There were tons of interesting tidbits, but I'd rather have one of those little fact books than sift through this for the First and foremost: any book that says it's the women's history of the world should be a hell of a lot bigger than this. Nope. It was nice to see what all (in a nutshell) women have contributed to mankind's society and culture. First and foremost: any book that says it's the women's history of the world should be a hell of a lot bigger than this.

(Matthew 26:28, ESV). Despite its shortcomings, i still recommend this one for i. Gets more interesting (but also more western-focused) as it reaches the more modern sections dealing with women's suffrage and contraceptive rights. Is it always easy to read? Oh boy. I think it is important for all women to get a taste of the female view on history.

4.5 Stars I thought individual women's stories would be told, however the author's portrayal of women collectively, made it easy to understand the context of history with women's roles finally being acknowledged. It's not just a bunch of name-dropping, which I found to be a relief, because I didn't want a book-formatted Wikipedia article about a bunch of women. FGM, gender selective abortions, female infanticide, domestic violence, and more continue to go on all over the globe. Well don't know if all but I sure as hell know a lot of it is, and it lets me know that there's still a lot of work to be done. RTC once I’m no longer fuming (spoiler alert: there are so many historical inaccuracies in this book which, yeah, while I understand it’s nearly 30 years out of date, are inaccuracies that come from deliberate misquotation of sources, repetition of myths without concrete evidence, and the construction of a historical argument based on said inaccuracies which do the unfortunate job of turning a fascinating argument based on 60% truth into one that’s VERY difficult to take seriously becaus Oh boy. The point is that women have been a part of the historical landscape across the world for-freaking-ever, and no one really thinks about it that much because, well, they're not really portrayed that often in the Bible as any central characters - they're just slaves and whores and shit. “Every country held, too, peculiar challenges for feminism; the struggle worldwide consisted not of imposing a set of general principals from nation to nation, but of winning what could be won from local conditions and national conventions” (Miles 240). Disturbing? A far reaching view of human history from women's perspective. Sep 01, 2020 by rosalind miles who cooked the last supper the womens history of the world 1st edition Posted By Denise RobinsLtd TEXT ID 888cbb43 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Who Cooked The Last Supper Quotes By Rosalind Miles And how long will it take them to join in and support us?” ― Rosalind Miles, Who Cooked the Last Supper: The Women's History of the World ;-). There is some very shallow picking and choosing of "evidence" with no real context for the societies, everything is mixed in order to support this thesis but you finish reading and you won't really know anything new about any of the subjects. Welcome back. The black slave had to labor for the white master by day, but he did not have to service him by night as well. His followers would exchange slavery to sin and death for eternal life in God's Kingdom. Well, I would certainly hope they have been able to, given the ginormous affirmative action program they afforded themselves.

This book is organized into 4 sections with 3 chapters each. Of course it's biased. "Yet some would say, why women's history at all? However, there are a few errors of fact here.

Do this in remembrance of me.". The author did make some interesting and valid points throughout the rest of the book. This is some very lazy fact checking or willful ignorance.

As history, it's a mess. Oh and some ridiculous contraception ideas. It is also interesting disturbing how some readers see bias in this work but not the work of the male dominated texts on the market and utilized in the public school systems. Yuh- Saw a review that claimed that not all was factual.

It also profoundly influenced and solidified my views of religion. What does this book cover? It's called "The Women's History of the World." There is no one answer to fix all ills.

I think I have an idea for another speech on gender equality. All rights reserved.

Rosalind Miles now offers a fundamental reappraisal that sets the record straight. No, really, who did cook the Last Supper? Even amongst slaves, guess who gets the worst of it. Of course, one should always be aware of an author's possible bias and agenda (as well as one's own) when reading something like this, but Rosalind Miles has pretty good credentials and it's a fascinating read. This Easter it will be Ragnhilds interpretation of "The Last Supper". Salem Media Group.

This is most noticeable when Miles discusses what it was like to be the wife of a colonizer and, after waxing poetic on their troubles, finally gets to discussing the brutality and degradation that the colonized face, but only discusses the women affected briefly. 4.5 Stars “Yet some would say, why women's history at all? Simple theme. This is exactly the sort of book I want: the glimpses of women in between what men have told us about history. Unsurprisingly, there is a huge amount of oppression, misogyny, and dominion in this history, the parts about genital mutilation and other forms of torture were very graphic and horrific. I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. Stunning in its scope and originality, The Women’s History of the World challenges all previous world histories and shatters cherished illusions on every page. In a chapter seemingly on "Women and Empire" and supposedly about how women during the age of colonialism fared (both native and colonial), women who ran bordellos in America's wild west were length. The book uses a parallelism approach that hasn't been in vogue since Miles undertakes a worthy and epic project, but unfortunately is not up to the task. Overall, I'd recommend reading through this book for the facts and primary accounts of women throughout history - it is truly fascinating, and I look forward to digging into her list of references for more reading. Stunning in its scope and originality, The Women’s History of the World challenges all previous world histories and shatters cherished illusions on every p. Men dominate history because they write it. After being accepted to a junior women's college, Miles acquired a working knowledge of Latin and Greek, along with developing her life-long love of. As a Muslim, I can only speak about Islam, however it seemed that author was blatantly against any form of religion and made it her mission to talk about how it oppressed women. OVERALL: interesting and illuminating read! it was so dense and written rather pretentiously, which led me to skim the latter half of the book. And in that vein, Miles came through for me. Miles undertakes a worthy and epic project, but unfortunately is not up to the task. There are admittedly also places where Miles’s word choice might be going for effect but at the same time distorts her claims. "Women are the greatest race of underdogs the world has ever known" - Rosalind Miles. He broke the bread into pieces, giving it to his disciples and said, "This is my body, given for you.