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My Paris Stories

Green is the color of hope

Usually, the spoilt Parisian doesn’t think about it. Water comes out of the tab. That’s it. But this was en eye-catcher: the Seine tinted completely green. And what a green. The picture above was taken yesterday, on March 22, the World Water Day. Environment activists had tiped a fluorescent product in the water,  although making sure that it was a completely biodegradable product.

Don't wash your hair with Evian

This was just to remind us that the Parisians use too much water. Although I have to say that the Americans are worse. They use 159 gallons, an equivalent of 600 litres. For the sake of justice I have to say that Parisians don’t have a lot of cornfields to water. They just shower in the morning, they flush the toilet with drinking water, they wash the dishes and the clothes with drinking water, and after a bad-hair-day they might wash their hair a second time in the evening - with drinking water.  Not every one can use several bottles of Evian like Claudia Schiffer to make sure that her hair will be glossy.

The Seine looked lovely though. Could have been Christo’s work. But this was not art for art’s sake. Remember this: more than a billion people on the planet don’t have access to safe and adequate water supplies.Photos:
AFP, Joël Saget