1980 – Austin, Nichols & Co. is purchased by Pernod Ricard from Liggett Myers Tobacco Co. 1980* – Wild Turkey “Beyond Duplication” 101 12-year bourbon is released, 1981 – Eddie Russell begins work at Wild Turkey as a relief operator (Eddie states his actual title as “General Helper”), 1984 – The first steel fermentation tank is installed at Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., thus beginning the phaseout of cypress tanks (by the mid-1990s, only steel fermentation tanks would be used by Wild Turkey), 1985* – Wild Turkey 101 12-year bourbon changes to the “Cheesy Gold Foil” label for the domestic market, 1985 – Boulevard Distillers & Importers, Inc. files with the Kentucky Secretary of State as an FCO (foreign corporation); Austin, Nichols’ parent company, Pernod Ricard, begins using “Boulevard Distillers” as a trade name for Wild Turkey, 1988* – Wild Turkey 101 12-year Cuvee Lafayette is released exclusively in France, 1989 – The last series of Wild Turkey decanters are produced, 1991 – Wild Turkey Rare Breed is introduced, the first batch being “W-T-01-91”, 1991* – Wild Turkey Kentucky Legend (non-age-stated, 101 proof bourbon) is released as a Duty-Free exclusive, 1992 – Wild Turkey 101 8-year bourbon loses its age statement domestically and is reintroduced as Wild Turkey “Old No. The story behind the whisky is straight-forward—An employee accidentally blended Wild Turkey Rye into a batch of Wild Turkey Bourbon. NEUHEITEN. On the nose: Sweet and delicate. Eddie told us he's prioritizing both his bourbon and rye on current releases to keep-up with increasing demand. There was a trace of mint and lemon, as well. Wild Turkey brand also has 81 proof version but for my experienced palate this 101 proof rye of course sounds better.

Photo of Eddie Russell by Glenford Jameson. Wild Turkey 81 is readily found, but I’d lean towards the Russell’s 6 Year Rye for additional proof that will hold up to ice or an Old Fashioned. Wild Turkey Rye 101 Proof: Preis CHF 54.00: Alkoholgehalt 50.5 %: Inhalt 100 cl: Fl./Harasse 6: TOP BERATUNG & SERVICE. The story behind the whisky is straight-forward—An employee accidentally blended Wild Turkey Rye into a batch of Wild Turkey Bourbon. Zum Alter wird keine Angabe gemacht. Master Distiller, Eddie Russell, bottled the resulting batch as Wild Turkey Forgiven. The name comes from the 101 proof which means 50,5% alcohol by volume level. 1950 – Ripy Brothers Distillery is renamed Anderson County Distilling Co. 1950* – Wild Turkey 101 Rye sourced from Baltimore Pure Rye in Maryland (mash bill is reportedly 65% rye, 23% corn, 12% barley). I only had a quick taste of the rye, but from what I had, it’s excellent. CHF 1.80 Inkl. Today, Wild Turkey produces 3 ryes – Wild Turkey 81 Rye, Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Rye, and Wild Turkey 101 Rye. What follows is a comprehensive Wild Turkey timeline ranging from the early 1800s to present day. I especially want to thank Redditor u/Kumori for his Wild Turkey Timeline and for providing detailed sources.

Ripy buys out his partners and becomes the sole owner of Clover Bottom Distillery; production increases to 1,500 bushels per day, 1888 – James P. Ripy (brother of T.B.

Aged in charred new oak barrels, 101 Rye has barely legal mash bill of 51% rye consistency.

If you can believe it, prior to Prohibition, rye whiskey outsold bourbon throughout the United States. Lemon meringue pie, freshly cut spring flowers, whipped cream, and a very subtle hint of orange rind. 1954 – Jimmy Russell begins employment at Anderson County Distilling Co. 1955 – Anderson County Distilling Co. is renamed J. T. S. Brown & Sons, 1958-1959 – Wild Turkey labels are changed from Brooklyn, NY to New York, NY, 1960* – Wild Turkey 101 Rye sourced from Michter’s/Pennco in Pennsylvania (confirmed mash bill is 65% rye, 23% corn, 12% barley)  – supplementary rye sourced from Maryland and Illinois through at least 1979, 1967 – Jimmy Russell is promoted to Master Distiller at J. T. S. Brown & Sons. While we’ll lose Forgiven, Wild Turkey is releasing Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye. in die Flasche. If you come across this rare bird, grab one to enjoy and impress your friends with stories of liquid currency used by farmers in ages past. Focuswater Mirabelle / Rhubarb . It’s a popular drink, and the original batch tastes sort-of-like-you’d expect, with a bourbon start and a late rye finish from an unintended blending.