[…] Re: Better ball joints? The bad parts need to be replaced with immediate action. The MOOG “gusher” bearing is introduced, providing a new means of reducing friction in ball joints without compromising strength. They buy MOOG with the hope that this will NOT take place…and they can get on with the next repair. That said, we have heard some complaints on our blog about customers occasionally receiving sub par parts in Moog boxes. I can check our warehouse to see if we have the same country. Yes that is the case. He focuses on front end builds, and lifts (particularly Old Man Emu, and OME hybrid lifts.) 2 USA K8695T Ball Joint I would be cautious since a knock off will fit in a Moog box as easily as the real thing. When a pressurized grease gun is used, you have to be careful not to overfill the boot.

We have these parts on our shelves and they look fantastic.

Metal forming markets use Moog designed and manufactured systems that provide control of position, velocity, force and other parameters. Moog will be putting their Problem Solver ball joints into their RK series control arms soon, adding some of their innovative ideas into these affordable parts. MOOG extends its Sprint Cup winning streak to 47 as Brad Keselowski and the No. It is suggested from Moog engineers to use a premium heavy-duty lithium or synthetic grease. I couldn’t tell you if that was Moog simply buying stock from a different manufacturer to bridge a gap in availability or if that’s the only place they get that part from. They know what they’re doing. We understand the feeling. We’re both sorry and surprised to hear about your troubles with the es3695. Moog vs Timken debate has been everywhere firing like a volcano. So all of our parts come directly from Moog. Privacy Policy   |   Terms of use   |   Imprint  Will never buy a Moog brand again. The Penske Racing-owned team finishes the year with five wins, 13 Top-5 and 23 Top-10 finishes. We know how vital it is to identify the right part for your repair, quickly and accurately. especially for imports, some of its good, decent, or junk. Moog also has notable track record of providing a range of control axes on Formula 1 racing cars and has been involved in this business for over 30 years. Both boxes were labeled correctly. Another one was not even assembled correctly and was still shipped out in this condition prompting an immediate return before it could even be installed. It’s pretty hard not to believe it when you have the Moog boxes staring at you claiming so. You’re totally correct about the quality parts being manufactured outside the US. Is this the case with 100% of Moog parts? Vehicle wheels are the most crucial part of driving and rotate them correctly you cannot ignore picking up wheel bearings. And none but wheel bearings can ensure that. Pretty interesting. Our products are designed, produced and tested according to ISO standards and backed-up by a 3-year guarantee*. Foreign manufacturers are making junk and packing it into Moog boxes. We had a hard time believing it too. With our recent innovations we’ve really gone the extra mile in making our products even better and, to expand our manufacturing footprint, we’ve opened our own MOOG production plant, in Barcelona. Most of the users are not believe in the Chinese manufactured parts. Suspension.com offers a lifetime warranty on those parts when they’re bought through us, because we expect them to last a long time. I’ve been a Moog supporter from years back. the cat’s outta the bag; the people have spoken! - Chevelle Tech, quality of Moog suspension parts coming from Mexico, the reason these RK parts are made elsewhere, This other manufactuerer does indeed source all of their products from cheap Chinese manufacturers, The owner is actively looking to sell the company which would likely invalidate that lifetime warranty right about the moment you need it.

We’re glad you enjoyed the article! And by AMERICAN car I mean FORD, GM, and MOPAR and yes I know GM is known as CHINA motors and MOPAR was owned by a GERMAN co. and now an ITALIAN co. but most people still consider these three car companies to be AMERICAN cars. Over 17,000 people, most of them customers, pass through. Moog Bearing & Hub Assembly. 11 MEX K80252 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit 2 Miller Lite Dodge clinch the title. As I stated in the article, we found 16 different countries of origin in our warehouse alone. Find out what MOOG is all about. Or you can go to http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com to order directly. I compared our stock with your list and came up with similar results with a few exceptions, one being K7471 was manufactured in Turkey. Building on the unquestioned quality reputation of its Steering & Suspension components, MOOG launches an extended range of Wheel End Bearings covering all LV and LCV types. Wheel bearings have a lifespan that is subjected to the use and the quality of the bearings. Abe! Moog: Your warrantees only mean we have to do the work twice, or pay an auto shop to do the work more than once. As to failures, how many failed parts ever get returned? 2012 Championship streak extended to 47. Moog outsources some of their manufacturing in order to provide the extensive coverage their brand affords, but this means that unless you’re actually holding the part you won’t know the country of origin. We get a lot of concerned calls and emails from customers about the quality of Moog parts that are manufactured in other countries. The factory tests are pretty compelling but we would love to see a real world example. Their superior parts, now branded “MOOG”, lay the groundwork for MOOG’s eventual “Problem Solver” status. We may have to take a sampling of our stock in the future and see how the ratios compare. We’ve come across this issue with many of our own customers as well. 33 USA EV80645 Tie Rod End. I know that if you give our customer service team a call (1-888-406-2330), we would do what we can to ensure you get the part you want. MOOG always goes the extra mile to make your life easier by striving to pre-mount the parts wherever possible. I looked into those control arms and these RK series do not have the Problem Solver ball joints installed. I know it probably isn’t reflective of their entire catalog but this recent demonstration indicating that Moog’s Problem Solver ball joints out-last many competitors might be relevant here. We all have jobs. It is nice to have a lifetime warranty but if you are changing the part and having to get new alignments every couple months, and the company does not even think your time is valuable, why buy anything from that manufacturer again. MOOG completes a record-breaking expansion of application coverage, with 835 new part numbers – including nearly 600 additional control arms and assemblies, and 47 wheel hub assemblies. It seems to me, that moog should make parts for American cars in America and use their other plants to make parts for all other cars, then everybody would be much happier. Our parts are easy to trust, easy to install and it is easy to know if you got the right quality parts. This isn’t as odd as you might think. Moog is a mixed bag of globally sourced parts. I notice that one of the boxes notes “Euro-Spec”, but the box next to it does not.

It is the 44th straight championship for a MOOG-equipped vehicle. Also, I don’t know about your experience with poly bushings, but if they are properly greased with polyurethane bushing grease they should go 5+ years before they begin squeaking or need re-greasing. Now made in 16 countries. I bought a stabalizer link for an 05 Malibu from Moog. We dug around a little and found a cut-away photo of an OE ball joint that backs you up. 15 MEX K8645 Stabilizer Bar Bushing We’ve sold Moog Parts for over a decade and we’ve found them to be exceptionally made. We’ve demonstrated in this article that Moog is a global brand with incredible coverage that can only be sustained by outsourcing some of the manufacturing. Also, if you would like, you can call, chat, or email our customer service team, (888)-406-2330 and mention that you would like to have US made parts we can pick those out of our stock. While we at Suspension.com provide a limited lifetime warranty on most Moog parts that we sell (the cheaper RK line of control arms are excluded), many other dealers provide little to no warranty whatsoever. {{lede.date | date:'dd-MMM-yyyy'}}{{lede.tags.length > 0 && lede.date ? ' And lots of Mopar guys have other than Mopar cars also, and if I can’t trust a Moog part on my Mopar, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t trust a Moog part on my non-Mopar either. In 2019, Moog introduced a new project that intend to use a unique model based on block-chain and 3D printer to produce airplane parts, on demand.[19]. I just bought lower control arm driver side for 06 envoy Denali 5.3…dismantle old.

Hat’s off to you. Low run out and seal and shield retains lubricants and smoothens braking performance, Engineered and designed for fast, hassle-free installation. but my investigation at local MOOG distributor resulted in the following country of origin ranked in order of popularity.

The US version was not pained at all, and naturally started rusting immediately, came with a re-greaseable ball joint (as things used to be in the 60s), and of course, the cheap, useless polyurehane bushing. In 2019, Moog acquired the SureFly electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft along with its related hybrid electric power system technology from Workhorse Group Inc.[9] The acquisition was driven by an interest in electric power systems and was a step towards developing electric aircraft technology.[10]. In 2016 the remainder of Moog's medical devices segment was integrated into the components group. They can check our stock and make sure you would be getting the correct MOOG parts. I can answer this one. Thanks for your input.

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Typically the Problem Solver joints are designed to fix some flaw in the OE design, but if there is no outstanding flaw or precedent for premature failure of the ball joint then Moog doesn’t try to design a new replacement since the original design seems to be working as intended.

use common sense. Also, I’m curios, what part number did you have trouble with? Or like you are on a drive in the middle of a highway? “Hope” doesn’t get the job done in this case. Edwin, you aren’t alone in that sentiment. They assured me that these parts are “moog validated construction”, but what that means exactly is hard to say. I am from Europe. Are you absolutely sure about the part numbers and that they fit your envoy? I used to get mine from Sears. “Where does Moog make their parts?” Sadly this question isn’t as easy to answer as it used to be. We have several of these control arms in our warehouse and the label states that they’re made in Taiwan. We buy our parts directly from Moog’s parent company Federal Mogul. Like you said, it makes sense that some makes and models would use non-US manufactured parts since the original parts are non-US. For something, or against it. As to the quality of these parts, Drew addressed some concerns in an earlier comment: “They deem (overseas manufactured parts) ‘Moog Engineer Approved’. It is a major step forward in design. Although, sometimes we do receive a part that looks completely different or clearly lacks the Moog features. Our offer to pull a part from a specific country of origin wasn’t a dig at parts made outside the USA, but merely a concession to a customer who had a preference that we could accommodate. 16 MEX K80296 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit Moog has said that the parts coming out of these factories are held to certain standards and sampled by Moog engineers for quality. I think there might be some confusion about what Drew said earlier. That was the beginning of a long TACAN history.

They have two main manufacturers. That really is THE question, isn’t it? Since that time, Moog has designed and manufactured TACAN systems for use by militaries around the world including systems for fixed site, shipboard, mobile and man portable applications.