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"I love Paris in the springtime!"

Listening to his songs, I can quite understand her. She went to see M Ward at the Gaîté Lyrique, the other day, and believe me, she cried for joy. Here comes her report of a women with a broken heart: "Why the hell M Ward at the Gaîté Lyrique? This looks like a surprising choice. Isn’t the Gaîté Lyrique the place for the digital arts, after all? M Ward’s whole career is based on a “back to the roots” style of American music. He uses exclusively analogical techniques when performing and recording. Did they just want to invite a kind of “brand”, an indie-music star? Whatever – M Ward in Paris doesn’t happen very often.

Just him, a piano and two guitars

After a poor first part, which I would actually call outrageously bad – God! Good musicians and bands are really not what’s missing in Paris! – M Ward went on the stage. Alone. Just him, a piano and two guitars (he never touched one of them, or may be I cried too much and missed the moment). That’s all he needs put the spell on you. I had prepared some questions, which I would have like to ask him backstage, but I didn’t succeed in getting an interview. Never mind. It’s one of those small wonders of life that he answered all my questions on stage (should I take this for an unmistakable sign?):

Off the record

Does he love Paris? I would have asked him. And what did he say? “I’m so glad to be here. It has been so long. J’adore Paris au printemps!” Me, too. I love Paris in the springtime. Can you imagine him saying “J’adore Paris” with his sweet American accent? And what does Paris represent for him? Ward said: “It’s the city of artists. There are two, or three out here tonight, right?” The only question he didn’t answer was: “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” What would he possibly have answered? “Oui!” What else? And now, what do you do with the pieces of a broken heart? Make a sad, make a sad, make a sad sad song." Anouk Filippini is a songwriter, singer and writer. She has a guitar, too. And a blog. On "Where are the little shops of the Marais?” she wrote about her encounter with M Ward. I for my part really don’t understand why this guy doesn’t want to marry her instantly. She is a Parisian, after all! Photos:
Anouk: a broken heart?