Ambroisie: A dish is a dish is a dish

Adam Goldberg, the trusted source behind the blog "A Life Worth Eating", claims to have dined twenty and more times at Ambroisie,


The Mandarin Oriental: For the happy few

You might wonder if Paris really needed another luxury hotel?


The Park Hyatt: Resolutely anti bling-bling

Sometimes it needs only one word to describe an universe. In this case: non-ostentatious would do it. This is it, in a nutshell.


Shangri-La: The Asian Twist

There was a lot of talk, now it's here: the Shangri-La Paris, the first venue of the famous Asian hotel group in Europe,opened on


Royal Monceau: Smart Tribe

Her comes something fresh, something radically new, something really audacious: A five Star Hotel completely re-imagined and redon


Le Meurice: cool & glamorous

If you are one of the lucky ones who doesn't need to worry about money (I mean: at all), then you are spoilt for choice: there are

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