Paris under a white blanket of snow


Two inches of snow expected for today

This does not happen very often: Paris under snow, for days. It’s magic, and not only for children. Those are the most poetic moments you can have in Paris. The whole city changes its face, calms down and gets so amazingly quiet.

On Sunday, there was barely any traffic on the roads, people were taking strolls on the snow-covered streets and place des Vosges was all the sudden occupied by armies of snowmen.

When travelling, of course, snow can be such a big pain. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled the last days, trains were delayed, but then look at this: the pure beauty Paris hidden under a white blanket. Whether you take a stroll down the snow-covered Champs Elysées or a wintry tour of the Eiffel Tower, it’s just beautiful.

The snow that is coming down right now, during the morning, doesn’t look like it could prolong the magic. But this could already change during the afternoon and evening whit another one to five centimetres, which means two inches of snow expected.

Photo: AFP, Mehdi Fedouach

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Photo: © AFP, Mehdi Fedouach