"Utopia" attacks "Buzz King" again with "Rising Sun Twin Blade Slash" and destroys it. ZEXAL S:2 Ep:26 Duration: 21:33 Attack of the Barians, Part 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Vector shakes in anger, thinking this situation is getting bad and wonders if they still remember him luring them into a trap (in the dub, Vector wonders if Nash and Marin are seeking payback for what he did). Yuma conducts a Shining Draw and gets "ZS - Vanish Sage", which he subsequently Normal Summons (1/500/100) in Attack Position. Heartland laughs and says the only trump card they can pull out here is ZEXAL. After having been around a while and having to work with Yuma, Astral's been fascinated by a TV Show Hero named "Different Dimension ESPer Robin". Yuma, prodded by Astral, goes with Kotori to where the autographs were taken and meets Robin's actor, a kid named Fuya! In just 1 Turn, Kaito Summons 2 Numbers. Heartland stomps his foot and yells at the Barians to lend him their power. It is a web app that works on any operating software including iOS and Android. Tori yells their names (in the dub, Tori yells at Heartland to stop). Yuma overlays "Gagaga Caesar" and "Gagaga Clerk" in order to Xyz Summon "Number 39: Utopia" (4/2500/2000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position. He curses the Barians for what they did and wonders why they are doing it. The remaining three "Infection Bug Tokens" attack Yuma directly in a series of tackles that bring Yuma and Astral to 550 LP. I'm always right!" "Vanish Sage" glows gold, then flies up and strikes the ground with its spear. Heartland says, "What?!" Vector says he understands (in the dub, Vector disdainfully mutters, "Oh, joy"). Advertisement. Subtitles Yu-Gi-Oh! The flames eventually take on the form of Don Thousand, who Astral recognizes, before vanishing. Yuma repeats, "Barian field?!" A replay occurs and the "Infection Bug Token" attacks and destroys "Rainbow Kuriboh". Yuma is reminded that his victories in his current Duels are due to Astral's help. Miyu Irino It now airs every Sunday at 11:30,on Nicktoons. As a result, he's been cut off from every one else. Heartland is perplexed and Astral explains that "Stop Hammer" would normally be used on the opponent, and Yuma finishes that they can use it on "Utopia". As they head home from class, Yuma and his friends meet Lilly whom they form a friendship with.

Tori tells the others to look up, as red lightning crackles overhead. Since his opponent Summoned a monster, he activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Returning Light". Showbox is a popular app and APK to watch free movies and TV shows. Meanwhile, Kite regains consciousness and Orbital asks if his master is alright. It first aired in Japan on September 29, 2013. He says he understands Yuma's feelings now. Xmovies8. Yuma understands and Astral thinks, "Don Thousand...".

Despite this, he is not a good Duelist.

ZEXAL S:2 Ep:28 Duration: 20:12 Rule Duel Yu-Gi-Oh! Professor Kitano notes that each time he reduces his opponent's Life Points with "Electronic Computer-Beast Tera Byte" Astral's body weakens, causing him to slowly vanish! He chides Vector for taking Yuma and Astral too lightly; they will eventually return because this is how they are (in the dub, Nash specifies that Yuma and Astral will return because they never submit). Kaito, capable of even more, summons the strongest Monster to exist: "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", which has never been seen before! Heartland calls it stupid; the power of the Barian World is superior. Yu-Gi-Oh! To save Kotori and the rest, Yuma continues to fight with Jin over the Numbers.

In the Barian World, Vector is in disbelief that Nash and Marin are still alive, when they should have been dead. Browse. Yuma safely recovers "Number 96: Black Mist" from a man.

Yuma asks what's with the damage. However, in this strange new world, they battle monsters and when their own monsters are attacked, they feel the pain. Yuma realizes this is Heartland's true Barian form then (in the dub, Yuma replies that Heartland is revolting regardless of his appearance), and arms his Duel Disk and Duel Gazer. "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" attacks an "Infection Bug Token" and Yuma activates the first effect of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" to banish both battling monsters. Heartland rises and curses at Yuma and Astral for defeating him; punks like them have damaged his burning heart (in the dub, Heartland swears that the Barians will take revenge on Yuma for the defeat). Undeniably, these are the signs of the coming of the "Number Hunter" named Kaito Tenjo. Heartland ends his turn. ZEXAL Duel of Destiny, Part 1. 6 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL S:3 Ep:47 Duration: 21:22 Outclassed and Outmatched Yu-Gi-Oh! Watch Full Series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Showbox isn't an an Android APK or mobile app. Yu-Gi-Oh! A second series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Suddenly, the ex-mayor feels a pain in his chest and the four fake "Numbers" he held float up and turn into black flames.

He instructs him to look after Kite, rises and declares that he will not forgive Heartland for what he's done. Zexal II, began airing in Japan on October 7, 2012 and in North America from August 18, 2013. Together with Astral, they both shiver from a fear they do not understand, causing Yuma to run off to find out what possibly could have happened. LEARN MORE. ZEXAL; Yu-Gi-Oh! Heartland asks what Yuma will do next.

Can Yuma rise above his razor-sharp rival, or will he be dragged down to the depths of defeat? He also Special Summons "Gagaga Clerk" from his hand since he controls a "Gagaga" monster. Yuma says Astral name as he and his friend reach out to each other. Yuma activates the effect of "Gagaga Caesar" to banish "Paladin of Photon Dragon" from his Graveyard and change the Level of all face-up monsters he controls to that of the banished monster ("Gagaga Caesar": 3 → 4, "Gagaga Clerk": 2 → 4). A strange shadow approaches Yuma, which turns out to be Tokunosuke Omoteura, a classmate of Yuma's known for his duplicitous tongue. At that time, Kite, using Dr. Faker's technology, retraces Astral's memories and invites Yuma to the World Duel Carnival. Follows the adventures of teenager Yugi, whose magical secret comes to life when he plays his favorite card game: 'Duel Monsters.' Quinton starts to list the LIGHT monsters in Yuma's Graveyard, but Orbital 7 interrupts, deducing that Yuma will Summon Kite's "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". ZEXAL episode listing (season 2), https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_ZEXAL_-_Episode_123?oldid=4309750. Another "Infection Bug Token" attacks directly, but Yuma (as his opponent declared a direct attack) activates the second effect of "Rainbow Kuriboh" to revive it (1/100/100) in Defense Position. Yuma starts his turn and performs a Shining Draw, drawing "ZS - Vanish Sage". franchise. Yuma rises and declares that this isn't over. When Yuma goes into town, the traffic lights go nuts, causing downtown to fall into chaos. Yuma draws "Gagaga Caesar" and subsequently Normal Summons it (3/1800/600) in Attack Position. Popcorn Time Yuma's Never-Give-Up Spirit "Kattobingu" was born from a promise he made with his father. Yuma smiles and laughs, while telling Heartland to stop kidding himself. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Quattro says a new token got added this way (in the dub, Quattro remarks that no one has insect repellent). Free Online. The mysterious person posing as Robin around town was Fuya. Trey realizes that this way, Yuma and Astral can't defend themselves. Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series. "Galaxy-Eyes" has 3000 ATK, while the "Infection Bug Tokens" have 300 ATK.

After a series of incidents, Yuma and Astral learn of the existence of a "Number Hunter". Yuma looks for the criminal who spread the computer virus that caused all this chaos.

Yuma and Astral yell, "kattobingu!" ZEXAL Field!" Yuma misplaces the the Emperor's Key that was an important momento from his parents. Though Shark doesn't care to Duel again, he finally agrees when he finally reaches the end of his rope due to Yuma's constant following him around. Tomo no Ishi o Hikitsugu!! He yells, "Photon Stream of Destruction" as "Galaxy-Eyes" decimates Heartland's remaining 3000 LP. After the Duel starts, Yuma and Astral, as well as their friends, are struck down by red lightning. Cathy, Caswell and Trey also congratulate Yuma and Astral for returning. Solarmovie The Duel of these two begins.

Turn 5: Mr. Heartland He yells at his opponents to take the attack as dark lightning crackles and blasts Yuma and Astral simultaneously. 5D's, with an English-language version airing in North America between October 2011 and August 2013. To protect their precious remaining Life Points, he defends Shark at his own expense. Yuma holds Kite in his arms and yells at him to pull himself together. Yuma Summons "Vanish Sage". and Yuma points out they only have 300 ATK each (in the dub, only Astral remarks that the Tokens are weak individually). Heartland adds that with this victory, his spot with the Seven Barian Emperors is confirmed (in the dub, Heartland also asks Yuma if he is envious of his new form). Heartland chuckles evilly and calls this act foolish beyond belief (in the dub, Heartland hoped Yuma would say that) as a dark red aura surrounds him; how will Yuma defeat Heartland with only 1750 LP left?

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