(While chosen in the Character Select screen), "Cunning."

You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission of an administrator first. Nanako will appear shortly after, welcoming back her "Big Bro," and sits down with the rest of the group. £9.00 postage.

However, the franchise's Japanese name for Swift Strike oddly enough, Denkou Sekka (電光石火, Denkou Sekka)? Right before the door of the train is closed, Dojima teases Nanako, causing Nanako to enter the train with Yu because she is upset, ending up with Yu and the others panicking when the door closed with Nanako still inside with Yu as the train ready to leave. Unlike the rest of the Investigation Team, he uses his hands to break the card in order to summon his Persona, whereas the others use their respective weapons to do so. Yu Narukami. Occupation Tohru Adachi, Izanami, Mitsuo Kubo, Taro Namatame (formerly), Shadows

Portrayed by Takuto Maruki, Velvet Room Attendants On colder days in the winter, he wears a white winter coat with a black and white pad scarf and matching black gloves under his school uniform. Hanging out with his friends, Spending time with Nanako

After falling to the curse himself, the protagonist hears the voices of his friends, telling him to continue fighting. In addition to this, they are the central characters of Elizabeth's own story mode, where she pursues them both in order for her to understand the true potential of the Wild Card. The Malevolent Entity takes the form of Shadow Yu during Yu's Arcade mode. Entering Yasogami High, they are surprised upon meeting Adachi, who was supposed to be imprisoned. Any info listed is non-canon. By the end of the show, he accepts his Shadow and acknowledges that he has to accept being separated from them when the time comes. (Izanagi's transfiguration into Izanagi no Okami while performing Instant Kill; if it connects), "Behold, the truth!" https://persona4.fandom.com/wiki/Yu_Narukami?oldid=9098. He also has a black blazer which he is occasionally seen wearing in the manga adaptation of the game. Male Protagonist |

Eriko Kirishima | As the train leaves the station, the protagonist pulls out a group picture of the friends that he spent his year in Inaba while Teddie's voice is heard in the background, promising that someday they will meet again. Adopt? Upon reaching Yasoinaba, the protagonist meets up with his uncle and his cousin. Narukami YūSeta Souji (Manga)Asakawa Hayato (Visualive/The Evolution) Ken Amada | Despite the team's worries, they've decided to continue watching the Midnight Channel. Tae Takemi | Persona 4 / Golden: Playable Character; Star Social Link 1. Share to Pinterest. Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/bcef_fireburn00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/bcef_noise.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/bcef_tvoff.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/bc_aura00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/bc_cardbrake00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/ef_card00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc202_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc202_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc203_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc203_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc208_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc210_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc211_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc211_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc231_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc231_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc231_02.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc251_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc251_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc251_02.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc252_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc252_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc252_02.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc400_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc400_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc400_02.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc400_03.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc404_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc404_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc404_02.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc600_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc601_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc601_01.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc602_00.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc602_10.png, Yu - Glasses/Battle Effects/vr_bc602_11.png. In the sequel, Yu gains only a few new tools. This is emphasized in Persona 4 Golden, as the Investigation Team members comment on how he doesn't talk much when equipped with the Butler Suit. All rights reserved. (localized as "Raging Lion"). Devastated, Yosuke swears to investigate the Midnight Channel, and they conclude that the female student they witnessed on the Midnight Channel must have been her. From the popular 2D fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax comes a figma of the Yu Narukami, the protagonist of Persona 4! Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku, Second-year student at Yasogami High School, Leader of the Investigation Team, Expert swordsman, Wild Card, High intelligence and charisma, Hanging out with his friends, Spending time with Nanako, Solve the murder mystery in Inaba (succeeded), Unnamed parents, Ryotaro Dojima (Maternal uncle), Chisato Dojima (Maternal aunt, deceased), Nanako Dojima (Maternal cousin), Tohru Adachi, Izanami, Mitsuo Kubo, Taro Namatame (formerly), Shadows, Lord of Vermilion Re:2 (Yu Narukami & Izanagi), One of Yu's DLC costumes in Persona 4:Dancing All Night.

The voice claims to be intrigued by the protagonist and decides to lend him his power for the time being. In the Persona 4 story mode, Yu and his friends gathered at Junes and discussed the culprit behind the P-1 Grand Prix. Additionally, Teddie joins the group as well, after facing his own Shadow self and receiving a Persona. It is possible he may be very fond of cats as shown in the game where he is given three quests (given by himself) to feed a stray cat that wanders the river bank. P4A ", boundary between day and night - yukari yakumo, touhou. ( This is an RP page so feel free to post. By then, Shadow Yu lifts into the air and transforms into Izanagi who delivers the final blow to Margaret's Persona (either Lucifer or Helel, but most likely the former). On days off, he is shown wearing a black jacket and gray turtleneck shirt along with black pants. In the Persona 3 story mode, Yu, Yosuke and Chie reached the Tartarus entrance where they confronted and heavily injured by Sho Minazuki.

Junpei Iori | As an exclusive bonus content to Golden, if the protagonist manages to save Marie before defeating Izanami, the scene will then shift into a few months after the last scene of the true ending (and after the events of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax), where the protagonist will reappear at the Inaba train station on a visit. Soon he sees the return of the Midnight Channel alongside Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko as the four of them investigate. The attendant also mentions that Adachi, Namatame and many others are awakened by him as well. Join us! View and download this 2474x3499 Narukami Yu Mobile Wallpaper with 40 favorites, or browse the gallery.