I love you, Paris!

A Perfect Valentine's Day in Paris

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s raining. Apparently, we can’t have it all. But who cares? You’re in Paris, you’re with you beloved one, just use your imagination to make this day memorable in spite the natural forces that conspire against you. Here is our Madaboutparis to-do-list for all those who want this day a perfect one.

First step: Wake up in Hotel Amour, lovely. Wasn’t exactly Hotel Amour? Well, just imagine it were. Now head to the wall of love in Montmartre and declare your love in all languages you can imagine. Who wouldn’t believe you after this?

Pont des Arts

Second step: Prepare your padlock with your initials engraved, head to Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge between the Louvre and the Institut Français, lock it to the bridge, swear eternal love, and hop, throw it into the Seine. Give him/her a big kiss. Admire all the other couples and wonder if they really love each other as much as you do.

To do before you die

Third step: Now you’re ready for a hot chocolate. Get the best one at Angelina, an old-fashioned café and tearoom that looks like you’re entering a film. Their hot African chocolate is one of the things you should do before you die. But their cakes and pastries are extraordinary too. Think the famous Mont-Blanc, one of Angelina’s signature-dessert, based on meringue, filled wit sweet chestnut puree topped with artisanal whipped cream. Gosh, who would resist?

Roses from George

Next step: Head to the Hotel George V, go to the bar where Jeff Leatham, one of the most inspired florist, not to say floral designers of the world exceptionally proposes bunches of roses for sale. The price? No clue. Definitely cheaper than a ring at Tiffany’s, but much more class. There is also one of our favorite restaurant Le Cinq with chef Eric Briffard.

Dinner with diamonds

Last step: Offer her/him Paris. Climb up the Eiffel Tower. Don’t be just a regular visitor. Reserve a table at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant the Jules Verne. Then, just before the full hour, ask her or him to close the eyes for a couple of moments. Once open again, she or he will see diamonds sparkling in the sky. “Elle n’est pas belle, la vie?”

Photo: © AFP, Joel Saget
Roses from famous florist jeff Leatham at the George V