Manitoba window tint laws also permit a 5% variance when testing windows with a light transmission meter device. On Prince Edward Island you are not permitted to install any aftermarket window tint on the windshield nor on front side windows. Failure to inspect your vehicle makes you liable for a $438 to $865 fine. Pre Cut Tint Kit - 4 Door Crew Cab Legacy, Pre Cut Tint Kit - 2 Door Extended Cab Legacy, Pre Cut Tint Kit - 2 Door Regular Cab Legacy, Pre Cut Tint Kit - 2 Door Regular Cab Classic, Paint Protection Kit - Hood, Fenders and Mirrors.

The window tinting software allows a perfect fit on the vehicle and accelerates the finished look of the window tint. Light reflection on front passenger windows may not be over 35%. Driving direct ultra-direct rays from the sun expose an individual to sunburns so an individual has to ensure to keep the shades on and utilize window tint …

This Act may technically allow up to 70% VLT (block no more than 30% of light), but we do not recommend tinting front side windows or windshields. Failure to do so will make your vehicle unauthorized for driving and you will be liable for a $154 to $274 fine each time you fail to comply. In New Brunswick the law does not specifically require external rear view mirrors (“side wings”), whereas in most of Canada’s provinces these are required. Our Protex Master Installers receive all the necessary training to ensure your vehicles windows are  perfectly tinted. Decorative, frosted and etched glass films.

Furthermore Newfoundland and Labrador laws allow clear non-tinted frost shields or window stickers which do not impair the driver’s vision. Thanks!

rays. Protex uses XPEL’s Design Access Program to precut tint jobs before completing the window tinting installation. A perfectly applied window tint will give your car an awesome look! Among several of the benefits to having window film protection applied to your vehicle is the reduction of heat and glare from the sun. Take a look at how Protex can enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Our XR Automotive Films provide maximum protection by removing up to 88% heat, and 99% of U.V. Our information about Canada Window Tint Laws was last updated and verified in 2020. Stay tied up with the 1950’s racing heritage and get this look for your car with our ready to go, do-it-yourself, car graphic kit. Window Tinting Installation ServicesTop Quality Film - Life Time Warranty, Automotive Car Wrapping Custom Designs and Decals, Automotive Car WrappingBest Film - Best Price3M | Avery | VViViD | Orafol.

Newfoundland & Labrador law does not specifically require external rear view mirrors, however in most of Canada’s provinces these are required if rear window is glazed with tinting film. You can use any tint percentage on your rear window as well, however in that case in Quebec and most other provinces in Canada your vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors.

A Classic Touch on a Modern Vehicle. Residents who often travel between provinces or even car owners looking to sell their vehicles some day may consider installing car tint which is legal in majority of Canada’s provinces.

Canada regulations don’t take into account residency, and even in case your car window tint is legal in your province you can still get a citation in other Canadian provinces.

You can contact with us by email or phone no. In Quebec for example if a police officer pulls you over and issues a notice for inspection you will be required to visit a road vehicle inspection agent. Nunavut Motor Vehicle Equipment Regulations prohibit the use of any sunscreen material on windshield and passenger front side windows.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or factory-made cars can have 70% VLT (30% opacity/light block), and tinting may not extend more than 75mm from top of windshield.

Another huge perk is that you won’t have blade scratches on your vehicle’s glass surfaces, as our window tinting application is cut prior to installation.

Another huge perk is that you won’t have blade scratches on your vehicle’s glass surfaces, as our window tinting application is cut prior to installation.

Trust but verify! You may also be required to remove your tint incurring additional costs, and not complying can incur additional costs at around $600 range. We also provide Paint Protection, Pre Cut Window Tint Kits, Vehicle Wraps and Decal Sticker & Stripes. Below is the list of some of our featured products. Canada window tint laws are different in each province. Browse for a wide selection of window films.

New Ontario vehicle inspection regulations state that vehicles manufactured after January 1st, 2017 may not have any aftermarket window tint applied to the windshield.

Feel free to contact us with any additional info if you are able to provide, thank you! Newfoundland vehicle equipment laws prohibit installing window tint on the windshield and front side windows that does not conform with Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Penalties for illegal window tint vary for each province, but you can typically expect a $100 fine if caught by the police. Penalties for unlawful car tint involve a fine of $23 – $52, but you may also incur additional costs. Sol Control is the largest wholesale supplier of Window Films & Tinting Tools in North America. You can now cross the country, go to work, bring the kids to soccer practice or do your Sunday pleasure ride in comfort and style.

Back side windows and rear windshield can have any tint darkness in most of the country. Our window film protection will ensure you enjoy a comfy and safe journey. There are no window tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows and rear window. This section may be interpreted differently depending on each individual police officer, therefore we do not recommend tinting car windows in Yukon. We constantly verify data with our Canadian traffic law experts to provide the most accurate and up to date information you can trust.

SOL CONTROL is the only online wholesale supplier of Automotive, Commercial and Residential Window Films / Tint, Tinting Tools, HID Kits and Replacement HID Bulbs in Canada. There are no tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows. We also did not include Yukon regulations as it is very vague and any percentage could potentially be unlawful. Front side windows may be tinted but must pass through 70% or more light.

Nunavut law does not restrict tinting back side windows nor the rear window, therefore our interpretation is that any car tint darkness is permitted. Furthermore tint darkness when measured includes both factory and aftermarket tint, so ensure you don’t go overboard with darkness if your vehicle’s windows are manufactured with tinted glass.

Windshield: Don’t apply any tint whatsoever.

Protex takes tinting to the next level by adding performance and protection to the mix.

There are more rules and regulations for each province in CA, therefore we highly recommend reading more details below or clicking on each province name for additional information.

Our tint protection is so great you might even want to stop wearing sunglasses when you drive!

A quality tint can reduce to 99% of destructive bright ultra-rays from the sun and keep the skin secured while driving. Penalties can be harsh and police officers in Canada are not forgiving about illegal window tint. Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. Rear window may not block more than 30% of light.

The perfect tint job must be flawless in it’s presentation, and this is where our expertise comes in!

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In case the inspection agent determines your car windows are tinted beyond legal limits you will be required to remove illegal tint within 48 hours. This does not mean aftermarket window tint is legal; it only means this level of tint is permitted if the vehicle was manufactured as such. LLumar Window Film Experience your world in a whole new way With over 60 years of experience, Eastman Performance Films, LLC is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window films and tint that are used in automotive, residential and commercial applications.