If you breed them, you will probably end up having less than 10 These great environmental fluctuations have played a crucial part in making the betta a fish that is highly adaptable to a wide range of aquatic environments. Their natural territory is about three-feet square. They need leaf litter and shaded areas like the other bettas, but their temperature is different. Blackworms and daphnia are You can find wild betta fish in dried up warm environment as they

They have great antibacterial and antifungal properties will help reduce the stress of your new fish, and lower the pH. Even though Splendens has gotten a bad rap for being aggressive, the wild ones are much less aggressive than their domesticated counterparts. Specific care for each species will be discussed below, but here we will cover general tank set up. Wild bettas outside of the betta splendens species are considered threatened.

WATER Temperature 73–77°F (23–25°C); soft WATER Temperature 75–82°F (24–28°C); soft

The breeder may instead take out all the other fish and leave the male without competition and predators. Betta fish prey upon fish and shrimp in the wild, so mixing them is not a good idea. Some snails will be able to survive, but they will constantly be under attack and will have their antennae bitten off. SIZE 2 in (5 cm). Wild betta fish have become more popular in recent times than . The dorsal has a black spot surrounded by yellow and edged blue while the tail fin has black and yellow stripes. occurs in flowing waters. dry land as they are very vulnerable when they are on dry land.

Unlike the others, Smaragdina have been selectively bred long enough to have a few color variants. They have more of a maroon or burgundy colored body with black and white seams on their fins. up and they stick around for awhile before moving on to the water body. They For those that are not usually familiar with the betta fish, you may Wild bettas are a unique alternative and are less aggressive.

In wild bettas (and domestic bettas with wild-type finnage), each primary ray usually branches just once into two secondary rays. SIZE 21⁄4 in (7 cm).

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harm them in any way when you capture the or during transporting them. This species greatly appreciates heavy vegetation, as they are rather shy and hide often. Male betta fish fight each other because they are incredibly territorial. The But you will have to put them in the water as you may have to transport them for a long distance.     They, like many other wild bettas, do require Perfectly designe to live and reproduce in their natural habitat, they are pint-sized, pugnacious perfection. insects, and even smaller fish. In the early days of the sport, people would have collected wild bettas for fighting competitions, so there would have been little control over the fighting ability of the fish. As they move up and down, they will get caught in the net, and since the … tanks and this will help to keep the species non-extinct. water, they will suffer osmotic shock and die.

They are a mouth brooding species, so this is part of the reason, even though other mouth brooders have larger spawns. The rainy season typically lasts from May through to October; air temperatures range from 15°C in December to 40°C in April. Excess stress will lead to him swallowing the eggs. mosquitoes, worms and other smaller species of animal. Betta Albimarginata loves leaf litter and plants, just like the other bettas. You’ve probably seen betta fish at your local pet stores or even grocery store. WATER Temperature 75–82°F (24–28°C); soft When it

koi fish yin yang symbolizes good luck, abundance, and perseverance. Breeder, conservationist and #1 wild-type breeder working and providing some of the best lines to offer. Now, when you insert your net in the water, you raise it up and air to breath whenever the oxygen in the water reduces.

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In the past 4 years I have worked tirelessly to push wild Bettas into the spotlight as i highly believe the more people that know about their existence the more chance they won’t be forgotten and left to slowly go extinct, Wild bettas have been in the hobby for decades but only from 2016-2020 have they really exploaded into the hobby and I am truly proud that I was a big part in their popularity amonsgt hobbyist around the world from my facebook posts and youtube video which gained traction and in result bringing awareness to thousands of people about their natural habitat and what we can do to help their survival. It is important to feed the betta fish regularly and keep them from eating their fins.

areas that are brackish and tidal, but still have many plants to hide in and among. However, brackish tanks come with their own problems that freshwater tanks do not. White worms live Unfortunately,

Betta habitats are generally oxygen-poor as a result of the increased rate of evaporation of gases brought about by a combination of shallow water and high air temperature. The primary color difference is the males have a white band around the edges of their fins and the females are a dull blue/gray in color. Most wild-type bettas for sale in the West probably come from fighting fish stocks which, although similar in appearance to wild fish, are actually the result of many years of selective breeding for traits that make better fighters. For a smaller animal, they can take care of themselves very well. Their hardiness allows them to adapt to most tap water sources. When the water drops below the mark you made, you need to top it off. They will become totally stressed out and may even die due to it or not accept food because they feel threatened. As a result, the pH will be lower, as low dissolved mineral content correlates with low pH. There are many great stem plants available for beginners, so this should not be Most parents usually give out betta fish as the first pet to their

15 pic in A Grade ) Betta Smaragdina also requires leaf litter to be a part of their substrate.

Wild-type bettas (by which I mean wild bettas and domesticated forms with wild-type appearance) tend to have a rather fixed coloration and are pretty hard to mistake. They are used to stage fight because of their fighting abilities , they don’ have the domestic popularity to assure their survival.

The only exception is similar betta species, if the tank is 20 gallons or above. stands out and looks attractive. That is why you will need to understand more about the environment. You will have to transfer the betta fish you find from the net to a water container you carry along with you.


Wild betta live, on average, two years. tolerate warmer water than most of the other bettas, from 77 to 86 degrees. When I first began to research and keep bettas (20 years ago! In fact, if you are trying to breed them, you will want to use just leaves.

The following types of frozen food are suitable for if you have wild betta is captive.

many people keep these other species of betta in aquariums as well Mangalam Dam, Palakkad-678682, Kerala, India. this Krabi Mouth-Brooder (Betta simplex).

together, they will fight, with potentially fatal consequences.

I had always wondered how a body of water could sustain a population of Betta splendens when this species is so famous for the inability of males to tolerate one other without confrontations escalating into fights.

If you breed them, you will probably end up having less than 10 fry. Dense vegetation allows the bettas to hide easily and establish territories around certain plants. ★★★★★3.6 out of 5 VotesRated by 22 Buyers bettas are still beautiful in their own way. You should be careful when you picked the wild betta fish from the net and transported them to the water jar.