Autographs are typically inspected within 24 hours. He has studied with many of the best in the business, learning how to detect pen pressure, ink flow, letter formation, alteration of documents, and the history of writing instruments. So if you see a seller, who is using the logo, has said they are a Registered Member or similar and does not show any membership number, then I suggest you double check everything they say, and then go elsewhere! If you need a "Quick Opinion" on any item on ebay or anywhere else, then you can use the "Quick Opinion" service on the Autografica website just click here. Please note that we will not issue any kind of certificate based only on a scan due to various possible frauds, and we will only offer the authentication service after an item has been through our "Quick Opinion" service first. Wherever possible, Garry will give you his opinion on authenticity and value, and often some other tips or help that you may not even have considered. We offer a range of autograph authentication and valuation options for the collector, dealer or auction house who need to be sure that the items they have, or are considering purchasing or offering, are authentic. Every other Association is simply a 'pay your money and join the club' so those associations, although very worthwhile for a collector, offer no benefits as a dealer. Based in Berlin, Germany, Roland started collecting in person autographs back in the 1980’s: mostly running for local VIPs. Contact Beckett Authentication Services customer service by phone at (972) 448-9188 or you can email us at *UACC Registered Dealers have a 3 figure RD number and have had to supply references etc to get to this level.

Corey Moylan is a Chicago-based classic & modern rock autograph expert with decades of experience. Trusted in the hobby since 1996, KSA provides collectors with consistent & quality service at reasonable prices. Justin Steffman is a lifetime autograph enthusiast and leading authenticator with over 20 years of experience in the field. Through his work ethic and great sense of integrity, he has earned a reputation as a premiere memorabilia dealer in Europe for over 10 straight years. Mailed-in items can be physically inspected and certified within 2 days. We offer services exclusively within these fields, based on our team's knowledge and insight gained over many years of hard work. There are some items which i will not authenticate, and this includes contempory football, signed shirts or boots of any description, many sport signed items, or items from outside of the UK or items which may require special packing (Funko Pops for instance). ACOA invites you to join the world's top online community of 10,000+ autograph collectors, seekers, and fans of all kind.

Celebrity, Music, Political & Space Authentication Experts.

There are now almost as many websites offering "Autograph Authentication" services as there are websites offering fake autographs. The ACOA authentication team and it's expert network of experienced consultants have centuries of combined personal experience in the entertainment, music, and political autograph fields. There are now almost as many websites offering "Autograph Authentication" services as there are websites offering fake autographs. Today, Justin resides with his wife and two children on the East Coast and acts as the Lead Authenticator and CEO of AutographCOA. Multiple signed items, for example, The Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who etc would typicly cost £49.95 but I will always confirm any price in advance. We can also offer a daily rate for auction houses or dealers anywhere in the UK. The reason? Over the span of nearly two decades, Justin collected autographs in nearly every State and major city nationwide. He is also a YouTube Silver Button award recipient with over 100 million video views. The only trade associations that are accepted as being of any worth are the UACC (as a Registered Dealer only, not just a member*) AFTAL, or PADA or RACC. Authentic genuine and rare movie and film autographed historical music and signed photos and signed sports memorabilia all of which are fully authenticated and certified by UACC and AFTAL dealers.

His pursuits have taken him throughout the USA. We provide a superior service for a better price.

All of these have a full list of their members on their website, and every member will have had to pay a fee to join, offered references, and very possibly had their stock checked as well. AutographCOA, LLC - User Agreement - Privacy Policy - Return Policy. He has personally met and obtained autographs from the majority of legends in music and Hollywood during his pursuits, and thousands of other famous people; ranging from reality stars to U.S. presidents. He is widely known amongst the autograph community and various fan communities from coast to coast. Jeff is an avid collector of historical, presidential, film, musicians, and sports autographs and has collected thousands of in person signatures over a period extending more than 20 years. One of them is based here in the UK!

Justin was featured on Paul McCartney's Back in the U.S. tour documentary, has made appearances on A&E and Fox television, and once appeared on the cover of both the NY Post and the NY Daily News while pursuing autographs. He currently resides in the Chicago area with his wife Tiffany. (look under Certificates of Authenticity) It lists a whole stack of dealers and "forensic document examiners" that have been banned by ebay. ACOA is the only authentication service approved and recommended by all of the top autograph clubs and collecting communities: Roger Epperson is a music industry autograph authenticator, collector, and expert with an extensive background and over 20 years of experience in authentication. Bob currently resides in Western Illinois with his son, and continues to collect in present day.

Your submissions will be individually examined alongside a master database of authentic examplars by our team of experts. They may well issue you with a nice printed certificate, but all they have done is told you what you want to hear, that your cheap Madonna is genuine and now worth hundreds of £'s but try selling it via a proper auction house such as Sotheby's etc and will soon find out the truth! Expert Opinions. Autographs are typically inspected within 24 hours.

Exclusively on Facebook. With direct experience obtaining over 1,000,000 in person autographs during their careers and hobby pursuits, our team carefully examines every submission using our collective experience, direct knowledge, and extensive exempler pool.

Jeff Stenzel has been researching and collecting autographs and memorabilia for most of his life. The Police and Trading Standards are cracking down on the forgers, so some have moved into selling worthless opinions instead. His hobby has taken him all over the country.

Exclusively on Facebook. Bjarne's personal favorite collecting highlights include getting Def Leppard on a plane between Stockholm and Gothenburg in 1988, and his achievements over the years with Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, and Madonna.

Our experts and consultant team has decades of combined personal experience in entertainment, music, and political autographs. Roger has authenticated for many of the major auction houses and makes frequent radio and media appearances to discuss autographs. Justin is the co-founder and lead moderator of the Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC), an online community of in person autograph collectors and sellers with 13,000+ members in over 100 countries. AutographCOA Authentication was launched in 2017 by Justin Steffman, the creator of the Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC), the leading online community of 10,000+ autograph collectors, enthusiasts, and fans worldwide. There are certian "authentication experts" out there who will tell you that the Madona signed item you purchased via eBay is authentic, they may even do this for free to encourage you to use their authenticatiuon service for a fee, but just because they have said its authentic, does not make it so! Now residing with his family in Florida, Bjarne brings a great deal of expertise to the AutographCOA authentication team, and continues to collect in person autographs presently.