Muse: More than just flowers

The other day, I ran into a florist’s, “Muse”. It’s a tiny shop, nestled in a small and steep street of Montmartre. From outside already I could tell that a delicate and sensitive soul must be running this place. The name of the owner is Majid Mohammad. He’s from Iran, originally, and he’s probably one of the finest florists in Paris.

The day we met, Majid had already been to Rungis, the huge food and flower market in the suburbs of Paris. Two or three times a week is getting up at 3 o’clock going to Rungis to choose flowers like an artist would choose colours for a painting. Majid is a poet, but instead of words he’s using flowers. When arranging a bouquet, he’s telling a story, creating a surprise.

The rose of Isapahan

It’s in Teheran that he learned his job. Flowers, back than, were omnipresent at his house. “My mother is crazy about flowers”, Majid explains. “She put them everywhere. Chrysanthemums, carnations, gladiolus, tuberoses, she loves them all.” If you ask him which is his favourite flower, he’s hesitating. Of course, it depends on the season and probably also in the mood. May be the rose of Ispahan. But tulips, anemones, buttercups, it depends on the story to tell.

Miniature beauty

The last ten years, Majid was director of “Artisan Fleuriste”, a florist’s shop in the upper Marais. Just around the corner lives John Galliano, the stylist who fell into disgrace when working for Dior and who is now back at Maison Martin Margiela. Like a lot of creative people, Galliano can’t live without flowers and he remained loyal to Majid and ordered three bouquets for today. Majid has to hurry up. They should be delivered before noon.

So why the name “Muse”? For the inspiration, of course. Because Majid is an artist. His bouquets are bringing something into your home what is supposed to stay outside. Nature in its miniature beauty.

Photo: © MAP