Matsuri: Enjoy the feast

I have to admit: I love sushi. I often eat sushi. May be too often. Not that I would consider it unhealthy. Quite the reserve! Sushi is often an option if you want to have a quick and healthy meal. And most of all this is true for people like me who put on pounds only when they are looking at food. But what I’m concerned about is: sustainability. We shouldn’t eat bluefish tuna any more or only exceptionally. Right. But how can we manage this ?

Sushi places sprang like mushrooms in Paris over the last few years. Have a look on them and tell me if they care about sustainability. Of course they do not. All they care about is money. Most of them. I had a hard time to find a nice sushi restaurant where you can have a quick, inexpensive and delicious lunch without feeling too guilty. But here it is: It’s called Matsuri, which means feast or festival Japanese.

Fun for kids

Sushi competitions with the kids at Matsuri

Matsuri is a small chain with only 15 restaurants in France founded in 1986. Back than, the first venue on rue Richelieu was the first place in Paris – if not in Europe – with a conveyor belt transporting sushi. A Frenchman had founded it after returning from Japan. Today there are ten restaurants in Paris and suburbs. All the places are nicely remodeled with wooden decorations in a strict Japanese style and all are equipped with a belt. This is a lot of fun for kids, but not only.

So how is the sushi? Excellent, I’ve to say. In this category of price it’s one of the best you can get in Paris. The chef is inventive and all the products are extremely fresh. Most of all: You need not to feel guilty. CEO Eric Woog is the one who cares about the environment. Not only that he haved the carbon footprint of Matsuri in three years – he’s also working directly with fish-farmers to control the quality and decided to replace the tuna from the Mediterranean by Korean tuna less endangered.

The good suprise

The only problem is the conveyor belt. I don’t know about you, but when I have appetizing dishes passing by in front of me, I just can’t stop eating. It’s so playful! And this can be dangerous. In places like this, the check often brings you back to reality. Not at Matsuri. The cheapest plate starts at 2 Euros, the most expensive goes up to 5. And the best is: Due to the crisis and economic situation in France, Matsuri has even lowered its prices.

Dont get me wrong: Matsuri is not high Japanese gastronomy. You can’t compare the experience to Isami for exemple – as well as the price. But it’s the best Sushi you can get in this price range in Paris. So don’t hesitate: Enjoy the feast!

Photo: © Matsuri/MAP