He uses the magic of illusion via camouflage and motion dazzle of the herd, and is always alert and ready to shift his focus and energies and take necessary action. Bringing attention to the tension that weaves its way through our universe. As such, you are able to find the perfect balance to get everyone to give their best. You will find that you can make wiser decisions that will make your heart and mind very glad! It’s common to find antelopes grazing alongside zebras. Zebra stripes signifies balance and deeper spiritual meaning, through the art of blending opposites – yin and yang. Such a dream brings out the right-wrong and good-evil polarities in your life.

The black and white stripes on the zebra animal create a perfect balance. The truth is that you can lose your identity quite easily if you decide to follow the lead of others. All you need is to lay emphasis on these traits to remain on top of your game. It teaches you to be able to assess situations in a short period of time and to then act accordingly and for it to be in your best interests. 3. Allow yourself to be expansive, free-spirited, and wild.

Zebra wears the patterns of paradox and opposite forces right on its skin for all to see. The zebra spirit animal also shows you how agility sometimes trumps strength in the game of … You are a kind-hearted listener who shows great compassion for others. Our content does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice.

In the same way, you can play a very important role as an active member of your community. They show harmony that opposites can create, just like the yin yang combination. Your gain will appear from the sources you least expect. The meaning of the zebra in dreams suggests that balance is lacking in your life, and you must do what you can to regain this balance. Of course, the answers don’t always come when you want them. These … The zebra meaning reassures you that you can survive this difficult period, and you just need to keep moving forward. You have everything you need to make it, so be confident that you can! You know you have what it takes to succeed. Zebra symbolism is also strong on the idea of you accepting and appreciating a challenge and being willing to tackle it head-on. When the zebra totem comes into your life, you receive its ability to flourish and thrive in the toughest of conditions. As such, you are able to use them to overcome whatever challenges you face in life. It’s so easy to get lost in this world and just follow the lead of others, but your zebra totem wants you to do none of that. The zebra spirit animal comes into your life to tell you that there are many ways of looking at things in life. The zebra spirit animal comes in your life to add value. Additionally, you have keen understanding of the world around you. through partnerships with advertisers via display and text link ads, and affiliates

You need to find a balance between your personal and professional life. The dual aspect of the opposite yin and yang energies bring clarity to see new levels of truth. Be sure to Take the Quiz! When the zebra spirit animal trots into your life, it’s telling you to unleash your uniqueness and individuality.