That’s why everybody loves her. The last opinion poll showed that 66% of the people poled think she does a very good job. She’s actually doing much better than her husband. She's not "left of Nic" anymore, but standing "behind him".Photos:
AFP, Christophe Ena