Haswell handmade wooden headjoints, flute restoration and repairs. The help of a friend is useful here. Try to get an idea of the range of colours available. Choose a friend you can rely on to give good ‘musical’ advice. Exchangeable Tenon, Wave Crest style. Tobias Mancke Handcut Piccolo Headjoint #1503 - Grenadilla wood tube and silver tenon. They are the headjoint, the body joint, and the footjoint. In my first two articles in this series I talked about how I make a headjoint tube and lip-plate. Offset G key: The flute's G key is offset to make it easier and more natural to play. Alternative Crowns & Stoppers: A Resounding Leap Forward? Patented pinless mechanism. Traditional, Wave (add $180), or Profiled Lip (add $180) cut. Handmade in Germany. Wave or Traditional cut. Exchangeable Tenon, Wave Crest style. If the pads don't properly seal the holes, your flute will cease to work. So although your choice in flute materials is an aesthetic one, the instrument's aesthetics just might have an impact on your performance. Ergonomic key placement and design. Of course, all of the following styles and woods can be made to fit to wooden instruments too. See and discover other items: flute headjoint, Flute Headjoints, black flute Please check here for a price list. Never pack anything additional (including sheet music) inside your flute case. Using liquid or cream polish is not recommended, as it could damage your flute’s key mechanisms.

French or open-hole flute: The keys of this flute have a venting hole in them that must be covered by the performer’s fingers. To ensure there are no gradually developing problems with your instrument, take it to a repair technician once each year for general maintenance. What I am intending to do over my next few blog posts is to describe the process involved in producing a headjoint from tubes and sheet, through to the final finished product. There are really four basic things to think about when trying headjoints: 1. The combination of woods gives a subtle difference in the tonal quality of the headjoint. This option is better suited for performers with longer fingers. As you uncover the holes, starting at the far right and moving left, the notes get higher and higher. Strong metal. Very good for traditional music. Wood Headjoints. See and discover other items: flute headjoint, Flute Headjoints, black flute > Back to top. Using a silver polishing cloth, gently rub the tarnished areas on your instrument. A. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Why do I get dizzy when I play the flute? Included with purchase of Nagahara Mini. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Thick wall - the headjoint is of an even thickness throughout the whole length.

Less easy to check for this one! M3 style. Tobias Mancke Handcut Piccolo Headjoint #1716 - Grenadilla wood tube and silver tenon. Q. Handmade in Germany. All pre-owned instruments being sold in FCNY’s 2019 Liquidation Sale are being sold as is, with no warranty or guarantee... Weissman Piccolo Headjoint #FCNY3, Cocus wood. Don’t forget to try all three registers. If this is your first flute, you'll be looking to purchase a student model because it has specific features that are designed to facilitate learning. Made in a variety of precious metals and woods for virtually all makes of flutes and piccolos, Drelinger's patented headjoint designs offer the largest selections anywhere. - This is the normal wooden headjoint with a silver tenon inserted a short way into the bore: - This is the 'lined' version. A. Handmade in Germany. Pages with related products. The footjoint on an intermediate flute is a B footjoint. Adam Clifford looks at the best way to test a new flute, what exercises to try and what to look for when choosing. Tobias Mancke Handcut Piccolo Headjoint - Choice of wood with silver tenon. Whenever you repeatedly and rapidly exhale a great deal of air, you run the risk of hyperventilating. When you blow out too much carbon dioxide, the blood vessels that carry blood to your brain constrict, which leads to lightheadedness, tingling in your fingers, and possibly a loss of consciousness. There was a problem completing your request. The headjoint of the flute is probably the most ‘personal’ part of the instrument. To care for your wood headjoint, see the Maintenance Guild. Wood Choices (Images in this order):  GrenadillaMopaneBocote OlivewoodCocoboloPink... Powell Signature Handcut Piccolo Headjoint - Aged African Grenadilla wood handcut headjoint with sterling silver fittings. A no lipplate headjoint preserves the look of a baroque flute, an old Haynes or a Louis Lot wooden flute. Compared to many other instruments in the band and orchestra, the flute is easy to take care of. There are 2 basic embouchure cuts available: Modern - responding and projecting extremely well over the flute's full range. Available with all headjoints except boxwood. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — A headjoint can’t compensate for shortcomings in your playing – only hours of careful practice can do this. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Because of the wall thickness it gives a somewhat fuller, darker sound than the thinned headjoint. Alone - $550.00. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe your fingerprints off your instrument before putting it back in its case. Ebony: Hard but more porous than granadilla. There are 0 customer reviews and 2 customer ratings. Pre-owned. Handmade in Germany. Vilihy LADE Padded Flute Bag Backpack Soft Case Lightweight with Carry Handle Shoul... Flute Hard Wooden Case 17 Holes Flute Protective Carry Case Shockproof with Velvet ... Eastar EST- 005 Portable Flute Stand/Clarinet Stand, Tripod Holder Stand for Flute ... Yinfente 16 Hole flute Case 17 hole flute Bag For Metal Flute Protect Carry Flute l... Flute Crown Flute Head Flute Cap Headjoint Screw Cap for Flute Repair Parts, Generic Flute Head Joint Crown Cap Silver Plated for Armstrong Artley Gemeinhardt & more, Flute Crown,Flute Head Cork,Flute Headjoint Cork Plug - Flute Stopper Plug and Crown Repair Parts for Flutes Musical Instrument, Flute Headjoint, Flute Head Cork Cap Crown Flute Repair Part Accessaries, Flute Headjoint Cork Plug - Flute Stopper Plug and Crown Repair Parts for Flutes Musical Instrument, Glory Closed Hole C Flute With Case, Tuning Rod and Cloth,Joint Grease and Gloves Nickel Siver-More Colors available,Click to see more colors.