V Visual – I’m ot ugly But not perfect If you want to tell who the better singer is, listen to how they sing and if they strain their vocals. everytime i memorize a rap line i’m like ” WOAAAAAAAH I WAS BORN TO BE A RAPSTAR ” I’d more than likely be a maknae. Okay, well thank you for that insight. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THEM. Do you think trainee length is directly related to talent? I also tried out for the talent show and the teacher who was judging our talents was strict. Leader – Because I am the sane one in our group, and solve all others problems. Lead Vocalist: I can sing, but I’m not too advanced. Birth Name: Kang Young Hyun (강영현) The Main vocalist usually gets lots of singing lines and usually sings the chorus. I think you’d actually be the most sympathetic member because you seem to have humor. Jin I’m respectful, but I can be a savage if someone wants to push my buttons. Maknae-cause i’m the youngest in our group…(i’m the evil maknae), I could be the- Center – i mean if you asked me to be center, i would but if someone was the center i would be totally fine with it BEST FACK OF THE GROUP –, It happens to me 9 out 10 times I try to vote or see the results of the pool, it´s pretty annoying, I think big hit knows what it has and knows what is the best

Feel free to comment below. Sometimes the Lead Vocalist sings the chorus, while the Main Vocalist does the ad-libs. Contact Us, 2PM’s Jun-K, Girls’s Generations’ Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Blackpink’s Lisa. Am not that pretty, not that tall.

Maknae – I think I would be the maknae or one of the youngest. The Face of The Group is many times mistaken with the visual, because their main role is to bring public attention to the group.

I could be the The longest note I can hold is only 19 seconds and Luhan held over 25 with a cold. I played Just Dance Games!!! Main Dancer, since I’m pretty good in dancing (technically) I don’t think singing better than someone else has anything to do with sounding like a guy or girl and so what if Jimin has a feminine voice it doesn’t mean he isn’t better than V, You really need to come up with a better reason why V’s singing is better than Jimin’s because saying “Jimin’s voice a little bit like girl’s voice.” is a very bad reason, I’m not saying this because Jimin’s my bias but In my opinion Jimin is the visuals of the group, That girls name is Tzuyu she is from a girl group called TWICE, I’m pretty sure YG announced that BLACKPINK doesn’t have a leader and BLACKPINK also said they don’t have a leader and would love to keep it that way, I’d probably be a Lead Dancer and a FOTG, I don’t much about being a FOTG but definitely a Lead Dancer, However, it is true that V is the best singer in BTS. “Nichkhun adapted to life in Korea relatively quicker than other foreign trainees.”. maknae isn’t a position. i dont think i would be maknae , cuz im the second youngest member in my family and the oldest in my class , so yea and i really dont have trust on my visuals , for leader , i have good leadership but the problem is with you know , how to handle the others cuz when i get the leadership in a specific group , i usually hit people and not talk to them , so that would be a problem for me if im a leader, Main Vocalist – Despite having my silly tone, I sing very well… Kpop Discographies I’m not good at leading, but sometimes when i hang out with my friends, I’m always be the oldest, and i’m good at take care of my friends. – Kprofiles.com. Main Dancer because I have taken dance classes since 4 years old and have been dancing my whole life with tons of experience Maknae: I’m a fetus

I’m not trying to boast, Main vocal – Just Vocalist or SuB Vocalist Main rapper – sub-rapper So I could be mistaken as the oldest but my personality will prove to you that I’m not. What’s a description about them? maybe if i were in a kpop group i’d most likely be the maknae since i’m an 04liner owo, it’s is myyyyyyyy dream to be a kpop idol but it is so impossible…if i wpuld given a chance i would like to be the ‘main dancer’ ooff another impossible thing and i would like to be a ‘main vocalist’ i know i have the most impossible dream in ky state i have no talent but it’s free to dream and i would like to be a lead rapper cause i dont know maybe this one isn’t impossible because i do speak fastlol and the best thing and the most possible is me being the MAKNAE ooff lol i am even the youngest among the Junior hogh school in my school so maybe i would get a chance to be lol, Omg, same like for everything you just said owo.

Rapper – yEs !! Lead Dancer- I am good but not too good at dancing Leader – i like taking responsiblities and taking of others visual: yes, many people say that I’m beautiful & I have a unique appearance and I think so too

Girl’s Generation members Hyoyeon, Seohyun*, and Sooyoung trained for a similar amount of time. The Sub Rapper each group has a maknae, got7’s is yugyeom, seventeen’s is dino, gfriend’s is umji. Last year, I was in choir and the I tried out for a solo, and I made it. I could be the maknae I mean I’m quite young, Leader – No I don’t think I could take this role.

He’s not known for his singing though, which makes him a “normal” vocalist/sub-vocalist. Amongst my friends, I’m the least attractive one maknae- i cant deside that m age will do that.

ex; being cute or something. dancer- YAS I TRAINED LONGER THEN ALL THOSE BTS MEMBERS(i think) i train like 7-8 years Sometimes the visual and the Face of the group overlap, the same member holding both positions. Jimin (better in ballet, and more graceful dances) I’m actually really good at singing [surprisingly], Sub rapper – PROBABLY: Lead Rapper – because I don’t have a voice for vocalist and I have some qualities of a rapper Leader: Because even though I’m shy I have good leadership skills. His face isn’t clear, My friends say I would be the Main Vocalist. – His dream initially wasn’t to become a singer but a basketball player. Idols often discuss how long or how short their training period was, so here is a compilation. – Birthplace: Ilsan, South Korea.

The Lead Dancer is usually the 2nd best dancer in the group. RM (my biaswrecckkkeerrr) dances in the wrong directions and Jin (my biaaaassss) isn’t powerful enough. main vocalist: definitely not, my vocal skills aren’t so high and professional.

A JYP Entertainment representative once shared, “Nichkhun adapted to life in Korea relatively quicker than other foreign trainees.”.

rapper – eh- i would probably be sub rapper – In an Instagram live, he said he no longer has an issue with being called Brian as he has accepted who he was and is. another position , main dancer and main rapper because i’m a good dancer in their own perspective and that they think i’m a good rapper so yeah~, There are backstage dancers such as Rap Monster from BTS or Jin because they don t dance that well, My group said I’m the maknae because I’m the youngest and also the Main vocalist as well as Main dancer because I’m the only one who can sing and I always dance, LOLOLOLOL! Taeyeon actually revealed that she had been surprised when Seohyun joined their group when they were preparing to debut.

You didn’t mention it tho. People tell me I’m pretty, but I don’t see it unless I’m wearing make-up. Because whenever I done something wrong, they would give me a chance. Vocalist – I might take this position because I THINK I’m good at singing as I always sing songs almost every single day. Lead dancer – Not the best one but, still I can dance. Maknae? The company probably choose Jimin as lead vocalist because he sings the highest. Share how long your favorite idol was a trainee for in the comments below! BEST VISUAL – MARK

Cause I’m born in June. I would be:

High/more vocal range =/= better. Center: I probably will be center since I’m a good dancer or because I’m a visual? Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? Stage Name: Young K (영케이) I am often chosen to represent a group of people at events or at meetings.

– He’s the main rapper, lead vocalist and bassist of Day6. got7’s youngjae, exo’s kai, bts’ jungkook, For years being a kpop fan, I was so confused between the centre and the face of the group that I convinced myself both are the same position . – Education: Dongguk University (Business Administration), York Mills Collegiate Institute THE DANCER(S) Suho has shared how difficult it was when fellow trainees debuted before him. I always manage to shut them up. I definitely won’t be a dancer and rapper , I’d want to be the main vocalist and maknae and visual and main rapper/ dancer but lol who am I kidding? Lead dancer – i know that i am good at dancing, but i’m not the best. face of the group: hmm, no. I might as well be the “main” Visual in my group of friends. =.=. How is Jackson the best rapper when he told hosts and Rap Mon that he is not a rapper but just someone who raps. The Maknae- Maybe cause I dunno. Kpop Quizzes . Main Vocalist- My friends think I am the best singer in our group and I usually do high notes pretty well (Do not take it as I am bragging because I am not, I promise) Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) V’s lines in every song are predictable and similar. Visual: I don’t fit the KR beauty standards whatsoever. Just Maekne like i’m always the youngest but also bc I can’t sing,dance and rap lol, Main vocal – Lead or sub vocal because I can hit some high notes I thought the center and FOTG were the same thing? If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thank you :) – Forums: lilmeowmeow ♡, Kpop Girl Group Profiles

I can’t even be a maknae , I’ll be lead vocalist, I’m good at singing but like I’m not that good I also think i have a great TV personality. Lead Vocal: I certainly can’t do them high notes but singing the chorus etc is achievable. And i have a special Technique BEST RAPPER – JACKSON Main vocal: umm no Meanwhile, Wooyoung, Daesung, T.O.P, KARA‘s Seungyeon, and Nicole trained for a year. Yesung, Donghae, Sungmin, Sunny, YoonA, Kikwang, and 2NE1‘s Minzy are all K-Pop idols who have trained for five years or so. I’m way too shy for the second and way not at all skilled for the first. Lead rapper: yes I can be (EX: 2PM’s Jun-K, Girls’s Generations’ Taeyeon, etc.) Visual: I’ve been told by my Chinese friend I fit the standards. For speaking than you would want to be the leader. Maknae – because I’m used to being the youngest among my friends, Well, now we have a triple threat: Chan from Stray Kids (who am I kidding all of them are lmao), Lead Rapper-Because I love hip-hop and I’m pretty good at rapping,but I’m not the best at it.

Visual – Yeah Visual: I could be the visual, but this is a total maybe.

Tbh, all of the vocalists are AMAZING… I do have to admit that V does has the widest vocal range and probably one of the best singers in BTS but if you think about it then V gets about the same amount of lines as Jimin.. My friends and Family told me i could be maknae, Main rapper and lead vocalist. Face of the Group: No Thanks, I’m a bit Introverted The Lead Rapper is supposed to be the 2nd best to the Main Rapper. dancer: yeah nope

Suggestions, About Us Visual: My friends says I’m pretty but I’m kinda shy and quiet in public I’d also pass when it comes to center or face of the group (I wouldn’t mind being it though). Main / Lead Vocalist – Not sure about that, but my vocals are impressive according to others. (My voice kind of cracks sometimes when singing .Puberty) Which is (probably) why Jimin is better at singing than V. I think I would be a Vocalist and the Maknae, What do you mean V’s voice is better then Jimin’s just because Jimin “sounds like a girl” ??