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New Year's Eve in Paris!

There will not be a single rocket in the sky and nobody will let off a banger, although there might just be some cars burning in the streets. And if you fumble around with rockets or Chinese crackers, you risk a fine of 38 Euros! So you'd better do as the Parisians do: just stroll down the Champs-Elysées with a bottle of champagne in your hand. Because that’s what the young people are doing, wishing each other a Bonne Année, a Happy New Year, and kissing as many young, female tourists as they can catch.

Honestly, who needs fireworks as long as the Eiffel Tower flickers in the cold night? Have a look at this shot taken on the 25th of December of the Eiffel Tower reflecting in a pool: it’s sheer beauty, isn’t it? The nice thing in Paris is: from 5 pm on and during the whole night you can travel for free on all buses and metros.

And if this is still not enough, the Bus Palladium, a famous nightclub where Serge Gainsbourg used to be a regular, will open its doors tonight around midnight. An event? Well, yes, the club has been closed during October after a police control. The theme of the night? “We love 80’s” (sic!). You too? Then go, go, go.

If I had the choice, I know where I would spend New Year’s Eve: in the panoramic suite of the brand new Shangri-La Hotel. There is no better view in Paris and hardly any that is more expensive. So I imagine myself sitting there on the terrace at midnight, opening a bottle of champagne and wishing you:

All the best for 2011!

AFP, Bertrand Guay