C15 During the Mighty Nein Intro, Beau blushes as she looks at Yasha, Beau and Yasha's rooms are next to each other in the Xhorhaus, Beauyasha week takes place between May 25th to 31st. She moved her hand away in fear. .

Once inside, Beau tells Yasha that she overheard her talking about Jester. She joined the Mighty Nein's pursuit of Obann, to try and ascertain how this person knew her.

When Yasha asked Beauregard to hand Yasha all of her weapons she asked if she could keep her walking stick.

2019 Official full body portrait of Yasha], by Ari. He told her that he'd like to talk to her in the future. you will say. I was trying to do the thing.

The punishment for this was death. Before entering the King's Cage, Jester told Yasha that the Mighty Nein was her new family and would protect her from whatever might happen.

Due to her busy schedule, Ashley (and, by association, Yasha) had to leave the group often and for long bouts of time. After the party killed Vokodo and jointly saw a vision of his flight from the Astral Plane, Yasha suggested a possible correlation between the floating city and Mollymauk's nine red eye tattoos. Obann's charm effect indirectly restored Yasha's memories: her life from when she fled her former tribe to present-day.
Status Beauregard Lionett CANON Friends; Attraction on both sides In the fight under the Chantry of the Dawn, Yasha struck the final killing blow on Obann. Jester and Beau tell Molly that Yasha left after starring at the storm. Yasha flew strongly upward as the storm clouds suddenly dissipated, finding herself high above Exandria feeling a freedom she had never quite felt before.[53].

She and Molly leave to set up for the night. [art 12]. C12

Beau asked the barbarian of she could be carried after a battle. In a fight with a raiding party of goblins and ogres, Yasha activated her Necrotic Shroud in front of the full Mighty Nein for the first time.

Yasha carries a great deal of guilt for running away, and considers herself a coward.

8658 played by Ashley

Her eyes and hair turned fully black, and she sprouted skeletal, membranous wings from her back. It can give strength, or it can lead to terrible things.

Don't forget who you were, and decide who you will become.".

Yasha, about Beau having a mirror on top of her bed: That’s gonna be useful…, Beauregard ‘complete and utter heart eyes’ Lionett, just two lesbians having a conversation while their blue tiefling wingwoman is pretending to sleep, Yasha, yet again, being a nervous disaster lesbian while talking to Beau and Laura absolutely loving it, Yasha Nydoorin’s guide to talking to your crush, today my mind has been consumed by nothing but 50’s AU so,,, biker Beau and mechanic Yasha sketch, beau/yasha + hating manipulative assholes, dare i say this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, The alternate to this was redbeau gives you wings, marisha and ashley are hurtling towards this now and i am so excited, the fourth gif is the deifnition of gay panic, the most ridiculous outfits yet the cutest scene, the glitter one doesn't belong bc it's the only semi smooth thing she did DFSKJFGSJK, also gotta make sure your girl comes back safely from downstairs mardi gras, big 'I would like to kill this gaslighting motherfucker' vibes here, side note: very interesting how frequently marisha and ashley are catching one another's eye, yasha and beau are more familiar than anyone else in the nein with what trent is doing to caleb. [51], While at the Marquis's Demesne for a party, Lord Sharpe approached Yasha immediately and started making advances towards her. She explained her marriage to Zuala and the fallout from it, her memory lapse, and finding her way afterward through the Stormlord.

Specifically from, Beau & Yasha - Supercut - Part 1 (Ep 1-14), Beau & Yasha - Supercut - Part 2 (Ep 15-19), Beau & Yasha - Supercut - Part 3 (Ep 20-25), Beau & Yasha - Supercut - Part 4 (Ep 29-35), Beau & Yasha - Supercut - Part 5 (Ep 37-66).
Yasha said that she was still a redeemable person, despite doing horrific acts under Obann. In the battle after the Laughing Hand was brought back to life by Obann, Yasha fell under Obann's control as he died.

Critical Role

C17 When Obann then took her chin, she no longer resisted.

After falling under Obann's control, Yasha nearly killed Fjord. 16[14] She saw herself walking through the wastes of Xhorhas, but it was crawling with thousands of immense worms. Yasha is shown to be very socially awkward and will rarely speak unless spoken to.

[art 3], 2018 Official full body portrait of Yasha, by Ari. Yasha quickly starts to feel awkward, but Beau says that Jester doesn't have a significant other so she could go for it. Beau thinks of Yasha as one of the group. 13

Yasha did not immediately warm up to Caduceus when they first met, as he challenged her views on destiny, but he took a liking to her.

[17], After a series of visions from the Stormlord, Yasha's formerly skeletal black wings became full and feathered, and capable of brief flight. She is rarely seen without her dark-blue shawl, which she never takes off. Caduceus eventually cast Dispel Magic at her, which shattered the seal on her neck and freed her from Obann's control. As Molly reads Jester's fortune, Beau asks Yasha if she's also in the carnival. She is played by Ashley Johnson. [art 11].

Other factors deterred some fans, including the reveal that Yasha was a grieving widow and Beau's confirmed crush on Jester in "The Threads Converge". One of them, Molly, sits down at the table while the other, Yasha, stands behind him. During Yasha's battle with the Stormlord's lightning creature at sea, Jester jumped in to heal Yasha. These arms are worth a lot."

As these periods of absence grew longer and more frequent, critiques started to arise. Fan art of Yasha's dream of flying, by @hierothraxs.

"The Threads Converge" (2x85) Class Fan art of Yasha, by Carolina Abrantes. Nott eventually came to trust Yasha as an ally, even cuddling up to her as they slept in camp one night.

Yasha has a light Scandinavian accent.[24]. Fjord was the only member of the party who was immediately certain in his belief that Yasha had betrayed them and likely always intended to.