You can access Imperial Dig Site through Venator Wreckage. You must scan one of the doors of one of the houses in the Abandoned Village where there are eviction notices. Before grabbing the candle, head back to the other section of the central level. At 3 o' clock is another wall to blow out.Scan the wall in here (Archive Two – Miktrull #2: Magnets [1/3]).Interact with the switch and proceed up the steps to a Meditation Point.Leap to the vegetation covered wall and climb up.Ignore the breakable wall and continue round through a gap in the trees. Walk near the gap and Push the candle towards the field--since the candle has a metal casing, it'll rest against the wall. Head round the building and across the gap to a Meditation Point. Scout Trooper Baton. On this page of our guide to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order you will find a detailed description of the second visit to Zeffo planet which takes place in the third chapter of the campaign. Leap to the plant covered wall and use it to move round left to a rock platform. Imperial Excavation – 3. You'll eventually make your way back to the dig site with Force Pull, and then you'll be in the Ice Caves. Everything is Connected - Complete the Tomb of Miktrull. Head up and to the left until you can safely jump to the next pillar (with a ledge under it).Drop to the ledge and run to the end to jump to the next platform. You'll see a spindle, which you can now interact with with the Force Pull ability, grab the plug at the end of the spindle and pull it to the nearby platform to plug it in. Her other unblockable attack is to drive forward saber extended. Instead, stay on the rope and rotate to the left to see two new ropes. Drop down to the platform to the left.Run to the end and jump to the vegetation covered suspended pillar to the right. This Puzzle will be much easier to escape than the Tomb of Eilram Puzzle Space. Jump from rope to rope until you reach a small platform with a chest and the wind chime you need to scan. In the Gusty Bluffs area, you must slow down wind turbines with the Force. Do so, and you'll find a Meditation Point. Close the distance quickly and engage in melee combat. Continue round, killing a Scazz then climbing up a vegetation covered wall. End charge at the panel to open a shortcut.Head back up into the previous corridor and follow it straight. Zeffo Imperial Excavation Force Echoes Location for Databank Location of Imperial Excavation Force Echoes on Planet Zeffo in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. However, the area near the vines is being affected by water falling in from the ceiling. In the room to the right of the Meditation Point, which is accessible by going around the third elevator in the area, the saw is against the back wall on the right. Before Pushing on the nearby wall past the Meditation Point, head to the left for a chest, then continue on. This Scan is located in the flooded part of the Venator Wreckage, just after the long slide. This will also the Puzzle Space that we'll solve later on. At this point, you can drop down to head back to the Meditation Point from earlier, then climb back up to the next area. Push the block under the ledge in front of it then climb up and enter this outer corridor. Move along the outside of the tomb and you'll eventually find your way in (there's no place else to go but forward). Head up the slope, killing the stormtroopers and past the blades on the right and enter the cave at the top.Continue on the path and slice the panel next to the blast doors you eventually reach to enter the Imperial Headquarters.Kill the troopers, then turn back to where you entered the Imperial Headquarters and slice the door. This one lets BD-1 hack into enemy droids that you can Pull towards you.

Prerequisite(s): None.

In the Imperial Excavation area, Overcharge the terminal to bring down a zipline. Fire it from the circular panel in front of the entrance to the tunnel (look under the water!) Afterwards, you'll slide down to a new area. In the Ice Caves, at the exact place where you face a Jotaz, scan the ceiling to unlock this entry in your journal. This next area looks big, but just drop down to the right, then do some parkour and climb up the moss for a Meditation Point. Easy quick and small daily rangoli designs with colours, Detachment from Overthinking - Guided Meditation Suitable for Beginners. Climb along the literal tomb, and at the top you'll need to fight some Stormtroopers. First, head on up the vines to find two doors.

Stop one of the blades so that you can reach it. Instead of going to the right where a Purge Trooper is waiting for you, go straight ahead towards a conduit. Imperial Excavation – 12. Once there, you can swim around the area for a couple of chests. Pull a Probe Droid towards you and fling it at the Stormtroopers to gain an achievement. Jump down, Pull the candle down to you, walk over near the vines, and Push it over. Carry on, across a gap and another wall run before using pull to cross two vines to a platform with a solitary trooper on.Once it’s dead, interact with the workbench to acquire an upgrade (Slice: Probe Droid).Push then pull the next two bridges to carry on.Wall run then leap to a platform where you can go through a door back indoors.End charge at the nearby panel to open a shortcut.Turn around and take the lift down as another shortcut (Imperial Dig Site).Take it back up as there is nothing we need to do here.Continue down the corridor, ignoring the exit, heading through a door, until you reach a dead end. Interact with the pedestal to turn on a nearby magnet, and it will pull the candles into the vines and burn them. Climb up to solid ground again.Follow the path round, squeeze through the gap and enter the chamber with a Guardian and two troopers to kill.Blow out the wall to the right and enter a large circular chamber. In the corridor of the tomb where you get the “Force Push” skill, scan one of the statues on your left. Turn left and climb another wall.From here use the two vines to return to the main area of the Tomb.Head through the door back to the central chamber and drop down to its lowest level.Move the newly released ball into the bowl on the floor.Enter the central structure (Eno Cordova #2: Vault Requirements [3/5], Archive Two – Miktrull #3: The Key to the Vault [3/3]). Imperial Excavation – 12. Leap across to the platform with the Scazz then from its end to the vegetation covered wall.Climb up and wall run over to the platform with the Flamethrower Trooper and the Scazz. the opposite end to the downed fighter.)

Head right and drop down a level.Wall run across the gap then continue until you can leap to the railings under the suspended sarcophagus. Force push the candles into the vines to unlock a shortcut.Drop down if needed to the meditation point then climb back up the grating to the newly accessible ledge.Follow the corridor and blast out the wall. Derelict HangarExit and talk to Greez and Cere.Head forward and through the blast doors to the left of the now sealed hangar.Follow the path round to the Abandoned Village.Cross the blades, then head through the centre of the village, up the stairs to the raised level to the raised bridge that can now be pushed over. Make sure to rest up. The main character will visit some new places along the way and unlock new important upgrades for the BD-1. Push through the weak wall, then keep going until you find another wall to Push through. Head left, climb the ledge and force push through the next wall.Slide down the slope to a Meditation Point (Crash Site).Head forward and make the radio call when you can.Drop into the water and head left. Project Auger Officer #6: Missing Artifact, Imperial Excavation #10: Guardians of the Tomb, Imperial Excavation #11: Destructive Measures, Imperial Excavation #9: Discovering Relics, Archive Two – Miktrull #3: The Key to the Vault.

Jump over the first trench and go into the second. However, this guardian's core cannot be Pushed out of its body, so defeat it normally and keep going. Fight him for a while, but he'll eventually shock and knock you out. Not all Data Scans are accessible from your first visit to a planet and will sometime require some Upgrades and specific Skills to be reached. Thankfully, you've explored a lot of the area on the first go-around, so this second trip will quickly take you to the next tomb, the Tomb of Miktrull. Prerequisite(s): None Just after seeing the first two Scazz eating a dead stormtrooper, climb on the right ledge to … Follow the tunnel to another Sense Echo on the left hand side of the tunnel (The Zeffo Villagers #10: Drowned [10/10]). Use one of the blades to reach a rocky platform on your right. This isn’t telegraphed until in the air, however. You will find this Scan in a room that you reach using the Force to slow down a propeller.

Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. The chain will break and send the bulb crashing down, releasing the ball from its prison. On your way out, you'll get a Hologram from Cordova mentioning a Astrium. Head through to find a Sense Echo (Project Auger Officer #6: Missing Artifact [7/8]) and a Meditation Point.About turn and head through the corridor, following it round to the left until you’re outside again.Jump to the railings on the right and shimmy along left, leaping to another railing and shimmying along that until you can climb up to a platform.Do a triple wall jump to a grating. The water will put out the candle before you can hit the vines, and you can jump while using Pull to hold the candle. On the esplanade where the first stormtroopers of the area are located, scan the sign to the right of the stone stairs. Thankfully, the wall directly behind Cal has a bunch of candles that can be pulled out to be used to burn the vines. You should see a patch of briars next to a lone trooper and, possibly, the chest behind the briars.Turn around back towards the switch and pull a candle from the adjacent wall to you. Climb it to a chamber and overcharge the panel.Start the pulverizers.

Activate the magnet that you used to pull the block out of the ground earlier, and keep it activated. Immediately turn right and blast the wall. Once you're back to the central area, it's time for a Puzzle Space. Climb onto the ledge and head into the central chamber defeating the Guardian and any remaining troopers. Freeze the fan and climb up behind it. There’s nothing to do through here, however, so continue round on the upper platform. Head out of the room and use the newfound power with Overcharge to get to back to the Meditation Point and higher up.