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And some even earlier! instead of rushing and constantly worrying if you could arrive Sleep deprivation can have negative effects on your body and make, get up in the morning? Sleep is an important part to each and every person. Our school should start at least an hour later than that. This will benefit my essay by forward explaining why school should start later in the morning and why doing this will be better for the students’. Teens need more sleep. Say school starts at 10:15 and ends at 5:15. First, millions of middle and high schoolers are fighting with their alarm clocks as they go through another educational school year. I aim to using this this source to support my claim as to why students need more sleep and how it would affect them throughout the school day. Another positive effect of starting schools later is that students will be more attentive, Why school should start later?

Then students school day technically starts at 6:30 in the morning. Most students struggle to get up early, and parents scuffle just to get them out of bed and off to school. I do agree that school does start pretty early. 58% of teenagers car accident fatalities were drivers. Whether you feel school should start later in the morning, or should not, you need to figure out why, and the reasons and benefits (or negatives) in your own mind, first of all. This evidence proves that a later start time can benefit students. For teenagers to get more sleep, school start times should be delayed to 8:30am because it improves educational performance, it decreases health risks common in adolescents, and it copes with teenagers ' natural sleep schedule. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. This Virginia mom strongly advocates for starting school later because of the change’s on her family and most importantly her high school son.

The first reason why a later school time at Westmount is a bad idea is due to the stress it will cause the students. But there will be a solution. The school could use this method to decrease the student’s bad grades from part of the students, and this bring us to the One reason students, Why school should start later? To have to wake up so early when they only get about seven hours of sleep, to have students be coming into school at 7:30AM or maybe even earlier in some other schools, is not right. It probably because they start school way too early and don’t get enough sleep at night to be ready for the next day.

It helps She hopped into her old beat up car and drove until she was down the street from her high school when she got into a horrible car crash. School usually starts at 8 or maybe even 8:30 A.M.

Outdated legislation should not be the cause of our country 's future to be at risk, schools should start later in order, “Wake up”, says a parent “I’m still sleepy though”, says child “Wake up now, school is starting soon”, said parent “Why does school have to start so early?”, says the student. have.

Don't waste time. Do you know one of these teenagers? To boost the academic averages, students must be more alert and well rested. Adopting a later school start time makes many beneficial changes to our students and our community.

Nevertheless, by being able to sleep more before school starts, students will be able to become well rested, more attentive in classroom settings, and perform better as learners. "With teenagers' busy schedules today, the first activity to give way is usually sleep" (Kaufman). High school start a time that us unwise for teens being awake. Then students school day technically starts at 6:30 in the morning. I feel that schools should start an hour later, resulting in better attendances, grades and attitudes. This is a struggle that many kids have to face every day.

You end up laying down and start thinking about how tomorrow is going to go after all your work that you did from that same day.

• reduces hyperactivity and bad moods In school many kids are tired and some even fall asleep. It's also a proven fact that only fifteen percent of teenagers get the sleep that they need.