He wears the standard high school division uniform, but with a long-sleeved cream-colored blouse with folded back sleeves instead of the usual short-sleeved blue blouse worn by most of the other male students. He is the younger brother of Minamoto Teru and has a little sister named Minamoto Tiara. However, in the case of supernaturals, he holds an intense dislike towards them and sets out to eliminate them. He is also the older brother of Minamoto Kou and Minamoto Tiara, both of which have spiritual power that has yet to reach his level of skill in the Minamoto clan.

When Kou was little, his goal was to be an exorcist as great, or even greater than his brother. As Hanako is one of (and even the boss of) the 7 mysteries, Teru intends to exorcise him. Though Teru was previously lenient towards Akane as he is still human, Teru binds him (using the bracelet) in a fixed kneeling position for his part in the Clock Keeper incident, and zaps him with spirit lightning for being disrespectful. Teru himself, however, does not seem to be conceited over this reputation. He has referred to Tsukasa as "someone he will never forgive". However, once he finds out Mitsuba's reason behind his haunting, they quickly came to an understanding. It allows Teru to attack with the katana, and Kou notes that this is Teru's usual method of exorcising supernaturals.

On his days off, he casually wears an unbuttoned shirt with a T-shirt underneath. Profile Male

During the candy zombie infestation, Teru is with Akane when they find Kou and Nene (suggesting that they had been working together, though Akane had been searching for Aoi instead), but Teru does not seem concerned when Kou knocks Akane unconscious twice. Kou also wants Nene to be happy and safe.

In an extra illustration from Volume 2, Teru's age is stated to be 17. not necessarily a good idea, but still an idea nonetheless.

Hearing about how Mitsuba was bullied in the past and how he tried to fake a personality to fit in better yet ended up being forgotten either way, Kou assured him that he'd remember "Mitsuba Sousuke" as someone who's "cocky, looks like a girl, sarcastic, selfish, has an annoying voice, obsessed with his camera, goes emo sometimes, and is only fake nice", and that he only needed to be himself to make friends. and, like the smart man he is, comes up with an idea. As the Minamoto parents are never shown, Teru and Kou along with their younger sister Tiara appear to be the only ones in the Minamoto household, and Teru relies on Kou to do all the household chores.

Alias(es) In a flashback during the Clock Keepers Arc, Teru describes Akane as someone who is obedient and serious, but easily turns reckless when it comes to his childhood friend (Aoi), warning Kou to stay away from him.

At her request, Teru also helps purify a Mokke to keep as her pet (which he even brings home in a wicker basket decorated with a bow), contrary to his usual negative attitude towards supernaturals.. Mitsuba encounters Teru once after becoming No.3, and Teru showed clear dislike for him, saying that there is no place for supernaturals in this world and intending to exorcise Mitsuba (before Natsuhiko rescued him). StudentExorcist As such, she did not realize his given name was Teru until Chapter 9 or that Kou was his younger brother. Minamoto Kou (younger brother)Minamoto Tiara (younger sister)Unnamed grandmotherUnnamed parents Teru is able to form a lightning cage which can keep Hanako's hakujoudai out. On the other hand, he holds a deep affection for his little brother and sister, even feeling a bit worried that Kou won't rely on him as much anymore; in addition, he purified a Mokke as a pet for Tiara. Media Kou is now clearly aware of Teru's dislike for supernaturals, as shown when he decided not to tell Teru that the donuts were made for Hanako, and by his concern for Akane when Teru dragged him away after the Clock Keepers Arc. Teru also helped pick up Nene's pencil case prior to her summoning Hanako, though Teru does not appear to remember this interaction when he introduces himself later and thanks Nene for taking care of Kou. Minamoto Teru. https://hanakokun.fandom.com/wiki/Minamoto_Kou/Relationships?oldid=18216.

Like other supernatural, Teru sees Hanako with hatred, even go as far as to describe him as "self-serving and violent". When he was younger, he carried the sword sheath with a strap over his left shoulder. Leading them is Hanako, who is the Seventh and most famous mystery. In the first chapter, Nene describes Teru as handsome, smart, and an amazing person who is kind to everyone: the prince of the school. Kou informed Teru that Hanako is likely not as evil as they thought, and that if Hanako turned out to be evil, Kou would take responsibility himself. In return, Akane often tells Teru to stop this behaviour, even going so far as planning to do Kou a favour (by freezing Kou while Kako turns back time) so that he can lessen Teru's harsh treatment of him. https://hanakokun.fandom.com/wiki/Minamoto_Teru/Relationships?oldid=10262. After Kou's persuasion, however, he stopped attempting to exorcise him, leaving his case entirely to his brother.

Their main point of conflict is their different perceptions of supernaturals: Teru firmly believes that there are no good supernaturals, while Kou disagrees after coming to know Hanako. As a young child and descendant of the Minamoto clan, he aims to become an exorcist as strong as his older brother. He has been known to be the crush and role model for his classmates, including Yashiro Nene, who initially wished for him to notice her through Hanako. When Teru binds Akane in a bowing position due to his responsibility for the Clock Keepers incident, the Mokke surround Akane as well, though it's unclear whether this was on Teru's instructions or not.

Teru greatly treasures Tiara, calling her "princess" and seating her on his lap during mealtimes at home, instead of in her own chair. Race Minamoto ResidenceKamome GakuenStudent CouncilMinamoto Clan Their relationship goes beyond just a crush however, and the two are very good friends. He’s never had too much trouble studying, so when you go up to him wailing about your studies, he’s a bit surprised (and also in awe at how cute you look.) Not only does he have exceptional academic standing and reputation, but he is also adept at exorcism and other tactics used to defeat supernaturals.

Minamoto Teru (源輝) is a second year student at Kamome Academy's High School Division and the school's Student Council President. Teru likes Kou's cooking, happily eating donuts (despite Kou stuffing them in his mouth mid-sentence), asking for seconds during their dinners at home, and looking disappointed when Kou revokes his post-dinner dessert for causing the candy zombie outbreak. Kou is quick to defend Nene when others tease her, and is shown to be very supportive of her. According to Kou, the lightning cage cannot be escaped, although Teru should not be able to manipulate lightning so readily using his sword, since it is a tool specialized for attack. Teru carries around a long katana as his main attack weapon. akane hates this man even more after said encounter.

This is most apparent in the Young Exorcist Arc, when Teru finally binds Kou with the bracelet after he refuses to move away from Hanako, and tells Kou that he doesn't need to think about unnecessary things. Teru Helping His Crush Study HCS. His delinquent-like personality and aura makes him relatively unpopular. Occupation Minamoto Kou currently attends Kamome Gakuen's middle school division as a third-year. Teru is the subject of Nene's initial wish to Hanako, though they do not really meet until the Young Exorcist arc. The reason for this difference is unknown. He is the younger brother of Minamoto Teru and has a little sister named Minamoto Tiara. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Teru's best subject is English and he does not have any weak subjects. However, their relationship is not purely antagonistic, and they work together as president and vice-president of the Student Council. Minamoto Teru and Nishimiya Sumiko has been a close friends since they were kindergarten.