Muse: More than just flowers

The other day, I ran into a florist’s, “Muse”. It’s a tiny shop, nestled in a small and steep street of Montmartre.

Matsuri: Enjoy the feast

I have to admit: I love sushi. I often eat sushi. May be too often. Not that I would consider it unhealthy. Quite the reserve!


Fondation Louis Vuitton: A ship from outer space

Is it a ship from outer space, a colossal yacht that has dropped anchor in Paris, spreading its sails over the tree line of Bois de Boulogne?


The Peninsula Paris: The luxury revolution

This is the opening everybody expects in Paris: After a four-year renovation the Peninsula Paris will open on 1rst of August and it will be, read m


Hôtel Fabric: For urban nomads

So many hotels opened lately in Paris, that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Caravane: Blissful interiors

The Parisian girl loves the effortless chic. This is true also for her interiors. Her furniture might be pricy, but will never look ostentatious.

Blend: Good fast food for gourmets

Parisians are crazy people: they’re always coordinated. Everybody leaves the city at the same moment; everybody comes back at the same.


Tuk-tuk for tourists

Being a tourist can be a very exhausting job.

How to spend an arty night

My Concierge Told Me

Join the 9th edition of the European Night of Museums

Alain Ducasse at war against microwave cooking

My Concierge Told Me

A new French label shows quality restaurants

Little India


Passage Brady is the last arcade in Paris with a soul

Racines: Back to the roots of good food

It’s easy to miss the tiny restaurant „Racines“ in the picturesque scene of the Passage des Panoramas, the oldest arcade of Paris.

Le Sergent Recruteur: New kid on the block

You better start learning the name of Antonin Bonnet by heart because you will need it in the future whenever the discussion about the best chefs o

Issé Workshop: Fast slow food

They are days, you might be looking for the perfect lunch: healthy and light, tasty and fast, exotic and cheap.


Broken Arm: The place to shop

The broken arm? Yes, indeed. That’s the name. It’s a pretty cool name, I’ve to say, it could denote anything.

Dining chez Depardieu

You might have heard of Gérard Depardieu lately, the French actor who emigrated to Belgium first (for a couple of days) but then became Russian by


Ducasse: “The flaws are what interests me”

“I’m a perfectionist”, Alain Ducasse told me when guiding me through his brand new manufacture de chocolat. And I confirm, he definitely is.

Le Violon d’Ingres: Senior Supper

We’ve already told you about the many obligations of the honorable chef Christian Constant but we haven’t introduced you to his flagship restaurant

I love you, Paris!

A Perfect Valentine's Day in Paris


CFOC: Asia in the middle of Paris

It all started with passion. Like so often.

Terminus Nord: It’s the atmosphere, stupid!

They call themselves a „brasserie mythique“ which clearly is an overstatement but you need to bang the drum nowadays to get anywhere.

Entre 2 Rives: Indochine light

Goi Buoi, Ha Kao, Bun Cha – when you know what those mean you’re familiar with the splendour of Vietnamese cooking.

Paris under a white blanket of snow


Two inches of snow expected for today

Table Ronde: Gathered around the fire

From outside this new restaurant looks quite mysterious: There is no sign whatsoever, no name, nothing.


Sacré-Coeur: Lord of all you survey!

Even if you’ve never been to Paris, there are some landmarks you’ll probably know by heart: the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Coeur.

Starwars against Starbucks

My Concierge Told Me

Keeping Paris like paradise

Marcovaldo: Think Italy!

Doe’s Marcovaldo ring any bell? It’s the name of the main character of a collection of short stories by Italo Calvino.


Here is the new place to be: It’s called Beaucoup.

Pierre Sang in Oberkampf: The chef is king

There has been much buzz around Pierre Sang Boyer, Top Chef finalist in 2011, the French equivalent of Chopped. No wonder.

Pierre Sang in Oberkampf: The chef is king

There has been much buzz around Pierre Sang Boyer, Top Chef finalist in 2011, the French equivalent of Chopped. No wonder.


Hotel Original: Like Alice in Wonderland

You sometimes might ask yourself why you love to travel. Probable to give a short change to everyday life and experience something special.

Cuissons: It’s fresh, it’s cheap, it’s good

They call it a „cantine gourmande“ which indicates that they expect you to come often.

Le Relais du Comptoir: Line up!

„Le Relais du Comptoir”, just to get this out of the way, is one of the most annoying bistros of Paris. Believe me, it’s a real nuisance.

L’Hédoniste: My worst kept secret

This is the kind of address I really don’t want to give away. Something inside me wants to be a good person, of course.

When do we go to Saint Ouen?


Visit the biggest flea market in the world

Be my guest!

My Concierge Told Me

Chatomat: Neo soul food

When Chatomat opened during summer last year on a small road in Ménilmontant, the buzz was immediate.

A French Folly

Trains to Versailles decorated like the Château


Musée d’Histoire Naturelle: Noah’s Ark

If you are traveling with kids, you can probably tell a thing or two about their enthusiasm when it comes to museums.


Legend Hotel: a dreamcatcher

It’s fascinating with hotels: in some you arrive and it just feels like home; others are so much better than home.


Première Pression Provence: drop of gold

The other day, when I strolled up and down rue de Martyrs, the new food- artery in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, I stumbled upon “Premiere Press


Design et Nature: Birds, beasts, bugs and butterflies

I’m not kidding when I say that I discovered Design et Nature thanks to my hairdresser David Mallet.

The sound of music

My Concierge Told Me

Let's celebrate 30 years of Fête de la Musique

L’Abeille: Busy as a bee

You have to be a high roller and/or crazy to dine at L’Abeille, the restaurant gastronomique of the new Shangri-La hotel, where the nicest guest ro


Parc Astérix: They’re crazy these Gauls!

If you’ve already done Disneyland Florida ten times and Disney LA another ten times, than it’s time for a nice change and to discover the universe

La Table du 8: Get dressed

Broadly speaking, the restaurant universe is divided into only a few galaxies.


Rungis: A land of milk and honey

Ever heard about Rungis? It’s the world biggest food-market.

Pramil: Keep the secret!

Monsieur Pramil is – in a very positive sense – the caricature of an old-fashioned French bistro chef.


Sébastien Gaudard: The artist

France is the only country in the world where a butcher or a pâtissier can become a star. They have to be good and also good-looking.


Rue des Martyrs: for foodies only

A long time ago, Saint Denis walked up rue de Martyrs to his place of execution on Montmartre.


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