Hair loss, often in patches and in a characteristic manner. Buying your guinea pigs chew toys is absolutely essential. Pet Educate strives to be the definitive online resource to help you learn everything you need to know about your pet, and any information that can help your pet to thrive. Plastic is not as resistant as wood so will wear down faster. Feeding your pet guinea pig a nutritious and well-balanced diet can prevent hair loss due to dietary deficiencies. It lacks a proper feeding schedule, so your guinea pig feels like it has to beg for food each time. What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Chew on Their Cage. Their cage is too small and chewing the wires is there way of trying to make an escape. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, Michigan State University: Feeding and Caring for Your Guinea Pig, Complete List of Safe Vegetables Good for Guinea Pigs. Hair Loss Due to Barbering in Guinea Pigs. As they possess an ever-growing pair of teeth that need constant wear down, they do need to chew things to keep it in shape. There are many reasons for hair loss to occur in guinea pigs. Plastic is also not good for your pet to swallow, because it’s toxic and harmful to your pet. It may also be exhibited by females that are under stress. Cardboard is not a dangerous material for them to graze on, but, it is highly processed and it’s not as good as natural wood. There are a few other options out there, in fun colors or using different materials. If guinea pigs are not given enough things to chew on, they will begin chewing on items like their cage bars. Guinea pig chew toys don’t have to be the traditional wooden variety. If you want to keep them contained to an area, or if your house contains a lot of dangerous items like cables and wires, you can always. Hair loss is treated in different ways, depending on the cause. Guinea pigs are born with a natural instinct to chew. If your pet guinea pig is suffering from barbering, you will need to separate the fighting animals. If you are a guinea pig owner like us, we strongly urge you to take some time to learn these guinea pig sounds and understand their meaning. [Causes & Meaning of this Behavior]. It’s teeth are not trimmed well enough and the wires are effective at trimming it’s teeth. You can also benefit from homemade toys too, they love natural materials, like wood, cardboard, apple tree branches and twigs. You must get toys that have a strong abrasive surface this helps to wear down their long, sharp front teeth. Hair loss due to barbering is typically identifiable by the appearance of bite marks and skin inflammation along with the hair loss. I decided to conduct some research into the topic having been perplexed for many years myself. However, because there are many possible causes for this condition, a differential diagnosis may be the best method for diagnosis. Shape The World. If your guinea pig is chewing on her cage bars, there is no need to be alarmed. Make sure that you replace any worn toys with new ones. Salt blocks can cause your guinea pigs to have too much sodium in their diet and should be avoided. Be Her Village. Barbering among guinea pigs involves chewing or plucking of a guinea pig’s hair by a friend or cage mate. At the end of the day, if you own a guinea pig it is your responsibility as their guardian to provide them with the best habitat and environment. If you own a guinea pig you may notice some strange habits, such as chewing on the wires of their cage, and you’ll wonder, why do this? Btw it doesnt seem like he actually chewed the stuff inside just the plastic around and nor it looks like he actually ate it, just chewed. Many guinea pigs do this, and its an issue that can be rectified quite easily. Their teeth grow continually throughout their life and chewing keeps them at a healthy length. You can also provide submissive guinea pigs with hiding holes, typically in the form of plastic tubes, to keep them safe from dominating guinea pigs. So, why do guinea pigs chew on their cage? Wooden shelters and tunnels are a particular favorite of many guinea pigs, as they have lots of edges and corners to chew on. Be generous with the amount of attention you give them, they love their owners to pick them up and. I would like to share that information with you here today. In addition, keep your guinea pig's cage in a quiet area to reduce stress. This is my personal favorite bundle which offers plenty of variety that you can get for a great price over at Amazon. Feed them at the same time every day, being consistent with the feeding schedule should stop them from begging and preempt their impulsion to chew the cage. It is not necessary to treat this, but your veterinarian will want to make sure that the young are receiving sufficient amounts of protein in their diets. I gave a couple of these a go recently, with rather mixed results. The outward symptoms that are characteristic of this behavior are very short, chewed off hairs over an area that appears as a bald patch. Their teeth grow continually throughout their life and chewing keeps them at a healthy length. The skin that has suffered the barbering may be inflamed, bruised, or may carry other signs of injury.

Its usually an indication that something is up and is not quite right. Let us now examine these reasons in more detail along with some practical takeaways and things you can do to limit this behaviour. Chewing on their cage bars could mean they do not have enough things to chew on, but most likely they simply enjoy the feeling of the metal bars. Can Parakeets See In The Dark? Based in Lexington, Ky., Christina Root has worked as a blogger, writer and freelance consultant since 2009. Guinea pigs chew on their cage for multiple reasons, the main ones being boredom, lonliness and a way of trimming their teeth. Empower Her. Plastic, is also not effective at filing down teeth, so there is no reason to purchase a plastic toy for your pet. Not getting sufficient time out of its’s cage to explore.

If you are not sure, or cannot find any, either purchase it having researched for good options or avoid. Some guinea pig owners mistakenly buy their guinea pigs salt blocks thinking they will be a fun treat for them.

This process is guided by deeper inspection of the apparent outward symptoms, ruling out each of the more common causes until the correct disorder is settled upon and can be treated appropriately. Let’s look at the less popular one first. Their teeth grow throughout their lifetime, and chewing offers relief to their sore gums, but it’s good for their teeth – it makes them strong. Can Guinea Pigs Get Too Much Vitamins From Carrots?

As a mother, animal lover, natural alternative medicine enthusiast and a student of all things, she loves learning and sharing with others. The digestive systems of guinea pigs are designed for grazing, so pulpy fibers, like cardboard, are okay for your guinea pig to chew on. Many guinea pigs do this, and its an issue that can be rectified quite easily. Guinea pigs are born with a natural instinct to chew. Your pet is feeling lonely or bored and wants attention from you. That there aren’t enough toys to chew on on or perhaps they are bored of the toys that they already have. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hair loss due to genetic reasons cannot be controlled. Besides self-barbering or barbering by other guinea pigs in the group, hair loss can also be caused by genetic problems, problems in metabolism, or due to dietary deficiencies. Barbering often occurs in relation to conflicts between adult males or between adults and juveniles. If you refer to the 7 reasons why guinea pigs chew on their cage, it is clear that many of the problems are related to boredom, hunger, and lack of a structured feeding routine. All the books say it's boredom or lack of food, but she does it also when she has just had a lot of exercise and play, and when she has plenty of hay in her cage (she loves hay).

It can also become sharp and cut the inside of their mouths. Again, you will need to be careful and wary of any treatment that had been applied to the cardboard. [This Is Quite Fascinating], Why Do Parakeets Puff Up? Make sure that you provide lots of chew toys inside their cage and around your home, make sure that you replace any worn out, and old toys, with new ones. Guinea pigs have an instinct of chewing things up.

Let’s look at 7 reasons why your guinea pig chews on its cage: All of the reasons listed above, should be easy to fix by making some simple adjustments in it’s daily activities and routine. If you feed it treats through the wires of the cage, your pet will get chew on the cage to signify that it wants more treats. If guinea pigs are not given enough things to chew on, they will begin chewing on items like their cage bars. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Avoid toys with plastic parts for the same reason. It will make their lives much happier and more fulfilling and it will also help you bond with them and reward you in many ways too. Hair loss due to barbering can be reduced by appropriate management strategies between the guinea pigs that are sharing the same living environment so that conflict and hierarchal behavior is reduced. Young guinea pigs that are weaning from their mothers will have a normal hair thinning as their coat changes from light infant fur to coarser adult fur. These can cause issues in Guinea Pigs and health problems so be sure to opt for natural wood. If their teeth grow too long, it prevents them from eating properly, and it’s just very uncomfortable for them. Should i just keep an eye on him? Guinea Pig Chew Toys. If your little pig chews on its cage, there really is no reason to be concerned. A mineral block is a much better choice; it provides nutrition as well as chewing stimulation without the harmful side effects. The hair loss may even be a natural progression of aging. There is a wide range of chew toys available in the market; many of the toys are made from hard materials with good resistance to constant chewing. around your house, wherever your pet likes to wander. There are many reasons for hair loss to occur in guinea pigs. When it is due to a deficient diet, your veterinarian might prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements and also formulate a special diet to better suit your pet guinea pig. Also, to avoid possible infections of the skin, make sure that you regularly dress any open wounds to prevent secondary bacterial infections from arising. Its also a nihhtmare to clean up! They love tunnels – so they will enjoy running inside an empty paper towel roll or empty oatmeal container just the same as a tunnel purchased at a pet store. Because guinea pigs need a good amount of vitamin C, giving your guinea pigs foods like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and pears will help keep your pets healthy and entertained. The cage is large enough and she gets plenty of attention. Thankfully there are a lot of things you can do and its fully within your control to rectify. Let’s look at some proactive ways to stop your guinea pig from chewing on his cage: Yes guinea pigs can chew on wood, many toys designed for guinea pigs are made from durable natural wood, the rough surfaces help to keep teeth short, healthy, clean and strong.

If your guinea pig is biting you, try to stop this behavior by washing your hands before handling it in case your pet is picking up scents it associates with fear. I lost it in the ground after and it broke off, he didnt actually chew through. You need to ensure that all of this is removed and that they cannot swallow materials like this. One of the common causes for hair loss is due to barbering, a behavior by which guinea pigs will chew or tear their own or each other's hair off as a result of conflicts between adult males or between adults and young.