Mems: Do as the Parisians do

Let’s imagine a hot summer day, a long Paris morning is over, your feet are steaming, you’re filled and almost fed up with impressions, you need to

Mr. and Mrs. Normal

My Concierge Told Me

The end of the

The Wall of I love you


Where to kiss in Paris

Café Charlot: Just around the corner

Yes, here’s another address in the Marais, you might think we’re biased, but what can you do?

Planted in my memory


Rue des Rosiers is a reminder of things lost and found

Terroir Parisien: Alléno on shaky ground

A few years ago, we considered Yannick Alléno to be the brightest star of culinary Paris, possibly the best French chef in the world of our times,


Disneyland Paris celebrates its 20th birthday

Disneyland? This is the word that sounds like a dream to many of you – or like a threat to some of us.


Helmut Newton: A gun for hire – FNIISHED

Helmut Newton was probably the most controversial photographer ever.

Mister Magic’s diet


Why French woman do get fat

Missing Monet

My Concierge Told Me

A legal conflict pits two of the wealthiest French families against each other


Musée de la Vie Romantique: Chopin’s hand

If you are one who’s fond of romanticism, one who loves to listen to Chopin and admires the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, then you shouldn’t


La chambre aux confitures: Jam today!

Imagine a shop selling only jam. Sounds crazy? Kind of. But the monothematic foodstore is what works right now. At least in Paris.


Centre Pompidou: The nice monster of Paris

What exactly is the Centre Pompidou, in Paris better known as Beaubourg? A museum, yes, and one of the best in Paris.

Coquelicot: Rural joys of Montmartre

Cocquelicot, the bakery and café on place des Abbesses, is one of the permanently crowded cafes in Montmartre and this is for a good reason: it’s a


Montmartre: stories instead of history

Some days you wake up, it’s cold outside, it’s raining and you really have to look for a good reason to get up.

A symphony of bricks and stones


Beware of emotions at Place des Vosges


Delphine Pariente: Oui, mademoiselle!

The other day I discovered an intriguing shop window on rue de Turenne. I saw lovely lamps and vin--- e furniture.

Don’t just hang out, be a good tourist!

My Concierge Told Me

Creative Paris: A special website for active tourism


Relais Saint-Germain: Foodies HQ

There’s more than one good reason to stay at the Relais Saint-Germain when in Paris.

Nanashi: Bentos for bobos

I can’t help myself but sometimes I just can’t follow the hipsters. Are they wrong or am I?


Vanessa Bruno: Relaxed romanticism

Do we need to explain who Vanessa Bruno is to any fashion victim in the world? I don’t think so.

La Chandeleur: It’s crêpe day !

My Concierge Told Me

Where to eat the best crêpes in Paris

Sleepless in Paris: Nuit blanche

Paris is not the kind of city that never sleeps. It’s not New York.


Musée Maillol: The Master and the Muse

She was his muse, his model, and his inspiration.

Le Tagine: Beyond folklore

Le Tagine is one of those little places, you probably won’t find in your guidebook: it’s a tiny place, perfectly hidden behind the Cirque d’Hiver,

In Paris, plan to be surprised


At St. Paul, reality mingles with your dreams

La Grande Roue de Paris


Paris lying at your feet

Piscine Pontoise: Outrageously blue


The most famous of Paris' indoor pools


Jules & Jim: Cool cocooning

Jules and Jim, that sounds familiar to your ears? Of course it does. Think Truffaut. Think Jeanne Moreau. And from now on think hotel, too.

The vanishing point of beauty


Where they wash down their melancholia

Poilâne: The toast of the town

Most people think baguette when it comes to the bread of Paris, but people here do not live on that kind of bread alone.


Delfonics: Inspiration comes of working

Are you fond of fine stationery products? The famous Japanese brand Delfonics opened its first shop outside of Japan. Guess where?


Eyes on Paris: The photogenic capital

No doubt, Paris is the most photogenic city in the world. The most photogenic and probably the most photographed, too.

Au Passage: A great deal

Hidden in the tiny ruelle named after Saint Sébastien not far off Boulevard Beaumarchais the casual bistro „Au Passage“ is well worth a visit, even

Le Progrès: The epicentre of hipness

Tucked on the busiest corner of the upper Marais, where Rues de Bretagne, Vieille du Temple, Turenne and Filles du Calvaire make an ever congested


Hôtel Thoumieux: Resolutely trendy

Hôtel Thoumieux might be exactly what you’re looking for: a tiny, but luxury boutique hotel, resolutely trendy, but romantic though and just as pos

Autolib: clean, green, chic and cheap

My Concierge Told Me

Paris launched today short-term car hire program

The card for clever tourists

My Concierge Told Me

Restopolitan card: pay for one, eat for two!

Jean-Francois Piège: Ascension of a chef

Not long ago, the greatest lifetime achievement of Jean-Francois Piège was to be the unsung main author of Alain Ducasse’s „Grand livre de la cuisi

Silencio: buzz meets beatification

If you asked me which is the place to be in Paris right now, I would answer with no hesitation: David Lynch’s nightclub Silencio. But hush!

La Tour d’Argent: Sleeping Beauty

If Queen Elizabeth II invited you for dinner at Buckingham Palace, the quality of the food would most probably be the least of your concerns.


Suite temptations: Paris at your feet

Do you sometimes think about doing something crazy, the once-in-a-lifetime thing?

The French paradox


Charles-de-Gaulle is the world's most hated airport


The Towers of Notre-Dame: The old unchanged Beauty

Which is the nicest view of Paris, the most impressive one? Down from the Eiffel Tower? No, not necessarily.

“Hearing everything and telling nothing”

My Concierge Told Me

The professional secret of an endangered species


Petit Pan: Big Joy

Looking for a special souvenir, something off the beaten track?

Apicius: Location, location, location

On a hot summer (or nice autumn) night, when you wait for your table at Apicius while sitting al fresco and sipping a fancy apéritif, watching the


Barthelemy: As fluffy as a cloud

If you are a cheese lover, Paris will be heaven for you. And hell at the same time: How to choose from this vast, endless variety?


Hotel Le Pradey: A romantic getaway

Have you ever dreamed of spending a night with your beloved one in a suite that looks like the Moulin Rouge?


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