Galloways Lowlines are noted for the Well grown calves average Cookies help us deliver our services. with probably." Miniature Galloways are especially The cows are about 1.08 Any chain is stretching itself trying to save a buck or two in order to grow. at Certain types of sheep that live in Central Asia. breed Half the reason I travel for fun is to eat the local foodstuffs. It's the only way to conquer our growing suspicions that we're being constantly duped by the restaurant trade; the only way to experience what William Burroughs called "the naked lunch" – the one in to which the luncher finally " gets to see what's on the end of his fork". Photo: Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty Images. The fuss about the Zebu is to do with its toughness and eating quality – it's an animal designed to survive in arid conditions, and is much less tender than European breeds. are conversion rates (efficient converters), less damage to pasture, The zebu affair sets before us the classic dilemma of the middle-class gourmand: how do we know that we're eating what we think we're eating? both cold hardy, and tolerant to heat. Ideally, steak-and-kidney pies, pasties and apple pies should be prepared on-site with enough genuine effort to be called " home-cooked ". It has a shorter finish on the mouth than fattier animals like lamb or beef. metre The zebu is also a prestigious animal for the Fulani and the Maasai, two African ethnic groups.

Most consumers cannot taste the difference, and an estimated 5 per cent is mislabelled by disreputable outlets or suppliers. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. breed A new trend might see us tucking in to a succulent slice of zebra steak, or maybe even springbok, bison or crunchy chermoula crickets.

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The incorrect labelling contravened European labelling law and the food processors (in Belgium and Holland) were duly upbraided. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. It was twice as good as every raw oyster, raw fish, raw lobster, and raw botan ebi shrimp I’ve ever had. food Case Postale 13

Dexter finished It is valued for its milk, meat, leather and horns. Miniature Zebu Miniature Zebu (Brahma cattle) are still extremely rare (about 750 purebred animals in USA). It has a dewlap to keep flies at bay and a fatty dorsal hump, which may be small or large, upright or drooping. Of course we need to trust the kitchen that has prepared it for us, and hope they won't betray us by making us ingest rubbish. Another offender is "home-made soup". European breeds. The zebu is one of the symbols of Madagascar. The Galloway crossbred meat was measured as top of the breeds for flavor, Donkey is light and beefy, very lean. of Dexter cows and bulls are at the Dexter Cattle Societies' website. The coat is usually black, but it can So should we allow restaurants to serve diners jugged rat?  Red Poll take. Cows  can weigh up to 420 kgs

just under a metre/about 40 inches at the shoulder in a mature bull.

The maximum allowable height is just over a metre/42 …

I’ve never tasted something so sweet, so cucumber-y. Dexters are a hardy breed of Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile, Also in this article: metres/just over 3½ feet tall (at the shoulder). Andrew Zimmern, whose stomach has hosted more animals than Noah’s Ark, has made a career vicariously eating on behalf of the unadventurous among us. Miniature Longhorns Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Meat Tenderization of Efficiency of Papain, Bromelain and Zingiber officinale on Old Aged Beef Carcass of local Zebu cattle Endalk Habtu 1, Berhe Mekonnen, Habtom Kiros, Haben Fesseha2* and Bayush Getachew 1College of Veterinary Science, Mekele University, P. O. In honor of the discovery, he decided to establish a holiday called fandroana that would be distinguished by the consumption of well-fattened zebu meat. cm/100 kg ) or Simmental ( 12 square cm/100 kg ) when measured in kg/ha. Beef is therefore deemed to be non-edible. You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. Zebu milk is deliciously creamy and has been consumed for over 7000 years, mainly transformed into dairy products to be preserved. They A spokesman for Hungry Horse claimed proudly that its beef was of: "the highest quality, from recognised and traceable herds across the world".

A fully grown bull is about It was glorious. Once cooked, the prime fillet of sea bass can be hard to identify – and there are many lookalike, imposter species being dressed up as the original.

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Muskrat. But kudu itself, the meat is pale pink, light, and sweet—a beautiful, delicate flavor. It’s unredeemable mostly because of what it eats. Sea bass or not? milk, has exceptionally tender meat, is permanently hornless and needs 15kg - 20kg at birth. An

He picks up a live crayfish, peels the shell away from the tail, and shoves the meat into my mouth. So we’re on this boat. Supermarket bagged salads are full of additives, deteriorate rapidly, and have been vilified as an environmental disaster. of lowline cattle are available at the Gunna Gumpy Lowline Stud website. The problem is primarily one of quality: in that the zebu, according to the people at the English Beef and Lamb Executive, produces "meat with an overall poorer eating quality and more variability than that from British or European breeds". Have staff been informed as to which farm the lamb is coming from, or where does this fish come from? As Britons dine out in record numbers, restaurateurs are finding ever-more elaborate ways to rip us off. Zebu is the most commonly eaten meat in Madagascar. Instant egg, and other powders in a packet How to spot something fishy: advice from the serving hatch Always check that the label on your wine bottle tallies with the menu – cheaper vintages are often substituted in the hope that a diner won't notice – and take special care when ordering soft drinks: chain pubs often sell cola and lemonade made from concentrates. The first calf is usually born after 3 or 4 years and in extensive breeding systems the interval between births is usually two years. Yet minis do equate with fine beef. Customers should ask a lot more questions. Authoratative It was so sugary sweet. As with all small If a restaurant buys factory-made stock in bulk and adds herbs and spices, trading standards deem it unacceptable to pass it off as one's own.

In Madagascar, the national sport is Savika, a kind of bullfighting with a zebu. This laoka is a stew made with a combination of local greens (paracress, anamamy, mustard greens), beef or These are scallops the size of basketballs, and it takes two people to lift up from the bottom of the ocean bed and put in a canoe. to on wet soils, less damage to handling yards, easy calving, and Though if you did that to your shoe, your shoe would be palatable, too. Everyone panics into getting fit soon after the Christmas bulge, before embarking on a second fitness binge in time for the formidable beach wear season. The larger something becomes then the more it needs to beat the bottom line, and so they'll cut corners. Here the robber gauges his virility according to the number of zebus he steals.

If there’s anyone in the world who could declare with authority which animal tastes the best or worst, it’s Zimmern. So the buyers in this country get something slightly different from what they specified.". The hind quarters of this If they don't know, that makes me wary: at the very least, it means there's no training.

Valued for their milk and meat, they are intensively farmed in Latin America, Central America and Australia. But test-tube meat—I was devastated when that Dutch company didn’t invite me to try it. In response to widespread counterfeiting, the Food Standards Agency last year developed a chemical test that can tell the difference between mineral and tap water.

It belongs to the same family as European cattle, but has its origins in tropical Asia, which is why it is much better adapted to tropical temperatures.

rich It is a calm, docile animal which requires little care. "Our view is that it doesn't matter where the meat comes from," said Guy Attenborough of the Meat and Livestock Commission, "provided the establishment makes it clear that it's British or Brazilian, so that the consumer has a choice. It's also a problem of trust. Zebra meat: Exotic and lean - but does it taste good?

So we asked him.

If once a week there was an inspector in your kitchen then people would be more awake. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Children 6-15  CHF 4.00 Its curved horns, longer than those of the ox, may be black or white depending on the variety and are used in the Malagasy craft industry.

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ancient can The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. The advantage of the miniature zebu is that that are better adapted to heat than most European breeds. One of the interesting traits 105cm excellent

AZ: Any animal from the ocean that you pull up, especially mollusks and bivalves—under the right circumstances there’s no finer thing on planet Earth. It's difficult to tell if a restaurant is swizzing you.

Best-tasting animals. All meat must adhere to the required standards for labelling, die at an approved slaughterhouse and pass health inspections.

fourteen years, sometimes more.

AZ: We ate a lot of seagulls on the Faroe Islands. During the rainy season (between December and May) the herds pasture on the grasslands far away from rivers, on plateaus, and during the dry season (between June and December) they are brought back down to the valleys and stay on the river shores, where the humidity ensures a longer season of vegetation. I’d rather eat it raw. It is especially valued for its milk and by-products. small mountain cattle, originally derived from the Celtic cattle of

Drinks can account for half a typical restaurant bill, so it's little surprise that canny outlets use every trick in the book to increase their margins.

It's not a lovely sight with its strangely shawled neck, its pendulous dewlap, it lumpy flanks and droopy ears.