And they weren’t alone. In 1951, the real estate developer William Levitt bought a chunk of land in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to establish his second “Levittown” — the first having been successfully completed on Long Island a few years earlier.

Zach Solomon in the US - 24 Public Records Found We found results for Zach Solomon in New York, NY, Charleston, SC and 65 other cities . Nearby, a house was rented out to serve as a kind of clubhouse of hate for residents of Levittown, who saw the arrival of non-whites as the beginning of the end of their petit-bourgeois idyll.

The Myers held on.

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The real story of Levittown is one worth retelling, even dramatizing, provided it’s remembered for what it was: a shameful stain of American history, and an early catalyst of the burgeoning civil rights movement. In 1987, he became president of Ellen Tracy Co, a women’s clothing manufacturer, and in 1991 he took over as president and chief executive officer of Associated Merchandising Corporation, that later became a subsidiary of Target Corporation that helps to develop and import garments and other goods for the Target Department Stores. The He went door to door proclaiming, “It happened!

The sale was made under the table; they moved in secretly, alert to the need to be discreet. © 2020 Relationship Science LLC. When Ms. Myers returned to Levittown, someone inevitably would approach her and say, “I’m sorry for what you had to go through.” To which Ms. Myers would respond, “Let’s be friends, okay?”.

When Daisy responded that she, in fact, owned the house, the mailman blanched. As David Kushner writes in Levittown: Two Families, One Tycoon, and the Fight for Civil Rights in America’s Legendary Suburb, the Myers, despite everything, “took pains to point out how this awful standoff brought out the best in Levittown as well as the worst.” Groups like the Quakers, the American Jewish Congress, and the William Penn Center helped organize a 24-7 citizen patrol. Harness the power of your relationships with RelSci Pro, the powerful platform for identifying relationship-driven business opportunities and connections that can propel your career forward. Finally, seeing an impasse, Thomas McBride, the Pennsylvania attorney general, got involved. The Levittown Betterment Committee, as they called themselves, was committed to the haven of an all-white Levittown. Even as late as the mid-1960s, Levitt defended segregated housing, and in a feat of impressive cognitive dissonance, he built housing on Long Island that excluded Jews, all while remaining one of the richest men in America. There were cries of “Nigger get out” and rocks hurled through windows. He issued a formal complaint against the Confederate House, claiming that they had “entered into an unlawful, malicious and evil conspiracy . TO ASSIST BROOKLYN COLLEGE BY DEVELOPING AN ONGOING AND INCREASING BASE OF SUPPORT FROM ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE. But the employment and maintenance of other than Caucasian domestic servants shall be permitted. Explore notable alumni from top universities and organizations. The Federal Housing Administration, established in 1934, refused to insure mortgages in black neighborhoods. in Economics from Brooklyn College in 1957. THE FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION, having learned some kind of a lesson, threatened to refuse aid to William Levitt for his next project, another whites-only Levittown in Willingboro Township, New Jersey,if he didn’t remove the racist clause.
Do not use this site to make decisions HARRISBURG, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office said 13 people are being charged after an investigation into alleged drug dealing in the western part of the state. The University offers more than 100 undergraduate programs of study and more than 120 graduate and professional programs. It wasn’t long before the Wechslers’ home was defaced with the letters of the KKK, crosses were burned on front lawns, and the caretaker of the Confederate House could be seen walking his black cocker spaniel, renamed “Nigger,” up and down the block. Their children’s windows were rattled. Adjunct Professor at City University of New York - Brooklyn College, Former Learning Disability Specialist at Middlesex County College - New Jersey, Board Member at Brooklyn College Foundation, Honorary Life Member, National Commission at Anti-Defamation League.