Wow, ive been stuck on level 175 for awhile cant seem to beat it. If you can fill it up all the way, Glinda will come to the rescue should you run out of moves and you haven’t reached your objective yet.

And those Match 3 games with celebrity or iconic franchise tie-ins, as we’re seeing, just keep on coming in, with this new Android and iOS title (as expected) being the latest in the bunch.

Answer from: KAMThere are several ways to blow the fire pots.

Sometimes the 5 increases, but I don’t know why. There seems to be no way to beat it.

Wizard of Oz Magic Match.

I hav passed the level once level complete shows it just freezes on that screen. I’m ready to quit the game and I’m so close to the end, I’m stuck on this same level! Many game performance issues (i.e. Why does the witch get more turns than I do? Don't forget cause and effect, or when you return to your present time things may just be a little different! Butterlies are your friends on this one, when you can combine with a bubble or a beam you open up the board and let things cascade a little. My board is not the same as I watch on videos. Then jump back to level 683. Stuck on 1180. I’ve finished level 1795. Any tips to clear level 195 on ios? It’s been days. I have cleared all the flowers along with the yellow and red pieces along with the boxes. I have replayed nd replayed. Sometimes the game cheats. W, This is the follow up to the addictive game Benji Bananas. Answer: …

I beat 75 and no levels are showing up past that?

So that’s why, I’m on level 616, and It won’t download the next levels. HELP. Learn fun facts and trivia, and see never-before-seen stills from The Wizard of Oz! Remember that a globe with a butterfly clears a lot of space, often the best use of a globe is to clear out a color that you DON’T want on the board. Learn More About League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions In These... Borderlands 2 1.01 Update Brings New DLC Content and Quality of... MOBA Smite Latest Update Adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Content, XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. Wizard of Oz Magic Match Wizard of Oz Magic Match All platforms. Matching five pieces in an L or a T shape will create Magic Bubbles, which are the game’s equivalent of bombs.

To clear a whole row, you must get a butterfly and a beam side-by-side. Add me on Facebook and I’ll help you with it. They give you hardly any turns and a bouncing object. Android, iOS .

There are several levels that do this. Move them around to match all items in their radius. The road to the forest levels locked what a heck? Be patient and keep checking back each day. Sometimes the game cheats. I need to find wat does it mean when u get the courage medal for helping friends I got 12 I think can please tell wat does it mean when u get the courage medals. Let’s start out with Magic Beams, which are created when you match four of the same in a row or column. Shitty they gave us no clues. How to get rid of the fire pits on level 1180?.., The Wizard Of Oz Magic Match Answers for the Android

Good luck to all ! Yes, anyone can win a level for you. Wizard of Oz: Magic Match takes the match-3 puzzle game formula you all know and love and brings it somewhere over the rainbow!

Never getting even close. What does courage for helping others get you. You probably reached the end of the current campaign and we have to wait for more to be released. So if I get above 50 the witch wins and if she gets above 50, the witch wins. Everyone has a different suggestion. How do I get rid of the fire in level 1558? I need help.

Hi, new to these game,,What do u do wit the basket wit toto in it on level 43 ? Also not to be confused with another game by Bubble Quiz Games about flags!

Stuck on Level 867. Can’t get by 86. When that person plays it so many times, under the game it say life line they click it & it should post to there friends. Me too! please open more levels. Stuck on level 49. Troubleshooting steps for iOS. Board is very small. flowers might be hidden under vaults or ice or more might fall down from the top break all those pieces and it might release a flower from underneath, as in the “key” levels or more may drop down eventually. Please add me on GB Clara Barbara to help each other play!

I can only suggest you keep trying, the glitches always go away eventually. But it is not to be confused with the other game '4 Pics. Hit a butterfly with crystal ball and get lots and lot of butterflies. 90 took me forever. How do u use them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I have you tubed the level I see that they ask for only 13 flowers. You are given 2 images and need to combine them together into a real word. I’m on level 1140 and can’t get no further, says waiting for new levels!! It looks like you are using an ad blocker. They havent created and released them yet.

I am on level 1472 and I dont know how to get the balloons to move up. keep getting videos and then doesnt do anything have to exit game then i am on the same level have to keep playing same level all the time. A single butterfly gets sucked in the pot. And of course, you can also combine supers with each other to create some devastating effects. Your email address will not be published. I’m stuck on level 1477 , anyone know how to get the ballon where you need it to go ? Ugh! Plus I can’t find any help for it.

You should always prioritize your objective before anything! I’m stuck on level 150. Won’t let me add one !

I sent them a message but haven’t heard back – they may be closed for the holidays.

Platforms. Required fields are marked *. N this community helps u with levels. I also see now where I’m missing one or two reels from way back in the game (I’m on level 495) – is there a short cut to going back for those reels? Lakesha. I have had over 650 thousand points many different times and only get 1 star. It just says, coming soon. Good luck. So, this game has over 350 levels, half of them show you a ma, This is a fun flags and maps guessing game from Bubble Quiz Games.

Play new matching games and puzzles in Mr. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Butterflies will then land right away on a super item on the board, and they would then activate the super-item; think of how useful they could be if you’re in a bit of a jam and need to activate those items to complete the level! Thanks. Developer. I cannot figure why my game level asks for 16.

The screen is full of boxes and it just keeps giving out more boxes, I’m supposed to get 50 red and blue gems but it’s impossible because it’s just constant boxes.

I’m having the same problem and can’t figure it out. What does the black crystal balls do starting on level 616, it stops special abilities from affecting things on the other side if the black crystal ball…it is annoying as hell. Stuck on level 698. I need friends to help , and help me out too , friend request me and we can help each other .

OR Contact Us Contact. ❤️ this game. I’m about ready to delete. Activating bubbles is the easiest way I’ve found to accumulate the most points. How come the witch gets so many consecutive terms in the head-to-head games?

Cannot beat it. How do I beat it?

Im stuck on level 1367.

Well wonder no longer it is here! There are hundreds of levels to play in several packs, including TV Shows, Games, and Characters, This is a fun flags and maps guessing game from Bubble Quiz Games. The Wizard Of Oz Magic Match - Gameplay Video, Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home, (iOS), Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing And Drifting, (iOS). Youre on 616??

Like any other good match-3 puzzle game, the key to beating the levels is taking advantage of the super items. I’m at Level 978 and have done many levels a million times. select the basket with your finger then paint along a line of colors to collect them. Good luck!! Been stuck on 90 too! Problem with level 131. If she’s present in a level, you should make the most out of her being there. How do I get to 109? The game calls them Super Items, so we might as well do the same.

They should have more options to earn coins. Feel free to add me on FB for helps and lives. Ava, Normally escape games are limited by a particular theme or style, but not this time! Wizard of Oz: Magic Match takes the match-3 puzzle game formula you all know and love and brings it somewhere over the rainbow! Travel through the land of Oz with all of your favorite characters (including a kind of creepy looking scarecrow) and solve all the match 3 levels.

Take a Screenshot with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

I could not figure out whete the last two flowers were.

How many levels are there’?

Do they have any special power? Why it will not let me go pass level 75 Willy wonks keeps popping up, Why doesn’t it let me go pass level 75 on the wazird of oz it just keeps bumping me off the game.

Imagine if you could mix the wonderful world of Oz with your favorite match 3 game!

Some levels they blow up quick but other levels it takes the 9 butterflies. I am on level 1455 and just wondering exactly how many levels or boards are there? Send me a friend request I can help you beat it I’ve already been thru that level. I’m stuck on level 1455, how do I beat it? You will travel through time and experience different cultures, This is the follow up to the addictive game Benji Bananas. When matched, a butterfly will immediately land on a super item somewhere on the board. How do you use the special helps at the bottom of the screen. I am stuck on level 64, My mom is on level 1450, I can’t stop her from playing, I need help with level 180.

How do you best level 805!

A Match 3 Puzzle full of tile-matching and colorful blasts in Fairy Tale stories, Play magical match 3 games!

Look around and see if there is a better option that helps your strategy or gives you something you need, before you take the highlighted move.

Can’t clear 2 spaces on level 417 no matter what I do. I’ve played a few other levels like this and I won but I have no idea how. There are over a hundred levels and we have all the solutions as always so check them out if you are stuck!

Good luck!!

To take a screenshot with your Mac, Command + Shift + 3 and then release all keys to captuer the whole screen, or press Command + Shift + 4 and press down and drag the mouse over the area you'd like to capture.

Oh well…q, Add me on Fb lakesha maria Robinson I’ll help. I can collect all the poppies needed for level 14 and somehow clear all cornhusks but 1.

Remember the Scarecrows are the key, a vertical beam anywhere in the Scarecrow’s row gets it down and spills the colors you need. Thanks. Sorry I can’t help with level 77 – hopefully youve passed it by now! Match your way to meet the wonderful Wizard of Oz in this magical puzzle adventure! I am stuck on level 1102….they show that you have to clear 16 poppies but there are only 14 poppies in the game. Stuck on level 90 forever!!! | Gamers Unite! Stuck on level 1180. No online tips.

Use a bomb or ray through it, next to it or in it, BUT it needs to have 5+ butterflies already in it.