Go to Settings - WLAN, choose the name of your vacuum cleaner "rockrobo-vacuum-xxx" and there is a tick before the name. of the entire area of the room and is characterized by high productivity. Check if the LDS on Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is covered by a curtain or other things. Factory reset, or more famously known as master reset, is a method in which any electronic device is brought back to its original setting.

● Do not leave your mobile phone, router, and Xiaomi robot cleaner far away from each other. If you want to go the more extreme route, you can completely reset everything, including wiping all data off the hard drives. Please move the dock charger to an open area instead of a long and narrow corridor. Click "Experience now" ("立即体验") to the main interface, then click "Agree and continue". When the NAS has rebooted, click the “Connect” button. The inertial navigation machine has an advantage in height part. Before we go over each method, though, it’s a good idea to install the Synology Assistant app on your computer (which you can do from this page). These cookies do not store any personal information. Round shape for easier navigation and reduced chances of collisions with furniture and other obstacles.

Step 1: Install the app, open it and go the the Home Appliances section. Restore your operating system to factory settings. The default username is “admin” and the default password is left blank.

Next, get a paper clip or a SIM card removal tool and hold down the reset button for about five seconds—until you hear a beep. You’ll then create your admin account and go through the same setup process you did when you first got your NAS drive. From there, just login with your new password and you’ll be back up and running! Start by locating the reset button on the back of your NAS drive. ● Make sure you have entered the correct WIFI password and the WIFI router works fine. This could take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, but once it’s done, you can fire up Synology Assistant and your NAS will indicate that it’s “Not Installed.” At that point, you’ve completely reset your device.

It will notify you to change a name for your Xiaomi device and start to use it. cleaner is equipped with many sensors and a powerful obstacle handling system, so the device easily adapts to the situation in the room and chooses the optimal, trajectory of motion. Sitemap | Privacy Policy. Your NAS will beep a couple more times, and then the NAS drive will reboot. Step 2: Link Android phone to computer via USB cable, have a look at the warning on the tool, then click on Start to go on. Search. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Is timer cleaning supported? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. ● Connect the cleaner to Mi Home to update its firmware.