Glee demonstrated how successful current hit songs could be for the show. And I was like, 'This is a joke! Roderick is seriously amazing. Cue my emotional destruction. God, this was a horribly sad sequence, but also undeniably powerful. This was just glee club-musical excellent all around.

We're using cookies to improve your experience. (Glee Cast Version)", "Twitter / @msleamichele: I got to sing one of my favorite songs "with out you" sung by Usher.. @AdamAnders & @alxanders came up with a fantastic new arrangement! "I always thought I had great pitch and was a great singer, and they ripped me apart," Lynch recalled. Bonus: Co-honoring goes to "Marry You," which was featured in the same episode. "Some Sam Cooke. Admission: Until I rewatched this video, I forgot that this number came after Finn declared his love for Rachel. 's recording would go on to be a #1 smash hit single. So those were the moments where I was kind of sweating bullets going, 'God, I hope I don't eff this up.'". ", This was the closing number of the Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith tribute hour, "The Quarterback.".

The process begins six to eight weeks before each episode is filmed, and can end as late as the day before filming begins. We're both right. Quinn never got quite as many moments to shine as some of the show's powerhouse singers, but she rocked what she was given. Blaine sang this song to Kurt to encourage him to move to New York without him. Couples in turmoil always made for great songs, as mentioned above. I wrestled with including it on this list at all because, frankly, it makes me terribly sad. The show does introduce original songs here, and the biggest is the big ensemble number "Loser Like Me." Sorry about the weird higher key in the video. New Directions reunited just in time for Christmas on the third season of Glee. Glee took it to #4. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Watching Bieste break down in that choir room was just gutting. The Glee episode titled Bad Reputation included a list of pop songs with bad reputations. Warning: This is not the only "Rachel sings her face off" ballad that will be featured here. Check out Mashable's list of the top 50 songs from Glee: (Spoiler alert: Our No. James Durbin Songs - American Idol Season 10, M.L.S, Library Science, Indiana University. In honor of … The list below contains all 146 musical performances of the third season, with each performance delivering an individual song or a mashup of two or more songs in a single performance. I'd argue it was the closest the new gang of kids ever came to matching the originals. Just perfect. Yes, the top 3 are all simple stage numbers that end in hugs. If vocal acrobatics involved actual flying into the air, these two would be soaring above the clouds. It looked like Glee's chart impact was finally starting to languish in its third season.Then along came a mash-up of two songs from Adele's album 21, the bestselling album of the year.It reminded us all how powerful a Glee performance can be.The rival all-girl Glee club the Troubletones rides intense emotion to a stomping … Hooray for The Troubletones. After all, Glee is a TV series, so both performance and music are important when ranking the songs. His finest moment was no doubt when he and Santana had a musical duel, accompanied by 2Cellos. Yet when the glee club are yet again accosted in a hotel lobby by yet another trash-talking thirty-year-old who will inevitably be taking all the solos, and it’s the dweeb from Pitch Perfect fronting a thoroughly horrible Styx/OneRepublic medley, it’s no wonder the New Directions have got so complacent. It reminded us all how powerful a Glee performance can be. I would have killed for some Sam Cooke, but hey, I got plenty.". Their version of "We Are Young" hit #12. Artie Abrams has more soul in his gloved hand than some singers can even dream of having -- and never has that been more well-used than on this sweet cover. In September 2010, Glee was flying high. So, Rachel and Puck were never the favorite couple, but you can't deny they sounded great together. The costumes alone are worthy of the Top 20. ", See also: 18 OMG moments from the 'Empire' season finale. Adam Anders, executive music producer of Glee, and Alex Anders, a vocal producer and music engineer, drove singers to exceed what they believed was their best, according to cast member Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester).