All i know is that they are called hydrophane opals which means i believe that they are quite porous. I have inherited opal jewellery from my mother-in-law and would like any advise on how to clean them. Hello, My mother fell and the prongs gouged out two areas of her opal . Yes unfortunately this type of opal is called hydrophane and looses color in water. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox.

very best wishes, Peter, Just testing this forum to make sure its working ok. thanks everyone for your comments. So, my husband got me a ring with an Ethiopian fire opal. Jeannie, well it wont hurt the opal, but it won’t help it either.

It must be a ring because pendants and other jewelry usually don’t have that problem. What is synthetic opal? walls absorb the water and turn clear in a fine line where the cracks Everything I’ve read says I can’t use glycerine oil and that week be just fine. He told me if he had the ring he would put a price of $35.000 he said it was a beautiful opal. I really like it but now am scared to even go near it. A woman shared with me to let it sit in warm olive oil and water to bring the color back and to no avail, it did no t work. *You're signing up to receive QVC promotional email. let me know.

It was a black colour when I bought it, with vivid greens and blues inside. The potch is also softer and more a wet clay appearance than Is there anything I can do with them? The same thing happened to me. Many apologies for not getting back to you earlier. Opal cutting a s hobby is on the increase and can be financially rewarding also. I've never owned an opal ring before so it was my dumb fault.

have several with plant matter such as roots and straw and others that -Mohs' Scale of Hardness 27. Envíe dos imágenes claras de su piedra a través del formulario de contacto en este sitio y trataré de ayudarlo con el problema. In fact nothing much effects opals unless they are triplets and constant dredging in washup water can dislodge the crystal protective cap after years of mishandling. hope that helps you Robert, Peter. Pamela, please ask your supplier to tell you what a lab opal is.

Thanks! Last year, I inherited several Opal rings after my mother passed. Lifting – If your opal becomes ‘cloudy’ after a while, you are probably looking at a triplet or doublet. Shauna, sorry for the late reply. had an influence on the Hydrophane opal? or you can mail order from a larger supplier online. if the color does not return to original, you should take the ring back to the supplier and complain. It’s not a bad idea to put them in a sealed plastic bag with a little water in case of drying out. and the last one is a brown opal. re: opal ring. Do you have any idea how or why this happend? Or email them and cross your fingers. Giving a little forethought to your purchase and by applying the suggestions in this opal care section we are confident that you will get many years of service from your jewelry.

the later ones you sent allowed me to comment. is important to have a rest or drying time before they are brought to keep in touch.

But better get my advice before accepting another stone. Thank you so much for the answer and your time. I think ive mentioned 700 or 800 grit sandpaper here. please contact me again if necessary.

Suggestions on how to control this would be highly appreciated! It Sounds as though you think that having it recoated is probably not worth it, is that right? The thing that puzzles me is I can see tiny bubbles on the top, what types of caps are used on opal doublets, and how do they affect the price? It is altogether in good condition, no crack, no chips but it has lots of small scratches concentrated mainly on the top of the dome. I had no idea the chlorine would affect it!

i should be able to tell what you have and give you some further advice. This could be the reason why some areas have higher cracking peter, hi Peter. just contact me peter AT opalmine dot com for assistance with this. I hope I haven’t ruined my opals, as they have been stored ib a container of other rocks soaked with Baby Oil! Then you will need to leave it somewhere in the sun to dry it out but dont allow it to get too hot. However, oily hand and face creams will not hurt the stone, except that it may build up around a ring and make it look unsightly. I was given a nice opal with emerald ring in silver for my anniversary. I was told by a patient of mine that if your opal gets dull and doesn’t “spit fire” any longer, you should put it in the freezer and this would cause it to spit fire again. -Trade Abbreviations and Acronyms you probably know the difference but in case you dont, opal triplets will be dark and if you are able to see the back of the opal, it will be either black or a grey color.

- The Gemology Online Book Shop Our goal at opalmine is to help first and sales are second. sorry for delay in answering. Hi Jessica, not wanting to denegrate the ethipean stone but i have tried many times to cut them and they have all eventually cracked. Then the fracture Unless it’s wet, it seems a little dull, I guess coz mainly boulder rock. you need to know these things before buying. @evening shade  I'm so sorry this happeneded to you. My grandpa was a colonel in the army and they lived all over the world so I’m not certain where it came from but my parents said they loved Australia and vacationed there often so I’m thinking that’s a possibility. How do I clean the oil off of them? I JUST READ JTV GEM TREATMENT GUIDE ABOVE AND IT SAYS AVOID HEAT, SO DON'T DO WHAT I DID, I was just lucky. this is not your fault. Thanks, Heather is the stone in a setting? Opals can shatter, and incidentally, so can diamonds, but generally speaking, no problems with hot, cold, oil, water, acid, or anything else you can throw at them. Look at the side of the opal – if it has distinct visible ‘layers’, it may be a doublet or triplet (i.e. No, actually the color in opal doesn't come from the "water substance on it". I'll try to upload a photo, but that might take a while! . remove them, but I haven’t found a correlation between cracks and yolks Is there anything I can do to bring back the fire. Hi Peter, please can you advise: I bought a loose opal stone, small size, i’m 99% sure it was solid, I checked it from every angle.

Opals are not treated so I'm guessing your black opal has been smoked, and probably the brown opal too, which makes the POC appear more intense. In this case, look at the side of the stone again and see if the ‘join’ between the opal and the backing is perfectly flat (i.e. gcse.async = true; Which I would greatly appreciate your expertise. I will try to polish the stone on my own and hope it will improve its appearance a bit. Can the opal be trimmed down and reshaped or is it a lost cause? Some opal fields have reputation like Mehive that lot of (The opal is 1cm x 8mm), Sarah, regarding your opal ring. I have inherited opal jewllery from my mother-in-law and would like any advise on how to clean them.

i think if you put it in the sun for a while and let it dry out the color should come back.

I had a lavender. Take it off if you are doing any sort of work that could bring the stone in contact with hard surfaces.

rough produce more stable opals.

The shop is very famous and hence I don’t think they would have cheated with fake stone.. fractures in the rough they will absorb water into the cracks and after I have had a similar experience to many who have written on your page, except for one exception, about which I can find no information. I have the same problem. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. TRACEI, many apologies for not getting back to you about your ring till now. Is my opal real? Give it some more time. the one on the left is probably the same. Even in 16th century German, they would pressure- test quartz in regard to your opal. The jeweler thought it may be around the time of 1950s. Thanks in advance. It looks like faint crazing, but the seller says they are structural lines that define the cell pattern. However the discovery ofEthiopian opals and Hydrophane opals has only been around for about 20 years. Will you accept my purchase invoice or receipt as proof of value or do I need to get an official appraisal? Does the top of the opal look ‘glassy’?

no way of telling. even altitude sickness. Excellent article! I started removing the matrix on the smaller piece and all it did was crumble as I was grinding on it. colorplay and sometimes are attractive, by the way some aren’t yellow at I know she had the setting custom made for the opal. but in recent times they have found mines that dont seem to crack as much but they lose their color in water and have to be dried out to get it back. I will wear it, regardless. thanks Megan, Peter. My husband got me an opal “egg” ring for mothers day. With Welo I find from experience that the rough must be cut to at least this just helps us in the google search and enables ongoing service to the international community. it would be good to be able to post a picture on this forum but we dont have that facility yet,. its soluble in water if you ever need to wash the opals.

Corine, your opal looks like an opaque white solid opal from the Coober Pedy fields. Not knowing about caring for Ethiopian opals, I put it in gem cleaning solution and now very sparkly but lost the milky look. I recently purchased a solid opal ring with an antique white gold setting. What should I do to avoid damaging an opal? Hope that helps. This phenomena looks Generally, it’s safe to store them away, as long as the area is not overheated. Also, is it okay to wash my hands with this ring on? When I do wear them, I put them on right before I head out and remove them as soon as I get home. My friend also included two pieces of Ethiopian Chocolate Opal. So it seems that the atmospheric pressure or humidity change Master Gem Cutter; Lapidary Supplier Now it looks sort of yellow. Peter, sorry Pamela, just noticed this other blog. How can I tell if an opal is synthetic?