Hotel St Thomas d'Aquin: perfect and affordable

It would  probably be very hard to find a hotel in Saint-Germain with better value for money. Saint-Thomas d’Aquin is perfectly situated, nicely renovated and rooms start at 150 Euros.

Saint Thomas d'Aquin is actually the little brother of Hotels Saint-Vincent and Lennox, and is situated directly in between, both of which offer a bit more luxury and more space, but are also more costly. Whereas in the Saint Thomas d’Aquin you have, without paying the higher price, the same advantage of the perfect location.

Off the beaten tourist track

The hotel is situated on the hidden and most lovely rue du Pré-aux-Clercs, one of my favourite streets in Saint-Germain. It’s only a few minutes walk to the Carré des Antiquaires, the Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin and the other hotspots of Saint-Germain.

By an inexplicable miracle, Rue du Pré-aux-Clercs has kept off the beaten tourist track. The street is small, leafy and quite calm. (But I have to admit that Parisians have another understanding of quietness. Calm for us means: no traffic jams in front of your window). Walk two minutes and you’ll be in the hustle and bustle of Saint-Germain.

French countryside in the heart of Paris

Not only is the neighbourhood perfect, but the building is nice too. The small hotel with 22 rooms only is situated in a greenery-swathed mansion with wisteria climbing up the walls. So it gives you the feeling of being on the French countryside when you’re actually staying in the heart of Paris.

Guests have free Wi-Fi access and can have an aperitif in the salon. And if you want something more lively, well, just have a look in the huge bar of Hotel Lennox, the other brother, to the right.

22 perfectly decorated rooms

Since Bertrand Plasmans, the manager of the three hotels, has perfect taste, the lobby, lounge and bedrooms are perfectly decorated in quite a simple fashion: lovely, warm colours are mixed with beautiful curtains and headboards. Rooms are elegant, without being overly sophisticated. Don’t expect them to be huge, most of them are small, this is Paris, after all. But if your credit card doesn’t have the colour of gold, well, this might be the perfect place for you.

Hôtel Saint Thomas d'Aquin
3, rue du Pré-aux-Clers
75007 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 61 01 22