My Paris Stories

The glamorous end of the world

You don’t know who the Sea Girls are? Here we go: They are four. Four girls, four true Parisians who, one day, read my lips, will fill the theatres of London, Las Vegas and La Roche-sur-Yon. At the moment they are just filling the

The Sea Girls pretend to have known each other since they sat on the potty together. Today they are the most funny, audacious and indecent group of girls I know. They are four, as I said, but they have eight legs, and a lot of fun, God, gorgeous legs and gorgeous fun.

There is this tall, transvestite style looking girl with arms as long as an Indian deity. There is Prunella – sounds like Disney, but it’s actually her name. There is the one with the nose and there is Lilli: nothing in her head, all legs and hips. I do love Lilli. Together they sing and dance and somehow revisit the old music hall, transforming it into something fresh, bold and quite contemporary.

You don’t understand French? In this case you will miss a lot of jokes and their strange relationship with rabbits and men. But don’t worry. It’ll be fun though. And so Parisian! Much more than the girls from the Moulin Rouge.