Meet the editors

Mad about Paris is not a travel guide and not a city-blog, it’s both of these and much more: your personal escort through Paris. We want this site to be helpful for travellers and useful for those living here, too. That’s why you will find stories about the Eiffel Tower next to reviews of new restaurants or the fancy fashion store that has become the talk of the town. We’re mad about the everyday stories that Paris and the Parisians are telling. Do you want to discover the world’s number one tourist destination? Here’s your new source. You dream of being there? It’s just a few clicks away. So stay tuned: Mad about Paris is made for you.

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Martina Meister, founding director and editor-in-chief

“The moment I wake up, I have to pinch myself every day: it’s Paris, it truly is, and I’m here. I’ll have a quick café at the “zinc” of the bar at the corner before roaming the streets and neighbourhoods of the city. I was born in Berlin but Paris has adopted me.

In 1994 I moved to France and found an apartment in a dingy part of the Marais which has now become THE hotspot of the town. Since then I have been reporting about cultural affairs, society issues and politics from France for German magazines and newspapers. 

Ultimately, culture means everything in Paris: whether it’s about the arts or architecture, about design or fashion, about food or daily conversation – they’re all ruled by a complex code of cultures and traditions that is not always easy to understand.

Mad about Paris will be covering all of this. The site has been created to fill a gap. Yes, you can find quite a few sites dealing with Paris already. Most of them lack a key ingredient though: a genuine love for the place and its people. Mad about Paris is my way to share my love for Paris with you.

It’s meant to be something beyond the cliché. And that’s why you’ll never ever find the term city of lights on this site. We can do better.

Ullrich Fichtner

“When I came to live in Paris, I considered myself to be an ‘anglophile’, actually, dreaming of London. Yet after a short while I became a convert thanks to the good life Paris has to offer. The city truly is la capitale, an amazing universe with new sensations always waiting for you just around the corner.

Hard to say what the secret really is. It’s about beauty, about 2000 years of history and the unique Parisian way to keep on moving. Many people consider Paris to be kind of a vast museum. Well, I’ve found out that this is not true. Besides all the palaces, cathedrals and medieval sites Paris is a modern, thriving city. It is this very special mixture of old and new that strikes me almost every day and that’s why Paris has become my hometown.

It’s my professional base as well. I work as a world affairs reporter for DER SPIEGEL magazine, Germany, so I‘ve been around a bit, in the Middle East, in Asia, in America, all over Europe, many times covering wars and crises. It’s this kind of work that only adds to my pleasure of coming back, coming home to Paris.

Nothing better than settling down here after an exhausting assignment – and eat. The variety and quality of food truly is mind-blowing and when you simply walk through one of the street markets you can’t avoid thinking of Hemingway’s judgement that Paris was “a moveable feast”. The bistrots, the brasseries, the world renowned restaurants line up in scores to serve you, yet it’s not easy to make the right choice. You’ll need some inside information to find the right spot and Mad about Paris will deliver it to you, telling stories about cooks and crooks, about cheese and Chinese fare, about dining pleasures that only Paris can offer.”