Our friendly staff, fully stocked bar and beautiful surroundings creates the ideal enjoyable experience every time. The launderette next door to the restaurant still exists, but André's now is a Chinese and Indian restaurant called Wings.

[8] Asked why would anyone want to bomb the hotel, Sinclair replied, “We’ve had a lot of staff problems".

In "The Germans", Basil alludes to Polly's polyglot inclination by saying that she does her work "while learning two Oriental languages". [39][40] Rik Mayall, Ben Elton and Lise Mayer, the writers behind The Young Ones, which also ran for only two series (each with six episodes), used this explanation as well. For the exterior filming, the Wooburn Grange Country Club in Buckinghamshire was used instead of a hotel. After an attempted fire drill goes wrong and Basil lands up in the hospital with concussion, he succeeds causing much offence to the German guests after finally escaping back to the hotel. Talking with her is a refuge for Sybil. Cleese describes using a real metal pan to knock Manuel unconscious in "The Wedding Party", although he would have preferred to use a rubber one. It was then originally broadcast on 19 September. Cleese describes using a real metal pan to knock Manuel unconscious in "The Wedding Party", although he would have preferred to use a rubber one. The popular sitcoms 3rd Rock from the Sun and Cheers (in both of which Cleese made guest appearances) have cited Fawlty Towers as an inspiration, especially regarding its depiction of a dysfunctional workplace "family". Polly finally agrees, but only on condition that Basil lends her money to purchase a car, which he has previously refused to do. Fawlty Towers – The Complete Series was released on DVD on 16 October 2001, available in regions 1, 2 and 4. [24], Manuel's exaggerated Spanish accent is part of the humour of the show. Unfortunately, thanks to the chef's alcoholism, Basil must try to get hold of a duck from his friend, André. Also, Polly and Manuel feed an elderly woman's pampered pet dog some extra spicy sausages after it bites them both. Each episode featured different actors, playing guests, hotel inspectors, friends of Sybil's and so on, normally used as plot catalysts. It was filmed at the T-junction of Lapstone Gardens and Mentmore Close (51°34′52″N 0°18′33″W / 51.581103°N 0.309072°W / 51.581103; -0.309072).

A Fawlty Towers game was released on PC in 2000 and featured a number of interactive games, desktop-customizing content and clips from the show. Wooburn Grange Country Club, the building used for the exterior shots of Fawlty Towers.

Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan have cited Fawlty Towers as a major influence on their sitcom Father Ted. The 1979 episode "The Psychiatrist" contains the only time he loses patience and snaps at her (Basil: "Shut up, I'm fed up." The Wooburn Green Working Men's Club was founded in 1879. I saw it six times.") [It's] the greatest show I've seen in years... what a masterpiece, a beautiful thing. The series also briefly was broadcast in Italy in the 1990s on the satellite channel Canal Jimmy, in the original English with Italian subtitles. The show was ranked first on a list of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes drawn up by the British Film Institute in 2000 and, in 2019, it was named the 'greatest ever British TV sitcom' by a panel of comedy experts compiled by the Radio Times.[2][3]. She is often verbally abusive (describing him as "an ageing, brilliantined stick insect") but although he towers over her, he often finds himself on the receiving end of her temper, verbally and physically (as in "The Builders"). [56] To show how badly it translated, Clive James picked up a clip containing Manuel's "¿Qué?" Guest House on Pakistan's PTV also resembled the series.

He used to poison them." He arrives in Spain, is immediately arrested, and spends the entire holiday in a Spanish jail. Talking with her is a refuge for Sybil. The former Wooburn Grange Country Club was used as the exterior of the Fawlty Towers hotel in the classic 1970s sitcom. [61], In 2016, Cleese reprised his role as Basil in a series of TV adverts for High Street optician chain Specsavers. Whereas, of course, it's in the hotel that the whole pressure cooker builds up. [14][15] In several episodes of the series (notably "The Kipper and the Corpse", "The Anniversary", and "Basil the Rat"), the entrance gate at the bottom of the drive states the real name of the location. [62] The same year, Cleese and Booth reunited to create and co-write the official theatrical adaptation of Fawlty Towers, which premiered in Melbourne at the Comedy Theatre. and to the guests ("May I suggest that you consider moving to a hotel closer to the sea? The original producer and director, John Howard Davies, said that he made Basil use a metal one and that he was responsible for most of the violence on the show, which he felt was essential to the type of comical farce they were creating. Manuel's character is used to demonstrate Basil's instinctive lack of sensitivity and tolerance. He is released just in time to go back on the plane with Sybil. Surprisingly there were just 12 episodes made, split into two series with a four-year gap between them. Basil Fawlty came top of the Britain's Funniest Comedy Character poll, held by Five on 14 May 2006. The character was seen taking over the management of the eponymous hotel from the BBC drama series Hotel Babylon, interacting with characters from that programme as well as other 1970s sitcom characters. Polly is not referred to as a student in the second series, although in both series she is shown to have a flair for languages, displaying ability in both Spanish and German.

[16][17] The remnants of the building were demolished and a housing estate was built on the site. In this edition, the main character checks into a small-town hotel, his very presence seemingly winding up the aggressive and incompetent manager (played by Timothy Bateson) with a domineering wife. In one episode he is playing music by Brahms when Sybil remarks, after pestering him asking to do different tasks: "You could have them both done by now if you hadn't spent the whole morning skulking in there listening to that racket."