The series received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

Donna attempts to help her along, but causes tension between them by asking probing questions about her parents. Michael is dismayed when Cunningham suggests that he split Director of Surgery responsibilities with Connie, and requests to work with Ric instead. Frieda challenges Penny over her diagnosis of a patient, and when the patient goes into crisis she saves his life. [45] In October 2009, former Holby City writer Peter Jukes wrote a critical piece for Prospect magazine, contrasting Holby and Casualty negatively with the standard of American television dramas.

On a multi-strand series such as Holby, they are an excellent way of telling stories visually - a moment from each - to open or close an episode or create the passing of time in a concise way for the audience."

After appearing briefly as Chrissie's one-night stand, Bob Barrett became a main cast member playing locum consultant Sacha Levy. Elliot is concerned when the laser he needs for surgery has not arrived. Michael wins the Trust's support to expand HolbyCare.

Joseph is determined to be a part of his baby's life no matter what the case. Faye is concerned over her relationship with Linden and decides to ask Joseph for a divorce. Paul Bradley played Elliot Hope, also a cardiothoracic consultant, and Luke Roberts played Joseph Byrne, a registrar on Elliot's firm. Actress Angela Griffin, aka Fiona Middleton, talks to JIM TAYLOR about the good life after soap", "How big a fan of Holby City are you? Connie is furious with Oliver, who deflects blame by telling her Penny slept with a patient. Greg wants to coll his relationship with Connie so she decides to flirt with a top American surgeon visiting the hospital. The series includes a crossover episode with sister show Casualty and it also has the highest number of episodes to date, as the series contains a small number of episodes which air during the same week. 2018) Linden is not happy when he is left out of the decision making. Archie dies following his recent surgery, and Lauren blames Faye for changing his saline bag without permission.

Serena Campbell (aunt) of episodes 55 Release Original network BBC One Original release 20 October 2009 () – 12 October 2010 () The twelfth series of the British medical drama television series Holby City commenced airing in … Michael is distracted by his suspicions over Annalese and misses out on the opportunity to put his case to the board. When Donna disappears for an entire day, Maria is forced to run the ward single-handedly.

Michael reveals that Connie has resigned, and Chrissie runs into the father of her baby, who is working as a locum at the hospital.

Jane Simon of the Daily Mirror reviewed the opening episode positively, writing: "We should start a petition to get Holby's creator and exec producer Tony McHale back writing for the show more often, because when he turns in an episode like this one, it's a cracker. More Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City. Penny is subsequently transferred to work on AAU. [8] In the rest of the United Kingdom, the episode was rescheduled from 11 May to 12 May 2010 due to extended news coverage of the 2010 UK General Election,[9] and the BBC received 83 complaints over the rescheduling. He was previously married to Letitia Dean. Big revelations about Ethan Hardy's health in Holby City crossover", "Holby City and Casualty crazy crossover spoiler: Robyn comforts Lofty! Guinevere (b.

Oliver over-stretches himself trying to prove his worth to Greg, and Connie is furious to discover that Greg left him unsupervised. Although both nurses deny wanting to become ward sister, they change their minds and both submit an application for the position. Place of work Holby City's twelfth series aired in the 8 pm timeslot on Tuesdays across the United Kingdom, except in Scotland, where the series has no fixed timeslot. Joseph tries to convince the police and Vanessa that Archie was killed by a potassium overdose. Jason Pethers Actor Jason Pethers is an actor, known for Holby City (1999). The original broadcast date of the character's first appearance. The series was produced by the BBC and aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom.

[62] Holby City was again down in the ratings on 6 July 2010, when the episode "Swimming With Sharks" aired against the first 2010 FIFA World Cup semi-final match on ITV. The incident highlights Vanessa's poor management skills and forces Michael to prove himself as Director of Surgery by bringing Connie back to the hospital. After an argument with her, he sleeps with one of his patient's relatives. [63] The episode, "Taking Over", aired against Britain's Got Talent on ITV, which attained 9.75 million viewers and a 39.2% audience share, leaving Holby City with a 15.1% audience share, down 40% on the channel's average audience share in the timeslot over the previous three months. Charlotte Wakefield as Holly Cullen (episodes 5−30), This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 00:27. Greg discovers that Oliver has told Connie that he is to blame him for his botched procedure gets his revenge when he discovers a patient's sexy relative is a high-class prostitute, and sets Oliver up on a date. Penny encourages Frieda's skills as a doctor, but Frieda is adamant to continue on as a nurse. Ric tries to befriend the hospital chairman Terence Cunningham (Roger Barclay), to ensure that Thandie will not be re-hired at the end of her contract. Joseph is sent to London with Greg so that they can collect a heart for a transplant patient. Hugh Quarshie acted as Ric Griffin, also a consultant on the general surgery ward, Keller. Ginny Holder reprised her role as Thandie Abebe-Griffin, Ric's wife who last appeared in the show's ninth series. Joseph pushes Faye to make a pre-natal appointment. Judith breaks up with him, doubting his commitment to her and hurt by his closeness to Daisha. Jac struggles settle in on Keller following her promotion, as the team are still angry over the way she treated Ric. [6] The series featured a number of different directors and writers. Mark is reluctant to apply for the CEO post, disliking the politics involved. harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFHaasler2018 (, "Film of the season; Babe, Christmas Day, BBC1 7 pm", "Holby City returns for Paul Bradley and Patricia Potter – but one of their characters is dead", "Drama that gets right to the heart of the matter", "Holby City - 9 things you didn't know about the BBC medical drama", "Holby City confirms exit for Ric Griffin as Hugh Quarshie bows out after 19 years", "Guest actors in Holby over the years...", "Connie Beauchamp returns – Amanda Mealing swaps Holby City for Casualty", "Holby City actress Jaye Jacobs: I was scared to leave the show but it helped me find a man". Ric proposes a vote of no confidence against Vanessa over her handling of the Archie incident, but she instead dismisses Judith as a scapegoat. Following Mark's resignation, Michael calls an emergency board meeting about Vanessa's competence. During the journey they find that they both rub each other up the wrong way.

Linden tries to help Faye through the loss of her son. Donna reunites a terminally ill mother with her daughter, Michael discharges all his patients for the holiday, Daisha becomes closer to Oliver and Chrissie announces that she is pregnant.

Penny decides to play Frieda at her own game when she shows her up yet again. Dominic Keavey was the series' most frequent director, working on eight episodes. It transpires that Joseph is fine, but Daisha has been shot. [5][28][29] Prior to her resignation, Mealing took a three-month break from the show to spend time with her family and travel to Bangladesh. [13] Characters from Holby City have appeared in sister shows Casualty and HolbyBlue and vice versa.

"Holby's Carli Norris: 'I probably couldn't go back to Hollyoaks, but EastEnders... never say never!

[64], "Weekly Top 30 Programmes: Week Ending 20 Oct 2009–17 October 2010", "EastEnders Fans Miffed Over Brown-Cameron Coverage", "Diana Kyle (Series Producer, 'Holby City')", "Casualty, Series 24, Love Is a Battlefield", "Holby City, Series 12, Downstairs Upstairs", "Tina Hobley on her Holby birth and exit! Judith was written out of the series in January 2010, but McLeod felt things were left "open ended", suggesting there could be a happy ending for them. [31], To compensate for the departing characters, several new characters joined the show during the course of the series. Maria runs Darwin in Faye's absence, and is reminded that some things are more importance than being perfect. [4] It is primarily filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood. Linden returns from his religious retreat, and tires to avoid Faye and instead helps a doctor through her first shift on AAU who later hasthrows acid in her face by an angry patient. "Tributes paid to 'wonderful' Susannah York", "Meera Syal to join Holby City as a moody doc", "Holby City casts EastEnders star Nina Wadia as neurosurgeon". Thandie, however, impresses Cunningham, and he supports her application for a permanent position. Jac offers to support Joseph, whose relationship with Faye is struggling, but she also wants his consultancy for herself.

Penny continues to refuse Oliver's attempts to make peace and they end up participating in a game of 'pass the patient' which angers their consultants. Sutcliffe criticised the themes of "bedside relationship counselling" and "intercollegiate rivalry", and commented: "Anyone in search of a comedy masterclass should watch, but, you know, I don't think this is meant to be a spoof either. MacLiam spent time with one of Holby City's medical advisors, and observed laparoscopic surgery being performed. [16] In June 2010, Kent announced that the two shows would crossover again in September, for the launch of Casualty's 25th series. [27] Kensit, Mealing and Roberts also resigned from the show during its twelfth series, however their characters will not depart until series thirteen. He explained that Holby City's nurse Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) would appear in the first episode of the new season of Casualty, at the bequest of Cately, who again wrote the episode. “It’s great: revenge,” says novelist Kathy, 57. "[48] Janet Street-Porter, also of The Independent, felt that Holby City had "come to the end of [its] natural life" and should be cancelled. "Holby City star Ayesha Dharker: 'Nina trusts absolutely the wrong people! He has. Although most characters only guest star, some have become regular cast members. Michael and Annalese attempt at saving their marriage by going to see a counsellor but they end up having to save the life of their counsellor. Penny and Oliver attempt to use the hostage emergency to advance their careers. Michael uses his work in order to distract himself from his private life. The twelfth series of the British medical drama television series Holby City commenced airing in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 20 October 2009. Holby City appearances Hari Dhillon played consultant general surgeon and Director of Surgery Michael Spence. [10] Having appeared in over 500 episodes between the fourth and twenty-second series, the show's longest-serving character is Ric Griffin, portrayed by Hugh Quarshie.

[12][13] Asked whether she felt songtages were appropriate for a serious drama show, series producer Diana Kyle responded: "Yes - sometimes. Linden is angry when he discover that everyone knows that Faye is pregnant; his anger then leades to his work suffering.

However, when he meets a patient who could significantly benefit from a new laser treatment, he decides to pursue the position. Michael's one-night stand is rushed into Holby, having overdosed on cocaine. [25], Two actresses departed during the course of the series, with Grant leaving in March 2010,[26] and Thomas departing during the summer. ", "Why TV star Victoria swapped life in London for Dales countryside", "Middle class actor attacks PC at the BBC", "The Fall: Actress Niamh McGrady backs female violence message in crime drama", "Brit Actress Riann Steele Land Co-Lead In Sci-fi Pilot 'Debris' From 'Almost Human' creator J.H.